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Uranus in Aries – a 2nd house retrospective

I mentioned in my wrap-up of the week last Sunday that I was blaming the restlessness and frustration that’s been in the air on Uranus or, more specifically, on the fact that Uranus was in the last throes of the transit through Aries and wouldn’t get another chance at shaking up that part of the […]

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Something about something to think about…

Monday December 16 Moon into Gemini There’s not a huge amount happening in the sky today- well, other than a few lunar aspects. And that’s a problem because with the Moon in Gemini, we need to talk about something… I know…with Uranus about to turn direct (there’s a post scheduled for a day or so) […]


Uranus in Aries: The Technical Faff

A friend gave me a fridge magnet the other day that said: Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone. How very Uranus in Aries. So many people have been asking how Uranus in Aries will impact them. For the next few weeks I will post on each of the houses but for now, […]

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Theres Only So Much You Can Learn in One Place

There’s only so much you can learn in one place, The more that I wait the more time that I waste Uranus is now in Aries, albeit briefly. He turns retrograde by July 6 and will be back in Pisces for one last burst by mid August before leaving the sign of the fishies in […]