Featured Stars Virgo

Happy Birthday Virgo

Ruler: Mercury Exalted: Mercury Detriment: Jupiter Fall: Venus Polarity: Feminine/ Negative Modality: Mutable Element: Earth Body Parts: Small intestines, abdomen, pancreas…plus other functions controlling digestion and absorption of nutrients Nature: cold, dry, analytic I wrote a post for my new author website the other day about copy edits and what to expect from one. It’s […]

Featured Stars Leo

Happy Birthday, Leo…

Ruler: The Sun Exalted: NA Detriment: Saturn Fall: NA Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Fixed Element: Fire Body Parts: The heart (both physically and romantically), the main arteries and veins, the circulatory system, the spinal column. Nature: Hot, dry, excessive Leo represents concentration and the glowing centre of the fire. Motivation: To shine, to charm, to […]

Featured Stars Gemini

Hello…it’s me…

Ruler: Mercury Exalted:  Detriment: Jupiter Fall:  Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Mutable Element: Air Body Parts: hands, fingers, lungs, nerves. In the body Gemini represents connection and dispersal of energy. Nature: hot, moist, quick and nervous Motivation: To communicate, to learn, to connect. The Gemini end point is perception. Here’s one I prepared earlier- last years Gemini post… So anyways, you […]

Featured Stars Taurus

Morning of the Earth: Happy Birthday Taurus

Ruler: Venus Exalted: the Moon Detriment: Mars Polarity: Feminine/ Negative Modality: Fixed Element: Earth Body Parts: metabolic system, thyroid, storage systems, neck, throat, tonsils, ears, vocal chords Nature: dry, cold, enduring Motivation: To store, to make solid, to manifest, to build, to make the most of every moment. The Taurus endpoint is to be. So […]

Aries Featured Stars

It’s Pandemonium: Happy Birthday Aries….

Ruler: Mars Exalted: Sun Detriment: Venus Fall: Saturn Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Cardinal Element: Fire Body Parts: head, adrenal glands, blood (as the vitaliser and energizer) Nature: hot, dry, inflammatory Aries represents activation and direct, thrusting, forward motion….yep, sounds a tad phallic. Like mothers, us astrologers are supposed to love all signs equally and not […]

Aquarius Feature Featured Stars

Happy Birthday Aquarius

Ruler: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern) Exalted:  Detriment: the Sun Fall:  Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Fixed Element: Air Body Parts: nerve impulses, lower leg, calves, ankles, blood & circulation, parathyroid, energy flow of the meridian system, auras & chakras Nature: hot, moist, nervous, quick, impulsive, electrical Aquarius represents patterns of energy flow and circulation. Not that long ago, in a food hall […]

Capricorn Featured Stars

It’s The Climb: Sun in Capricorn

Ruler: Saturn Exalted:  Mars Detriment: Moon Fall: Jupiter Polarity: Feminine/ Negative Modality: Cardinal Element: Earth Body Parts: skin, joints, structure & form, skeletal system, hair, nails, teeth Nature: cold, dry, with little internal heat Capricorn represents structure, achievement and the efficient use of resources. As kids, we’d play Monopoly on Christmas Day or rainy days on holidays. My Cap Moon Dad would […]

Featured Stars Sagittarius

Drops of Jupiter: The Sun in Sagittarius

Ruler: Jupiter Exalted:  NA Detriment: Mercury Fall: NA Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Mutable Element: Fire Body Parts: thighs, motor muscles of the hips & thighs, sacrum, coordination of muscles, sciatic nerve, liver, pancreas Nature: hot, dry, energetic and expansive. The questing flame. There’s this town on the North Coast of NSW called Byron Bay. It’s famous lighthouse sits at the most easterly […]