Astroweather: March 1 2018

Ok, to kick March off (how are we in March already?) we have a trifecta of aspects. I’ll deal with each of them one-by-one and let you join the dots. The forecast is pretty much for possible storms, but fining up later.

Mercury square Mars

Ok, this one comes with a storm warning. Do you know those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and are irritable with everyone? Yeah, I’m looking at you. What about it? Seriously? You want to have a go? Who said you have to be right all the time?

Those days.

The best way to get through this?

  • Count to 10 before speaking
  • Don’t read everything as a challenge
  • Don’t react to everything as a challenge
  • Count to 10 before posting on Facebook
  • Don’t look for a battle where none exists
  • Count to 10 again

It’s a quick transit and before you know it the sun will be peeking through those clouds and you can think more clearly again.

Mercury sextile Pluto

I’m not the puzzle sort of type. Jigsaws bore me (although I can appreciate the picture they make at the end) and things like sudoku have my brain screaming ‘enough already.’ I’m the one who tends to trust what she’s told and won’t muse about what does and doesn’t add up.

I am, however, intrigued by mystery.

What does any of this have to do with today’s astro weather? Quite simply, Mercury sextile Pluto can provide an environment for going deeper today and solving puzzles – not necessarily the sudoku type (besides, someone else has probably already completed that in the in-flight magazine) – but of the ‘I wonder why’ variety.

Given that Mercury is in Pisces, you won’t necessarily solve the previously unsolveable by asking probing questions, but you will solve it by also feeling below the surface for the answers.

Venus trine Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter were known by traditional astrologers as the lesser and greater benefics. Yeah, don’t worry so much about the correct technical term- the benefic part is what’s important and relevant here. Essentially this means that by nature, they’re both good guys.

Sure, good guys can behave badly from time to time, but Venus in Pisces is feeling about as pretty as she’s ever likely to be.

So, when Venus and Jupiter meet up, can we expect sweetness, grace, light, rainbows and unicorns? Probably not unicorns. All other things being equal though if you’ve been having bad days – or good days – today could be better…relatively speaking. If you’re lucky enough to be on holiday, it’s a great day to do faff all – and to do it very well indeed.

The thing is when Venus and Jupiter get together – although briefly – there’s usually fun to be had…if you’re in the mood to have some.


Astroweather: February 27 2018

Venus sextile Pluto

Venus in Pisces knows all about feelings. She mightn’t be able to talk about them, but she just knows…you know? The problem with Pisces, though, is that her boundaries are so…non-existent that it mightn’t occur to her that everyone else doesn’t have the sensitivity she has or feels the way she does. Enter Pluto. Pluto adds intensity, depth, fate and meaning. So if you wanted to not only understand your own emotions but also how they impact others, today there are opportunities to do so. Your task is to recognise them as such.

Astroweather: 25 February 2018

Question: What’s more Mercury in Pisces than Mercury in Pisces?

Answer: When Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Neptune in Pisces

And what do you do when Mercury is conjunct Neptune?

Daydream, of course. Let your imagination soar, imagine the possibilities, follow where inspiration and fantasy leads…

What not to do? Beat yourself up too much because self-discipline and attention to detail could be about as low as it can go.

The thing about this aspect is that it’s over quickly, so while the potential for short-term inspiration is high, the potential for long-term damage is relatively low. That is, of course, as long as you realise that fantasyland is a lovely place to visit, but not so good as a permanent resident.

Not that there’s much danger of that with today’s other star aspect – Venus square Mars. Although both Venus and Mars are in Jupiter ruled signs at present (Pisces and Sagittarius respectively), their motivations are different. Venus is following a dream and Mars is about gaining experience through pushing boundaries.

The thing is when two people want different things, sometimes there needs to be a meeting point of compassion and compromise. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t get what you want, but you might get what you need.

Sometimes getting what you want takes a bit of work. Sometimes it requires you to overcome fears. If it’s something that you really want, you make the effort required to get the rewards.

Today could bring tensions and frustrations- especially if egos are involved.

With Venus and Mars we can’t ignore relationships – and today, if there are underlying issues, they could just come to the surface. This is, however, a short lived transit, so bear that in mind before burning any bridges.

When Venus and Mars come together, there’s always the potential for a sexual relationship, although when the square is involved, anything new started now is likely to be based on physical attraction.

I’ll leave that one with you.

Astroweather: February 22, 2018

Mercury sextile Saturn

This one is about – as all Mercury/Saturn connections are at their essence – truth. In this case, the truth is in the details, and what you have is an opportunity to look at the fine print, the details you’d usually overlook, and dwell on them for a little while. Tweak a little here, make an adjustment there – that sort of thing.

Try not to become buried in the weight of the layers – this transit is a little lighter than that – but keep your focus narrow and your attention on practical concerns. Today is about the trees – not the forest. Besides, Mercury is in Pisces, so the trees take on a different perspective at the moment…as might the truth. You’ve been warned.

