Cancer mercury

Mercury in Cancer

Settle back children, while I tell you a story… On the edge of the woods in a country far far away stood a village. In the village lived a hunter, his wife and their four sons. The wife was growing their fifth child in her belly, growing bigger by the day. One day, the hunter […]


Happy Birthday Cancer

  I’ve always used my Nan as an example for my Cancer Sun posts, but Nan hasn’t been here for five years now. I still miss her. We all miss her. Nan wasn’t your typical Cancer- well, not as far as the textbooks go, anyway… Typical Cancers aren’t supposed to have a love for partying and […]

Aries mercury

Mercury in Aries: I Like It Loud

Mercury moves out of Pisces where he hasn’t exactly been complaining, but rather trudging along with a soulful no-one understands me look on his face. I’m not sure about you, but things have been happening when Mercury has been in Pisces,without too much in the line of actual action occurring to do much about whatever it […]

Tuesday Toolbox

Tuesday Toolbox: Lesson 2.1 The Sun

  Let’s talk about the Sun. You should all know where the sign that your Sun is in…here’s a clue- it’s your star sign. I’m a Pisces, so that means that my Sun was in Pisces at the exact moment that I was born. It is, in essence, the foundation of who I am. Of […]

Aquarius Feature Featured Stars

Happy Birthday Aquarius

Ruler: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern) Exalted:  Detriment: the Sun Fall:  Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Fixed Element: Air Body Parts: nerve impulses, lower leg, calves, ankles, blood & circulation, parathyroid, energy flow of the meridian system, auras & chakras Nature: hot, moist, nervous, quick, impulsive, electrical Aquarius represents patterns of energy flow and circulation. Not that long ago, in a food hall […]