mercury Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

If I were to say to you: can you keep a secret? Would you know just what to do- or where to keep it? Poison Arrow, by ABC. If you have Mercury in Scorpio you know the answers to these questions. Not only can you keep a secret, you know where to keep it: locked away […]

mercury Virgo

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury heads into Virgo later this morning – if you want to know more about Mercury in Virgo, check out this post. The thing is, Mercury will turn retrograde in a couple of weeks, so will have a much longer stay than usual in Virgo – until 30 September…albeit with a short venture back into […]

Leo mercury

Mercury in Leo

  One I prepared earlier… Thou goatish rump-fed strumpet! I was having some fun on Facebook the other day with Shakespearian insults. Lines like the above or this one: Thy lips rot off! Or even: [Thine] face is not worth sunburning. I could amuse myself with these for ages, but would be avoiding the point […]

Cancer mercury

Mercury in Cancer

Settle back children, while I tell you a story… On the edge of the woods in a country far far away stood a village. In the village lived a hunter, his wife and their four sons. The wife was growing their fifth child in her belly, growing bigger by the day. One day, the hunter […]

Gemini mercury

Mercury in Gemini

  ‘Because Y is a crooked letter and Z is no better.’ My Poppa used to say this to me when I was very young in answer to any of my ‘but why’ questions. I always accepted the response without further question. But then again, I always thought my Poppa was such a clever man. […]

mercury Retrograde

How to prepare for Mercury retrograde…

Mercury, as we know, does this a few times a year. For dates and degrees, check out this page. Dealing with it requires common sense, flexibility, clarity and patience. I often tell people to act as if they don’t have a smart phone, or are overseas with the data roaming turned off. What do I mean […]

mercury Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Saturday, April 1, 2017 Mercury in Taurus Moon in Gemini Miss T has most unkindly, and not entirely unfairly, compared my singing to cat wails, or Kali (Adventure Spaniel) howling. As I said – unkind. I happen to think that I smash some of those Adele high notes out of the park. She says I […]

mercury Tuesday Toolbox

DIY Mercury Returns

Warning: This is a bit of a technical post… My Mercury is having a birthday today. Just like our birthday, or the day when our Sun returns to its natal position, is a recharging of our vital energies, when Mercury returns to its natal position, it’s a time when our mind- and how we use […]