Astroweather: February 21,2018


Venus conjunct Neptune

If there’s an aspect that possibly more magical than Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, I’d like to know about it. Venus is exalted in Pisces, Neptune rules Pisces. Tick and tick. Venus is about pleasure and Neptune about beyondness. Pisces is dreams, illusion, fantasy, imagination.

Put all of that together and you have magic and fairy dust and pure pure romance. After me, say aaaaahhhh.

As an aside, this aspect isn’t exact until the early hours of tomorrow morning for those of us on the East Coast of Australia, but I’ve decided we’re allowing the possibility of it today as well. Because it’s Pisces season.


Astroweather: February 17, 2018

Mars square Neptune

Ok, let’s get some things straight with this. Firstly, your energy levels could be lower than usual this morning. Don’t fight that, but instead work with it. Secondly, you’ll probably feel more doubt and inadequacy that you usually do. It’s your call whether you listen to that and the nay-sayers around you or whether you decide that you’ll feel differently tomorrow. Thirdly, accept the consequences of your actions and avoid the temptation to blame others for the decisions that led to those actions. Fourthly, the influence doesn’t last that long, leaving you to get on with the business of the day. Next?

Sun conjunct Mercury

What else? The Sun and Mercury meet up today in a conjunction that is more than your average planetary joining together. Those of you who have been reading along for a while will know that this is known as cazimi.

But for everyone else, what does it mean? What is cazimi? While it sounds as though it’s something that Harry Potter would say as he waved his wand about a bit, it’s that point when the Sun and Mercury are as close together as they can be.

When Mercury is within, say, 8° of the Sun, it’s said to be combust – and combust is not a great place to be. It’s about being so blinded by the light that you can’t see straight or think straight. If you have Mercury within 8° of the Sun natally, you might be the one who says you’re often overlooked – or not listened to – as though your opinions can’t be seen beyond the light of the Sun. Right?

Up to 17° is referred to as being under the sunbeams – but I digress.

The thing is, there’s no need to feel alone in this – given that Mercury is never more than around 28° from the Sun, the chances are relatively high that your Mercury could be less than 8° from your sun.

Cazimi, on the other hand – that point where Mercury and the Sun join in a golden glow of uber understanding and concentration – is a very, very good place for Mercury to be…however briefly. It can bring with it a blinding flash of seriously, just how smart am I?

The aspect is exact at 11.45pm or thereabouts (Sydney time), and about 12:45 pm GMT, but Mercury is said to be cazimi within around 17’ of arc. No, I’m not going to do the calculation for that, and I can see your eyes beginning to glaze over. The one thing I want you to take away from this is that in that golden period, Mercury is elevated to the pure Mercury-ness of it – yep, even when Mercury is retrograde.

Astroweather: February 16, 2018

Today’s big news item is, of course, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. I wrote about that the other day.

The other star aspect of the day is Venus sextile Saturn. Because it’s falling so close to the new Moon, it’s very much tied in with that.

We have this image of Saturn as being a bad guy – okay, maybe that’s just me – but there’s so much about Saturn that can be used for good. Actually, it isn’t just me – traditionally Saturn is a malefic planet and Venus is a benefic planet. As we all know too much of what we love isn’t a great thing, and when Venus bestows her warmth on Saturn what we end up with is… moderation of sorts.

With Venus sextile Saturn today, there are opportunities for sensible and realistic change – especially in relation to your, well, relationships.

When it comes to Saturn things often as bad as you think they are, and with Venus in Pisces, things often aren’t as good in reality as they are in your fantasies. What you have – and what you need to look for – is that place in the middle.

So yes, if you’re feeling lonely or detached or any of those other Saturn type words, don’t just dwell on what you’re not getting out of your relationships, think also about what you’re not putting into it.

Likewise, the fantasy element. Real life relationships have flaws, just as people have flaws and may not deserve the infallible pedestal status that you’ve elevated them to. This doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed – even if that is what Saturn is whispering in your ear. It means that you’re both humans and, therefore, fallible.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, individuation is where the ego is at. The thing is, you don’t have to disrupt your relationships, pick a fight or run for the hills – if you take a step back, there may be a way to find your freedom within your existing structures…Sure you might have to tweak a little here, compromise a little there, and get real about what it is that you’re really feeling restless for.

Think about this and build it into your intentions this New Moon.

Astroweather: February 15, 2018


Mercury sextile Uranus

There’s a new Moon and solar eclipse early tomorrow (East Coast Australia) or later tonight (Northern hemisphere) – I told you about that the other day. That means we’re currently in the balsamic or dark phase of the Moon. As an aside, if you want to know more about eclipses, check out this link.

It’s that couple of days every month where finishing energy abounds, where it’s not a great idea to start anything new just yet but to physically or metaphorically close off the last cycle.

Today’s aspect is about capturing those ideas that stimulate your curiosity, there’s no need to act on them just yet though. Write them down, follow them if you will, perhaps even use the inspiration for your New Moon intention setting.  If they get away from you, that’s okay too.