December 20, 2017: Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn moves into Capricorn today. As @AuntyAlias said on Twitter the other day, this is like the landlord moving into the condo. Saturn is coming home.

I had a few things to say about it the other day – you can read that here – but I also really liked what Diane from Libra Seeking Balance had to say. It was something that I’d completely overlooked:

“During Saturn’s stay in Capricorn, we all will benefit from the fact this Saturn works well with Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Since Uranus will be leaving Aries for earthy Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn will not be clashing with Uranus either. Earth and water signs are going to be in charge of the Outer Planets for the next couple of years, and it would be a good idea to get used to putting the practicalities first.”

As I mentioned last time, people tend to get awfully worried about Saturn – and with some good reason. But when you stop and think about it, and really track your Saturn transits back, you’ll also see the rewards as well – particularly if you’ve done the work, played by the rules, and listened to the lessons…and I suspect Saturn in Capricorn will be more about structures and rules than it has been since, well, since he was here last time.

To help you work out what this means for you, I’ve posted a few thoughts on Saturn in Capricorn, a few thoughts on Saturn transits, a few more thoughts on Saturn transits, and a few also on Saturn Sun transits.

Remembering that this is a DIY site, I’ve also given you some tools to try and work it out for yourself. In true Saturn task-mistress style, you will need to do the work.

So, if Saturn is going through, say, the 7th house, I’ll refer you to the Toolbox editions on houses. Here’s a hint though:

  • If Capricorn is about rules, structure, integrity, experience, ethics, respect
  • If the 7th house is about relating, relationships and partnerships

Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th house will probably have something to do with structures and rules of relating and relationships and maintaining ethics and integrity in the process.

If Saturn is going through the 10th house, apply the same analogy eg it will probably have something to do with the structures and rules and bureaucracy in the workplace, it could have something to do with people being promoted beyond their capability being found out, it might even be something about the karma that goes along with unscrupulous or unethical behaviour previously tolerated under the banner of “it’s business.” Don’t worry, I’m putting my soapbox away now, but you get the idea.

In the 11th? It could be about maintaining the rules and structures of friendships, the right and wrong way to behave as a friend, the integrity of your goals.

Of course, these are just a few ideas for you to be getting on with.

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It starts off in my 3rd (I use equal house) and then goes into my 4th. I had a job interview today – funny as it was in my 3rd and it was in a school. I also hope to buy a house this year (4th) and it will be the first time I buy somewhere so this would be very 4th house and it will be in a new area. Pluto is also trining my Moon.

Good luck with the job interview – & the new home. Nothing says get real as much as committing to buying your own home!

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