Moon Virgo

Virgo New Moon

As I do each month, before writing this New Moon post I checked out what was happening last year and what intentions I’d set. If you’re interested, that post is here. This time last year we’d made the decision to sell up and move – so that meant a massive de-cluttering project and fixing anything […]

Daily Planets Week Ahead

The week ahead…

Another week where I’m writing in the past for the present – or is that the future? Who can tell. I’m in Sydney for work and some other family business, and staying with my parents who are, I’m sure, the only people left on the planet (ok, I’m exaggerating) who don’t have the internet on […]

Leo Moon

Leo New Moon

As I always do at the New Moon, I went back to what I’d written for last year’s Leo New Moon – I’ve mentioned before that my New Moon posts are a little like my New Moon journals, haven’t I? (As an aside, if you need a reason to keep an astro journal, I’ve talked […]

Daily Planets

Daily Stars: Saturday June 24, 2017

Moon in Cancer New Moon Venus trine Pluto If you haven’t set your New Moon intentions, take a few minutes to do so today. Refer to yesterdays New Moon post – and this one on New Moon wishing. Also today, pleasure planet Venus is linking up with powerful Pluto. This could add intensity to your […]

Moon Taurus

Taurus New Moon

I had another post planned and scheduled for this New Moon – a deeply, personal one. I deleted most of it. Thank I wrote another – also a little too personal for my liking…but… You see, I was reading last year’s Taurus New Moon post and it hit me just how much had happened since […]


Aries New Moon

  If you google it, you’ll find a heap of statistics that are out there telling us how many people break their New Year Resolutions. You’ll find even more that want to estimate how many people fail to honour them… same thing really? Either way the number is estimated at anything between 60-88%, depending on […]

Aquarius Moon

Aquarius New Moon…

New Moon 8 Aquarius 15′ Gong xi fa cai- happiness and prosperity… It’s the Australia Day long weekend here – well, with Australia Day falling on a Thursday, plenty of people have turned it into a long weekend. Our house went “live” on the market on Wednesday and I’m using this weekend to get some […]

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon 7 Capricorn 59’ 29/12/16 4:53pm (Sydney time) Capricorn New Moons are always about goals. I tend to think there’s a bit of a coincidence that they appear at the time of the year that you’re setting new goals and intentions…conspiracy theory anyone? (She asks, waggling her eyebrows in a rather creepy way). […]