The Week Ahead

So anyways, I’ve been in Sydney for the last week and a bit. It was a combo of work and family responsibilities. It all went well, but I’m glad to be home – exhausted, but glad.

Aside from work and family, it’s been all systems go since I’ve been home as I tried out a new foodie night market, took a scenic flight in an open cockpit bi-plane, and went to my first meeting of an astrology group here on the Sunny Coast. It was great to meet and chat with people who talk my language…so to speak.

As always, if you want to know what I’ve been up to in my other life, you can catch up on my rambles at and anyways.

Ok, obviously last week the news and the hype was all about the eclipse. This week things aren’t nearly so exciting astro weather wise.

Although Mercury moves back into Leo in the wee small hours of September 1 (here in Australia), we have to wait until Saturday for our first interesting aspect – Mars trine Uranus. Now, given that this falls at the degree of last week’s solar eclipse, I suspect it could be more ummm unpredictably exciting than a Mars trine Uranus aspect usually is. This is very much a breaking free aspect – and one that you might be tempted to make despite your own inhibitions and the consequences. Who knows whether this is right or wrong, easy or hard. Uranus is, above all, unpredictable. The enlightenment that comes from this action could, however, be you learning more about yourself…or, indeed, others learning something surprising about you.

In any case, if you had planets impacted by last week’s eclipse, keep an eye open for this one.

To end the week Mercury joins forces with Mars – again at 28 Leo…wow, this position has been popular of late. This is very much a put your money where your mouth is sort of aspect. Or, if you’re not familiar with that saying, it’s about putting actions into your words, standing up for your beliefs. It’s great for putting plans into action, but not so good if you’re spoiling for a fight. Bear in mind that the push-back you might be getting from others could be a projection from yourself. Also, don’t forget that Mercury is retrograde, so misunderstandings could get in the way of forward progress.

Ok, that’s it!

Have a great week…



The week ahead…

Early morning on the Sunshine Coast

Another week where I’m writing in the past for the present – or is that the future? Who can tell.

I’m in Sydney for work and some other family business, and staying with my parents who are, I’m sure, the only people left on the planet (ok, I’m exaggerating) who don’t have the internet on – despite those pesky calls from people wanting to tell them that there’s a problem with their internet and if they only send their credit card details it can be fixed on the spot.

Anyways, all of that means that in order to post anything new I’ll be relying on the limited data available on my phone – and I also need that for netflix and instagram and other hugely important things. So, to be on the safe side, I’m writing a scheduling this in the past.

Ok, what’s been happening?

I spent last weekend at Romance Australia’s conference, Love Gone Wild, in Brisbane. Not only was it a great weekend and an amazing conference, but I had the honour of presenting a session that tied my two great loves – romance writing and astrology – together. I was nervous to start with, but once I hit my astro, I hit my stride. We had beautiful Queensland weather for it – tops of 28C each day. Not bad for winter.

Anyways, if you want to know more about it, there’s a post up on my author site about conference survival tips for introverts. By the time this goes to press, there will also be something else up on and anyways…if I pull my finger out and write it, that is…

Ok, to the skies. Of course the biggie next week is the solar eclipse in Leo – at 28 Leo 52’ to be exact. There’s been a lot written about this one – an awful lot – and I’ll probably put my 2 cents worth in too. This is a politics free zone, so I won’t go into just how much this solar eclipse is being linked in with President Trump. Google solar eclipse and Trump and you’ll find it all – and more. Anyways, there’s a solar eclipse – the 2nd Leo New Moon – and it’s in the early hours of 22 August for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere and varying times on the 21st for those of you in the North. Again, google it. Of course, if you want to know more about eclipses – and order your own eclipse report via Big Sky Astrology, check out this link.

Given that this is the 2nd 2nd New Moon in Leo, you get an opportunity to have another shot at intention setting. Of course the degrees are different, but the idea is the same. The previous Leo New Moon post is here.

Also this week we have a couple of planets changing signs – and direction.

The Sun moves into Virgo on 22/23 August (depending on where in the world you are). I’ll pop up a link to last year’s post for this one. Just a few days later – on the 26th – Venus moves into Leo. Strike a pose. Again, there’ll be something quick scheduled that will take you to last year’s post.

Saturn stations direct on the 25th , so anything that has felt like it’s been on hold since April could start to have some structure about it – if you’ve kept working in the meantime. Yep, Saturn usually comes with fine print.

Anyone with planets at or around 21 Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo will be breathing a sigh of relief as the weight lifts…ever so slowly.

