What I know about Saturn transits…

It’s true to say that Saturn and I are not friends. He’s always the reminder that I’ve been slack with my health and my habits and haven’t thought through and committed to my goals. As tough as the transits are though, they are the transits that I absolutely have to have. If it wasn’t for Saturn, I’d accomplish very little indeed.

Relatively speaking, with an emphasis on the word relatively, the better that integrated Saturn is in your chart, the less likely you are to fight the message he brings. The less you resist, the easier the transit will be. Relatively speaking.

If you want to know how Saturnian you are, have a go at Donna Cunningham’s Saturn test. I scored about as low as it’s possible to score. Not only is Saturn in Aries in my chart – a sign where he is absolutely not comfortable – but the only aspect Saturn makes to anything else in my chart is an inconjunct to Mars – and that contact isn’t an amicable one. Other than that he’s pretty much left to his own devices.

While most of the other planets in my chart talk to each other, Saturn stands alone, his energy activated only by transit. Because Saturn’s energy is quite unfamiliar to me, every transit is a shock to my system.

If on the other hand, you have a busy 10th house, other planets in Capricorn, or other planets in easy aspect to Saturn, you might find Saturn transits tough but doable. A tad like the training session you don’t want to do, but end up nailing.

Saturn transits often bring with them hard stuff, tough stuff. It bears down on you, pushing you lower, making you feel as though you’ve got the entire world and their families plus luggage on your shoulders. Whatever it is that is happening is to you. It seems this way because often we’re looking to blame someone or something for doing whatever it is to us. That’s one perspective. The other is that whatever it is that is going on is an outcome or a consequence of another action or inaction on our own behalf. This is the whole there’s a consequence for every action theory.

In short, while Saturn transits might feel as though they are external, in reality, they’re far from that. We’re being taught a lesson of some type – and we’re being taught it because we need to learn it.

Saturn doesn’t teach in the way that Jupiter does. Jupiter educates and expands your knowledge of the world, of life. Jupiter is what you learn through experience. Saturn lessons are what you learn because you have to. Saturn teaches that every action brings with it consequences – some good, some bad, but consequences nevertheless.

Where Jupiter doesn’t particularly care what you do with the opportunities he presents to you – if you miss out on them, that’s your loss; failure to learn Saturn lessons is an entirely different matter.


We were talking about this the other day in the astro group that I’m a member of. The question was what to expect from a transit to the IC, or to the very bottom of the chart. I pointed out that John Howard, Australia’s ex-Prime Minister, lost the election around the time Saturn transited his IC. It was a literal case of being at the lowest point in his career. For him, it was about going home and putting on the slippers to sit beside the fire. Not that I know if he did that, but you get the idea.

When Saturn was last on my IC, Miss T was starting school and difficult decisions and changes were made to work/life balance. I started working from home a lot more and travelling for work a lot less. We also committed to an investment property.

When tracking back through the dates for another friend, we found that it was under a Saturn 4th house transit that she signed up for her first mortgage and moved out of the home she grew up in. Someone else I spoke with related how she had to provide home care for an elderly relative at this time.

My point is, each of us will have a different perspective on a Saturn transit. Some of these experiences will be ultimately positive, some will be difficult, but all will be designed to make us better, or more adult, or…you get the idea. What I know about Saturn transits, my experiences of them will most likely be very different to yours.

Even if every Saturn transit you’ve ever had has been, to put it mildly, uncomfortable, it’s still best to treat these with intention rather than biting your lips and wondering what will happen to you during it.

In 2016, Saturn squared my Ascendant and my Sun. It was a year I’d like never to repeat. As tough as it was, knowing what Saturn wanted me to learn provided some perspective – even though there were times over that period where I just wanted to yell and scream and make it stop already. I’ll tell you a bit about that next time.

In March and April this year Saturn stationed square my Moon – right at the time that I was packing up our house of 18 years and leaving friends, family and structures behind. Emotionally it was a wrench and it drained me completely. While it seemed like madness at the time, I was glad that I’d read the intent of the transit and booked a holiday to coincide with the easing off of the Saturn/Moon square. I needed it.

He’s finally moved past the degree of my Moon for the third and final time. This final pass brought with it some realisations about self-care that I’ll talk about another time. It was a lesson that I’d neglected listening to for a long time.

So yes, Saturn transits can be tough, but we’ve all been through numerous ones in our lifetime and although we might have scars, we’re still here to tell the tale.

As for how Saturn transits will impact you? Have a look back at last week’s post on Saturn in Capricorn. Check out also the Saturn page on the website for hints on interpreting Saturn transits and timing them while Saturn is in Capricorn.

Next time, something on Saturn transits to the Sun.