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Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn is just a smidgeon away from moving into Capricorn. Usually, when Saturn changes signs my email inbox starts to fill up with concerns and fears. This was especially the case in the few weeks before Saturn moved into Scorpio. Then there was the person who feared that with Saturn in Sagittarius whe’d fail her exams, and another who said she’d never fly again. True stories.

The thing is, Saturn doesn’t necessarily stop us from doing anything. If anything, he can tempt us to do that which we know we shouldn’t do. ‘Go ahead,’ he says, ‘do what you will, but just be aware  of the consequences.’


There’s no coincidence that the Devil, or Temptation, card in Tarot is associated with Capricorn and Saturn. Look at the card. The devil is half goat and the temptations can result in a bondage of some description – whether that’s the ties that bind through responsibility, or the chains of fear. Even when we’ve attached those chains ourselves, the Devil is who we blame for our troubles – much like we often blame Saturn…not that I ever would…of course.

The thing is, I haven’t so far received any of the usual ‘Saturn is about to move into Capricorn and will conjunct my Sun and that means that life will be miserable for the next 2 1/2 years.’  Saturn in Capricorn is an entirely different scenario. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. He’s comfortable in Capricorn. He’s coming home. Their natures are similar. Saturn in Capricorn is acting from a position of power – but it’s also born from experience, wisdom, practicality, integrity, and resourcefulness.

At the risk of sounding lazy – something that Saturn absolutely has no time for – I’d direct you to this fabulous article by Capricornian Steven Forrest. With a number of planets in Capricorn, Forrest gets this sign – and Saturn.

In the article, he speaks a lot about collective morality and integrity and how that changes definition over the years. But when it comes to Saturn and your chart, we can also talk about personal morality and integrity – whatever that happens to be or mean for you. Wherever Saturn is transiting your chart is where those concepts are being examined.

If, like me, Saturn is transiting your 11th house, not only do you have an opportunity to put plans and structures under your dreams to turn them into goals, but you’ll also be asked to consider whether these goals are morally right for you. Are you compromising your own standards in order to achieve something that’s personally rewarding but has an entirely different cost? Are you using your networks and contacts in a way that gets what you want, but possibly infringes on their goals?

What about if Saturn is in the 10th? Are you getting ahead at the expense of someone else? Are you acting contrary to your own morals for the sake of the “business”? We’ve all heard that excuse before – ‘it was a business decision…and even if it’s wrong that makes it right’. No, it doesn’t, and when Saturn is in Capricorn, issues like this could come up. Actually, issues like this might always come up, but while Saturn is in Capricorn there could be a price to pay for them.

I’d urge you to read the whole article, but if you don’t Forrest made seven comments about areas of individual focus for each of us:

  • Admit it: you are bored with yourself. Where transiting Saturn-in-Capricorn hits your personal chart defines an area of your life which you have simply outgrown. What is the next stage of life for you in terms of work, love, money, education – whatever houses or planets Saturn is contacting?
  • Deep down inside, you are hungry to really get your teeth into something, to do your best. Saturn-in-Capricorn is challenging you. It is saying, “All right, show me what you’ve got. Give me your best shot. It’s time to write your masterpiece.
  • To succeed, you will need focus, persistence, patience, and self-discipline. You can’t fake this one. You cannot cut corners.
  • There are likely to be moral or ethical issues underlying these efforts. Do the right thing – but make sure that the definition of “the right thing” is your own, with no taint of anyone else’s sermons about “sin” or “duty.”
  • You have a right to define your own responsibilities. You have a right to refuse responsibilities that do not fit you.
  • If you get this right, you will be tired! But if you turn away from the effort, you will be stuck in a deadening past. Inevitably, you will then be depressed. Which do you prefer, exhaustion or depression?
  • Whatever happens, understand that it is your own karma ripening.

Have a think about this.

Doing it for yourself

Every transit by Saturn will have something to do with your personal Saturn story. Go back to the Saturn lesson in the Toolbox for some hints regarding this.

Another thing is, every single transit by Saturn to key points in your chart will not only be felt in that part of your chart but also have an outcome in the area of life ruled by Saturn. This will be the part of your chart containing Capricorn and Aquarius – remembering that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. Every single time.

For this reason, it’s worth going back to see if there are any common themes in, say, previous transits of your Sun (or Moon or Ascendant or other points or personal planets) by Saturn.

I’ll be back next week with something about Saturn – Sun transits, but if you want to get a start on what Saturn could mean for you, jump over and have a look at the Saturn page. I’ve updated it with step-by-step guides on how to intentionally approach your Saturn transits – including a solar guide as to where this might be happening for you. Remember, I use whole houses, so if you don’t and you know the house that Saturn is transiting, feel free to ignore this part of the page.

There’s also a timing guide there to give you an idea as to when Saturn in Capricorn could be impacting your chart. This will be especially important if you’re a Capricorn Sun and have already started worrying about what could happen when Saturn meets up with your Sun – although as a Capricorn Sun I’m sure that you’d know better than to worry needlessly. Just saying.

Depending on the degree, some of you will get 3 chances at the transit – when Saturn first goes across the planet being transited, when it retrogrades back across that point, and when it turns direct. Check out this post for more information regarding that.

Finally, pay special attention to the stationing degrees. If Saturn stations direct or retrograde at a degree which aspects something important in your chart, make a note of it. As an example, Saturn will station retrograde at 20 Capricorn, this is an exact sextile to my Sun. In 2020 the station retrograde is at 25 Capricorn, exactly sextile my Chiron, and less than a degree from an exact opposition to my Jupiter. I’ll be absolutely paying attention.

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10th/11th houses for me. Chiron at 10 degrees Capricorn, Venus at 13 degrees. I will be doing some sleuthing for certain so I know what’s coming!

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