What else? I’m glad you asked – it’s an action packed week.

Mars links up with Jupiter on Monday. I’m going to keep this one short and just say one word – opportunities. What sort of opportunities? Well, that’s up to you, really. This is a go for it and see what happens aspect if ever there were one. It’s at 20 Leo and 20 Libra respectively, so if that’s you, what are you still sitting around for?

Also on Monday, the Sun aligns with Uranus. This one is all about you. And in the same degree as the eclipse, dare I say that it could be as unpredictable as the eclipse? It’s about trying something new, exploring something new, going outside the expected. The thing is, with trines, as restless as you could be feeling, you don’t need to actually destroy anything in order to find yourself. But, as I said, this is a political free zone.

We follow this very quickly with another trine, or “easy” aspect. This one is between Mars and Saturn. It can help put some common sense, discipline and structure around your plans – without raining too much on your parade. It’s great energy for any work that needs you to be head down, bum up…so to speak. If you’re not familiar with that term, I’m talking about any sort of work that requires concentration, diligence and focus.

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted writing this post – and there’s more to come.

On Friday Venus squares off against Uranus. Venus/Uranus contacts in challenging aspect, as this one is, can be a tad like the Pink song – Leave Me Alone, I’m Lonely. It’s a short-lived transit, so if you can, avoid expressing any desires for stimulation in an argument with someone who, quite frankly, may not deserve it. On the other hand, if something is going on that needs to be talked about, it’s probably going to get talked about. Just take care not to throw away something that doesn’t need to be thrown away, just so you can make a point.

We finish the week with a Sun-Mercury conjunction. Those of you who have been reading along for a while will know that this is know as cazimi. You’ll also know that cazimi can be a blinding flash of seriously, just how clever am I? The thing is, Mercury is retrograde, so not thinking straight already. This cazimi might, therefore, not be as cazimi-ish (yes, I made that word up) as a cazimi normally is. If you want to know more about cazimi, check out this post.

Finally, Jupiter links up with Saturn. It’s a sextile, so that means opportunity. Both Jupiter and Saturn are in masculine/positive signs (Libra and Sagittarius) so that generally means you won’t have to look too hard for it. This is a good one for doing some practical work towards turning your goal into something more real. It doesn’t need to be much, but it does need to be practical and it does need to involve work.

Phew, I think that’s it. Have a great week!


The week ahead…

As this goes to press I’ll still be in Brisbane attending the Romance Writer’s Conference. It’s why you’ve got a photo from last week – because I’m writing this in the past. Anyways, I’ll tell you all about it next week, but for now we’ll get straight into this weeks sky action.

To start our working week we have a trine between the Sun and Saturn. Trines are harmonious flows of energy – so that means that if anything is going to happen it will do so relatively quickly and relatively easily. This aspect involves fire signs, so we know that action isn’t too far away. The thing is, the Sun is about ego, and Saturn is about (amongst other things) duty, discipline, and responsibility – and that doesn’t really go with ego that well. The things is, under this aspect, you can actually apply discipline to whatever it is that needs doing – and it could be one of those rare times where you don’t resent the call of duty quite as much as you usually do. There could even be (gasp, horror) some satisfaction to be found.

Tuesday’s Venus/Pluto opposition brings with it undertones of intensity and compulsion. What to what out for? Aside from intensity and compulsion? Impulsive bursts of truth that seem to come from the very core of you. If you feel the urge to give in to these, find a way to temper the potential destruction that tends to accompany the sort of honesty that normally lives deep in your belly.

What else? On Thursday Venus squares off against Jupiter. Ok, I’m just going to say it – this could be one of the worst days of the year as far as your diet is concerned. There, it’s out there. Venus in Cancer is known for comfort eating, and a Venus – Jupiter square is not known for it’s ability to say, ‘no thank you, I’ve had enough.’ How do I know? I have this aspect natally…and given Venus is today at 19 Cancer, this aspect is exactly on my Venus/Jupiter square.

This isn’t just about a lack of discipline when it comes to food, it can be a lack of discipline in relation to pretty much anything. So, do you write the day off as being a bad idea? Absolutely not – as I said, I live every day with this aspect. For what it lacks in discipline it makes up for in optimism. Just take care not to purchase on impulse – especially if you can’t afford it – or over indulge in anything that you know isn’t great for you…even if it does seem like a good idea at the time.

Have a great week!


