Doing It For Yourself

I’m dedicated to making astrology accessible to everybody and relevant to everyday life.

My brand of astrology is DIY astrology– the type that will help you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Or not. That’s up to you. Think of it as a home renovation, but it’s your life – and we use the stars. It’s all about realising and uncovering the potential within – or doing the self-improvement equivalent of slapping on a coat of paint or buying some new cushions and throw-rugs.

What I’m not here to do is take the work out of it for you.

I’ll give you the tools and some guidance to help you learn it yourself – not from a textbook, but from the heart. I’ll also give you some astro weather forecasts to help you improve your good day ratio. It’s up to you what you do with that.

The astro weather…

The planets and the stars don’t make things happen, but they provide an environment against which life plays out. It’s up to you whether you take an umbrella to protect yourself from the storm or hold your face to the rain and dry out later.

Your stars. Your life. Your call.

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Renovate your life…with the stars…

No crystal balls here…

No crystal balls here…

Astrology isn’t some magic wand that will magically spirit all your problems away, land you the partner of your dreams, the ideal job, and an overflowing bank account. Nor does it provide a set of excuses as to why you haven’t made that first million at 30 and why you still need to lose 20kgs (or is that just me?). What it does do is give you tools – tools that will help you understand your motivations, your needs and your energies. You choose what you do with that knowledge.

There’s magic in the Moon…

The daily dance of the planets is a little like an astro weather forecast. At the centre of this is the Moon. Get to know the Moon through the signs and you could just improve your quota of good days…or even better days.

The aspects that other planets make to each other add layers to our daily weather forecast. It’s sort of like the planetary equivalent of dressing for the weather.

Keep an eye out for Daily Planet posts and the Moon forecast on the Recent posts page.


Want to learn astrology?

Learn astrology from the heart…

All those symbols and glyphs – it’s like a whole new mysterious language…isn’t it?

I believe that anyone can learn about astrology. You don’t need a whole heap of textbooks to get a great understanding of what astrology can offer you. I’m here to help you break complex concepts down into something much simpler to understand.

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The Hungry Writer

I write fiction as well as astrology. Some call it chick lit, some call it contemporary women’s fiction, some call it romance. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fiction for anyone who wants to escape from their own world for a little while…with romantic elements, of course. How very Piscean of me…

You can keep up to date with my fiction and my travels at my author website. You’ll find it here.

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