saturn transits

Eyes Wide Open

Warning: This post is pure Astro, a bit technical…& loooooooong. Last week we looked at how to find out where Saturn is transiting your chart. But what does that mean? To illustrate, here’s another chart- Marion (not her real name, and birth details are blocked out by that lovely arrow, but she has given me […]

Cancer Daily Planets Moon

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart…

Yesterday I broke up…with my personal trainer. I even said those words that I’ve always wanted to say to someone but never have- I’ve always been the dumpee not the dumper (awwwww). So yesterday, I said it: “It’s not you, it’s me. The last two years have been fun, but I think we now want […]

mercury Retrograde

something about Mercury retrograde

Mercury is retrograde until around 7th August- here’s one I prepared earlier, with some minor adjustments for the Leo thing… Jab, straight, uppercut, duck, weave, hook, straight. Easy enough instructions. Shoulders down, back foot down, punch from the hip, core on, wrists strong… WTF? This mornings training session was always going to be a sweat […]

Moon Taurus

something about Taurus Moon

Each month I talk about how the Taurus Moon can be one of those times of the month when one is most prone to comfort eating. For lunar types (and the Moon is exalted in Taurus) when things get too much, it can be easier to swallow feelings rather than express them. The other reason […]

Daily Planets Retrograde Uranus

Something about Uranus and reversing…

So, the Moon has just passed Uranus, checked in on Facebook and moved on. Anyone feel anything? I’m in “Mum taxi school holidays mode”, so if there was any bright spark I’m sorry to say that I missed it. Tomorrow the lunar energy is much the same. I’m taking full advantage of the JFDI (Just […]

saturn Scorpio

Something About Saturn in Scorpio

As I said earlier, I have been getting a lot of enquiries lately about Saturn in Scorpio. It’s great people are interested, but it doesn’t happen until October. We’re not even out of the shadow of the last retrograde and have another 7 or so degrees of Libra to cover. But, given that I have […]

Libra Mars

Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps…

You won’t admit you love me and so how am I ever to know? You only tell me Perhaps perhaps perhaps   A million times I’ve asked you and then I’ve asked you over again You only answer Perhaps perhaps perhaps Mars is the planet of desire, the planet of action. Mars is the energy […]

Retrograde Venus

So Yesterday…

So, I had this wonderful girlie Libra Moon morning planned with Miss 14 who is on school holidays…again. First up was hair, then we were off to get nails done and would round off the pampering with pad thai at her favourite noodle bar. All good- at least it was until an email turned up […]