The Week Ahead…

Some Aussie wattle on my bushwalking the other day

This week I attended something called No Lights No Lycra. The easiest way to describe it is as dancing in the dark.

The thing is, I’ve always enjoyed having a bit of a bop around the dance floor at weddings and parties, but know that I’m pretty uncoordinated in that regard and have the grace of a fairy bus-horse (no, I don’t know what one is either…) so alcohol usually needs to be involved.

These days though, those opportunities are few and far between. And, at 50, I’m way too old for clubbing – and don’t like much of the music. So where’s a girl to go and dance like no one is watching? No Lights No Lycra. The lights are off – completely – and the music is turned up and you just go for it.

I still don’t know many people up here, so I took a deep breath and went on my own – and loved it.

With the lights off, all you can see are the shadowy outlines of the person dancing closest to you, but you have the space to do whatever you want with no judgement. No boundaries – it really appealed to my Pisces side.

I’ve also taken belly dancing back up. It’s been 10 years and 15kgs since I last did it, but it seemed appropriate that I start again during Venus in Cancer time – Cancer ruling the belly and all that.

Again, it was confronting, but so much fun. I wrote about it here.

What else?

I’ve been getting out into nature a bit. It’s been part of an intentional attempt to ground myself. I spend so much time living in my head, that I truly feel unconnected to the rest of me. It mightn’t make a lot of sense, but it sort of does. You see, the only planets I have in Earth signs are Pluto and Uranus – no personal planets are there. To bring earth and solidity or structure into my life requires either an earthy person or something that connects me back to body and nature. Given that I have no earthy people in my circle since moving, I’m making the effort to get outside and walk in nature. Last week I discovered a waterfall not far from our home, and on Friday I found a bushland botanic garden.

I suppose I’m doing the dancing for a similar reason – to intentionally bring in the element air. I have no planets in air signs and just 2 in air houses – again, Pluto and Uranus in the 7th.

If you want to know the spread of elements in your chart, you can refer back to the Toolbox lessons on this.

Anyways, if you want to catch up on what else I’ve been up to, the weekly wrap is up at and anyways; and if you want to explore the Sunshine Coast of Australia, you’ll find some bits and pieces at Navigator. As always, all things authorly are on my author page.

As for the skies? The biggie for the week is a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius. It’s in the early hours of Tuesday morning for me, so sometime on Monday for most of you – what with the time differences etc. There’s a post scheduled for tomorrow morning, but for now check out where 15 Aquarius 25’ is in your chart. And, for a refresher on how to interpret Full Moons, check out this post.

What else?

Aside from Mercury turning retrograde next Sunday (check out this post for your survival guide), we have a week of sextiles and trines. Sextiles and trines are harmonious or easy energy flows – and as such, can often be overlooked or taken for granted. This week it’s mostly personal planets that are involved so the transits themselves won’t be around for long. It’s about opportunity and possibility – the rest is up to you.

Mercury sextile Venus on Thursday is one of those light-hearted blink and you’ll miss it aspects that’s more of an interlude than a transit. It could be the opportunity you need to talk about your feelings – or it could be a respite to something a tad heavier.

Moving forward to Friday we have another sextile – this one between the Sun and Jupiter. Whenever these two come together there’s bound to be the potential for some fun and even, dare I say it, some luck. The thing is, aside from having done the hard work beforehand (thanks Saturn), a lot of what we attribute to luck is believing that there could be luck. It’s like when I talk to the car park fairies when I’m looking for that elusive spot at the beach. ‘Come on guys,’ I say. ‘I need you now.’ It’s the believing that helps with the success.

Finally in this weeks series of aspects is Venus trine Neptune on Saturday. I’m doing my RWA (Romance Writers Australia) presentation on Saturday so this one is for me. What better time to talk about happy endings – and how we create them on the page? This isn’t a great transit for real world activities – it is, however, a good one for fantasy, daydreaming, and anything involving compassion or empathy.

Have a great week!

The week ahead…

It's wisteria season!
It’s wisteria season!

I got to thinking about the words serendipity and coincidence a lot during the week. It was that sort of week.

Exhibit A: A fabulous looking Jessica Rabbit (ok, someone dressed as Jessica Rabbit) hopped off my train on Sunday. I hoped that she’d been to Comic Con that had been that weekend. It reminded me of an ex colleague I’d texted some weeks ago but who I hadn’t heard back from. Not 10 minutes later she texted me from Hong Kong to apologise for not responding to my text and saying she’d been thinking of me.

