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  • Venus in Scorpio

    Venus in Scorpio

    Venus has just moved into Scorpio – a sign in which she’s not at all comfortable. When Venus is in Scorpio, you see, she’s in what traditional astrologers term the sign of her detriment. This doesn’t mean that Venus is weak in Scorpio, it means that she is in a position where she can’t use…

  • Mercury in Capricorn – Drawing lines in the sand

    Mercury in Capricorn – Drawing lines in the sand

    Since leaving my day job a couple of months ago I’ve struggled with daily structures and routines. Rather than being more productive with my writing, I’ve been less, and rather than using my time more efficiently, I’ve regularly found myself faffing about watching Hallmark Christmas movies when I should be doing something that will contribute…

  • Gemini Full Moon

    Gemini Full Moon

    My daughter has always loved a question – not in that incessant “but why” way many kids have, but other … deeper … questions. Things like “We only see them out in the rain so where do snails go when it’s not raining?” Or even, “where does all the snot (mucus) live when you don’t…

  • Handling your truth

    Handling your truth

    So hubby and I have been wearing one of those glucose monitoring thingies on the back of our arms over the last week. It’s something a visiting medical friend suggested last week. Hubby, you see, has been in denial about things like that – what you can’t see blah blah blah. Nothing I could say…

  • Freedom and the Aries Full Moon

    Freedom and the Aries Full Moon

    So anyways, yesterday I walked away from my day job. It wasn’t as dramatic an exit as that sounds, it was, instead, quite lovely and something I’d made a decision on and been working towards for a couple of months. I know I’ll miss my colleagues and the daily interactions – even though as I…

  • Once in a Blue Moon

    Once in a Blue Moon

    31 August 2023, Full Moon 7 Pisces 25′ Driving back from the beach this morning the radio announcer was talking about this week’s blue moon. A blue moon – when you get two full moons within a month – is relatively uncommon, happening once every 2 ½ years. Two blue moons in the one year…

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