mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde…

So anyways, I posted something this morning over on and anyways about the offerings that the Balinese make each day. The process of constructing and offering the tributes is not just a belief based ritual, but also a deliberate pause to be fully in the moment- regardless of the business of life going on around. […]

mercury Pisces

Mercury in Pisces- When You Say Nothing At All

This post was originally published a couple of years ago… One of my closest friends has his Mercury in Pisces- just like me. Like me, his Mercury is more Piscean than the usual Pisces Mercury because it’s in the 12th house. His Mercury is better than mine because it’s direct (mine is retrograde), but also […]

Aquarius mercury

A Different Point of View…

Mercury in Aquarius…one I prepared earlier… Remember school sports carnivals? I hated them- with an absolute passion. I loved the swimming carnivals, but that’s because I was good at it, and usually in line for age swimming champion, or at least get a few decent wins beneath the belt, but dry land? Forget it. I’m […]

Gemini mercury

Are these words working, do they work for you?

‘Because Y is a crooked letter and Z is no better.’ My Poppa used to say this to me when I was very young in answer to any of my ‘but why’ questions. I always accepted the response without further question. But then again, I always thought my Poppa was such a clever man. He […]

mercury Taurus

From little things, big things grow…

Even if I do say so myself, I’ve been on creative fire over the last couple of months. I’ve come up with some pretty cool schemes and potential business ideas- none of which I’m likely to follow through with. My personal favourite is a reality TV show involving the office furniture equivalent of dumpster diving…Grand […]

mercury Sagittarius

Believe Again…

Mercury in Sagittarius Back when I was a student at Sydney Uni, I’d catch ferries. The Manly ferry. To Manly…and back again. I’d hang out the side and catch the spray as we rode the wake of other vessels. I especially loved the days when it was a bit choppy or stormy and the waves […]

mercury Virgo

and on that farm he had a….?

‘and on that farm he had a …. crocodile!’ announced Sarah. ‘But there aren’t any crocodiles on farms, Sarwah,’ pointed out A. My daughter and my niece were singing “Old Macdonald Had a Farm” in the back of the car. Both girls were about 4 at the time and very cute. ‘Well, there was on […]

Leo mercury

Darling, you were fabulous…

I posted this last year, but seriously just wanted another excuse to use this photo! So, Mercury in Leo and one I prepared earlier. Thou goatish rump-fed strumpet! I was having some fun on Facebook the other day with Shakespearian insults. Lines like the above or this one: Thy lips rot off! Or even: [Thine] […]