Exhibit B: I’d had lunch with a girlfriend on Sunday and we’d got talking about a mutual friend we hadn’t seen or heard from in months. I saw that person getting off the bus behind mine on Monday morning- it was the first time she’d caught the bus in months.

Exhibit C: Sitting in Australia Square waiting to meet my BMF for morning coffee I saw someone who used to work in my old job walk through. It reminded me of one of the lovely Team Leaders there. I almost texted her but decided it was too early and she’d be doing the kids school thing. Yep, you guessed it, she texted me.

Then Tuesday night’s episode of 800 Words (it’s an Aussie-Kiwi show on Aussie telly) was all about serendipity or how things can occur through a series of happy accidents.

As an aside, I googled the word- serendipity. It originally came about from a story about three princes from Serendippo in the Far East. These guys had been sent away by their father, the King, and somehow separately using small completely random clues that they each came across by accident discerned the nature of a lost camel. At first this wasn’t a good thing because the only explanation was they each had been involved in stealing the said camel- and in the Far East, that generally didn’t come with a happy ending. Yet, some other dude turned up having found the came wandering freely and the princes were saved. Serendipitously, as it were.

In the first episode of 800 Words, George Turner buys a house unseen near a beach in the north of New Zealand. It’s the house he used to stay in as a kid- or so he thinks. After the sudden death of his wife it’s those memories that he wants for his kids. Instead, on arrival, he sees that the house he bought is not the way he thought he was buying. It doesn’t have the sweeping ocean views of his memory. Instead it’s rundown and the kids hate it.

In Tuesday’s episode, the house he originally thought he was buying comes onto the market and the owner is prepared to do a deal with him. It’s serendipity, it’s meant to be…or is it? It turns out that the house he bought by accident is the one that the kids now love- it’s healed all of them and the issues they’ve had over the months has brought them all closer. Seeing the house that he would have bought has made them all realise that. Serendipity, but from a different angle.

The thing is, sometimes things seem serendipitous, meant to be, whatever because they jump up by accident once, twice, sometimes more. They’re waving their hands about and you can’t help but look at them. Surely that means something, right? Yep, usually. Sometimes it heralds an opportunity that you’ve always sad you wanted, but now? Well, now that it’s there, you don’t. Sometimes it’s a set of unfortunate circumstances that all together point you by happy accident to a course of action that you otherwise would not have taken.

My point? This Mercury retrograde period has been littered with experiences like this- or perhaps they’ve been there all the time and I’ve noticed them over the last few weeks. Who knows? In any case, Mercury turns direct on Thursday. If you’ve used the time to review and plan and toss around ideas, leave it a bit before putting them into action- things will still be a tad unstable until Mercury picks up speed again.

Also happening this week, the Sun moves into Libra in the early hours of Friday morning, and Venus moves out of Libra and into Scorpio a day later. I have posts scheduled.

What else? Venus links up with Mars on Monday. Sextiles generally bring opportunities- and the most common Venus/Mars opportunities are around relating, money and finance, or creativity. That gives you a pretty wide range. Of course, you can always choose to say no, or plead busy-ness…

Mercury trines Pluto not once but twice this week- once just before Mercury stations direct, and once just after. Same same but different. Mercury-Pluto contacts can be obsessive, so if there is something that you just can’t get out of your mind, delve deeper into it on Wednesday, and think about what actions you can take to do something about it on Friday.

What else?

The usual personal round-up is up over at and anyways and I’ve unveiled the cover of my new novel Wish You Were Here on There’s also a post and a chocolate pudding recipe written by my heroine, Max. My hero this time around is a Scorpio male, so I’ll be releasing the book during Scorpio season- on October 27- when the Sun and Mercury are conjunct my natal Mars. Sign up for the mailing list to get the special release offer.

Speaking of mailing lists, I haven’t done a newsletter since last year. Going forward, these weekly round-up and week ahead posts will be sent out via newsletter only. So, if you want to keep up with what’s happening in the skies and on the blogs, there’s a pop-up thingie on the website that you can sign up on.

Ok, that’s it from me, I’m off to my niece’s 18th birthday party. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week.




The week ahead: something about sense and sensibility…

my view from lunch...
my view from lunch…

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia, and it’s been a glorious one.

We went out to a place called Cottage Point for lunch. Cottage Point is Sydney’s smallest suburb- with just 50 or so houses- and is on the Pittwater…well, sort of. It’s also located within a National Park.

In any case, it’s a great place for lunch- and perfectly fit the brief my husband gave me: water, outlook, casual, quirky. I’ve popped a few more photos up on Instagram, and will probably cover it in more words later in the week on and anyways.

The week started with a funeral- my grandfather’s…I think I mentioned that last week. It was a tad surreal to see the 94 balloons we released at Nan’s funeral 4 years ago come up on my timehop. To the day. Life’s like that though…

On the good news front, the two big astro publications I worked on earlier in the year, hit the news-stands this week- although they may have hit earlier and I just didn’t see them. Whatever- they’re out there now.


The first is the astro diaries. These are done by sign with a monthly and daily forecast.

The second is Wellbeing’s annual astrology publication.


Both are jam-packed with contributions from some fabulous astrologers. They’re available through newsagencies in Australia, but if you want to know about postage to other countries, you will need to contact the publishers.

On the blog I’m in the process of posting some pieces about Jupiter. Mostly it’s because I’m trying to find the start of my main Jupiter in Libra piece. Procrasti-posting. In any case, keep an eye on the blog for more on Jupiter during this week.

Speaking of Jupiter, he moves into Libra on Friday. This is without a doubt the stand-out astro event for the week, and will provide a once in 12 year opportunity for Librans to reboot themselves. There’ll be more on Jupiter through the houses for the rest of us later.

What else?

Wednesday brings us a trine between the Sun and Pluto, and a sextile between Venus and Saturn. Although a relatively easy energy, it does, if harnessed, have the ability to be quite powerful. It encourages you to look deeply within and, if you don’t like what you see, well, that’s up to you what changes you choose to make. With Saturn and Venus linking up, you could have a clarity and objectivity that’s often missing. If you set some intentions at the New Moon, this could be your reminder to take steps towards achieving those.

We finish the week with the last of the Saturn-Neptune squares- for this cycle- and another square between Venus and Pluto.

There’s been a lot written about this over the past months (this article is excellent), but at its core this aspect is about dreams clashing with reality. Use the retrograde energy of Mercury to make plans, but not decisions- not quite yet. If you’re prepared to work for what you want, you may just be able to achieve it. If not, well, keep dreaming. Saturn provides the discipline and Neptune the inspiration and the faith.

With Venus square Pluto you could find yourself hanging onto something that probably shouldn’t be hung onto any longer. Only you can know whether your dream has reached its use-by date. Words like honesty, reality, and focus are important right now. Sense over sensibility…so to speak.

Have a great week…


The week ahead…

Hardy's Bay, Central Coast
Hardy’s Bay, Central Coast

Helloooooo, is anyone still there? I wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t, I haven’t been around much here.

What have I been up to? I’m glad you asked.

I’m still settling into my new job and getting used to the long commutes. By the time I get home each evening, I don’t have the energy to anything more than inhale dinner and crawl back into bed, do an hour or so of writing, watch an old Midsomer Murders re-run with my pooch and set the alarm for sometime before 5 again the next day.

I’m almost finished with the structural re-write of Wish You Were Here– my latest novel. It’s due to go back for copy editing next week and will be released during Scorpio season- fitting given that my hero this time around is a very sexy Scorpio who needs someone to teach him how to use his words.

What else? I spent a couple of days up at the Central Coast last weekend talking about how I can make this writing thing pay ie get more people to read my books. Yes, it was a marketing strategy session. I came out of it with some action plans around developing a new author website (tick), better use of twitter, actually send newsletters, and a few more bits and pieces. It was a seriously valuable session.

In any case, you can catch up on what’s been going on for me personally at and anyways.

What else? This year continues to give- and to take. In the early hours of Thursday morning, my grandfather passed- four years to the day since we lost our Nan. I still miss her every day. On Friday we celebrated the wedding of one of my cousins- one of his grandchildren. She wore silver sequins in the back of her train for Nan. You might have seen it on my instagram. Tomorrow we have Pop’s funeral. It’s weird the way the timing works, the way life cycles in and out, how we can celebrate the beginning of a marriage and the end of a life within the space of a couple of days.

Anyways, enough of that.

The highlights for this week are Venus moving into Libra- the sign she rules; Mercury stationing to go retrograde in Virgo; and a Solar eclipse and New Moon in Virgo.

I won’t get anything new up for Venus in Libra, but this post from last year will give you a fair idea of what to expect. It’s about finding pleasure in balance, in social settings, in partnerships- of all sorts. It’s also about beauty, peace and harmony. Look to wherever Libra is in your chart for an idea about where you can expect to find a little more joy over the next few weeks.

As for Mercury? Given that Mercury is superstrong in Virgo, this retrograde period has the potential to feel like it’s the longest retrograde in history. I’ll pop up my survival techniques over the next few days, but for now, make sure that you’re fully backed up and all operating systems at their correct versions. Print out travel itineraries, keep and eye on your passport (and a record of the number), your plans flexible, and, if you’re travelling, a spare pair of undies and a toothbrush in your carry-on. Just in case.

From the almost eclipse of a couple of weeks ago, we have the real thing on Thursday- a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. It falls at 9 Virgo 21 and will be exact at 7.03pm here in Sydney. Use the couple of days before to symbolically wipe the slate clean. This could be something as simple as finishing a long avoided task, cleaning a drawer, organising your filing, or weeding a garden bed. Just finish something. Then write your intentions. I’ll have something new up for it. You might need to read this post on eclipses and this one on new moon wishing.

There are other aspects happening as well this week, but in my mind, this eclipse is one that is worth setting some serious intentions around. Why? The degree (9 Virgo) is square the point at which Saturn stationed direct the other week, and given that the Sun is square Saturn less than a day after this New Moon, to me that says we need to get real about something. I tend not to believe in coincidences when Saturn is involved….but that’s just me. Besides, with the Sun also opposite Neptune, separating fact from fiction, and reality from perception will be, I think, one of the key themes of this New Moon.

Have a fabulous week.


The Week Ahead- and something about happiness…


You’ll be pleased to know I made it back from my weekend in the Australian bush unharmed. Of course I exaggerate, but I’m a Pisces- I like to weave a little fantasy and colour into reality…it makes for a good mix.

In any case, we had a fabulous time. There’s something about being out of the city and the noise to really clear your head. The birds even sound different out there. Our suburb is full of birds that squawk loudly- plovers, cockatoos. Out there the magpies warble, the kookaburras laugh, the little birds sing, the rosellas are a flash of red and blue as they fly through the gums. It’s beautiful to listen to.

On Friday afternoon I wandered down the path away from the others. I found a clean patch of grass- away from the kangaroo poo- and plonked myself down to feel the serenity.


In the distance I could hear the faint sounds of my husband talking with my brother around the fire, but I tuned them out until all I was conscious of was the sound of the trees, the wind, the birds, the occasional thump and rustle as a kangaroo bounded through- yes, it was that time of the afternoon. Sitting out there in the trees it was as if nothing else really mattered. It was such a weird, brief, feeling of, I don’t know… happiness. When I finally got up to walk back up the hill, I saw a grey kangaroo standing there on the edge of the clearing- watching me. As I moved, so did it- too quickly for me to get a photo. The whole thing was a reminder to me that when we’re so busy trying to get through and past the things we think we need to get through and past in order to reach happiness we risk missing those little don’t blink or you’ll miss them moments of peace along the way.


Anyways, if you want to see some more photos or keep up with what else has been going on, head over to and anyways. There’s also a post there about jaffles.


Ok, to the skies.

First up this week is an opposition between Mercury and Neptune.

Mercury, in Virgo, is at its most logical, practical, and break it down until you understand it. Neptune in Pisces is at its most fanciful, dreamy, don’t give a damn about the detail. Put these two opposite each other and the struggle between fact and fiction is real.

On one hand, your ability to sense what’s going on is heightened, but on the other, you’ll question that.

On one hand you’ll want to concentrate on the detail, but on the other, your attention will wander and you could be easily distracted.

This is a problem only if your day is scheduled around a tight schedule, spreadsheets, and an uncompromising to-do list. If, however, you allow a little scope creep- just for the day- the direction in which your mind takes you could be interesting.

On Thursday, Mercury connects with Pluto. The aspect is a trine, so the energy flows easily. Unlike Mondays’ distraction with Neptune, Pluto adds a focus and intent to your dealings today. The energy is perfect for dealing with analysing those spreadsheets you had to put away on Monday when your eyes were glazing over. It’s also a great day to strip away, break down and understand the root cause of whatever it is that needs to be stripped away, broken down and understood.

Saturn stations direct on Saturday (I have a post scheduled for this) and shortly after- in the early hours of Sunday morning, Sydney time- Venus moves to square off against Saturn. This one could be a little more picky and naggy than it needs to be…but then again, it could also help make things better. If you need space, find it. If you have vague worries and suspicions, take care not to make mountains out of mole-hills. Whoever said love needed to be easy? Where would be the fun in that?

Have a fabulous week…