The Week Ahead: January 14 – January 20, 2019

Well, that’s it for the holiday season for another year – I was back in the day job office last week. It was, however, a pretty cruisey week to run into 2019 with, so no complaints there. We’re back to as close to normal routine as it’s possible to be.

The real treat for the week was being out for our normal walk the other morning and watching the P&O cruise boat sail into Mooloolaba just after 6.30am. A few cruise lines have now added “our” beach town to their itineraries and watching one of these massive vessels sail in and anchor just off the main beach for the day never grows old. Although there are the usual complaints about the number of tourists etc, it’s a real boon for the local economy. Besides, when you live somewhere as beautiful as we do, you have to be prepared to share it.

In other news, after some deliberation I landed in a place where I’d decided not to make resolutions for the year but rather to continue with a list of Jupiterian proportions that I’d begun to work towards last year – 101 things to do in 1001 days.  What my 101 things are, in essence, are my 3 key goals broken down into smaller steps and milestones – with a few other dream destination or bucket list items thrown in on top.

I am, after all, having a Jupiter year and Neptune is either square my Midheaven or conjunct my Ascendant for most of the year so who knows what I’m capable of? I certainly don’t. In any case, if you want to read my list I blogged it over here.

Some of you have told me that they’ve been having problems finding recent posts on my website. Thank you for letting me know – I mean, really thank you…it means that you care enough about what I’m writing to want to read it.

As a result of this, I’ve updated my website to more of a magazine style theme that should be easier to navigate around and shows all recent posts on the front page. I hope that you agree.

Okay, to the week ahead. With many of us still jumping out of annual holidays into the new work year, this week is relatively light on regarding active astrology – all the action is happening at the beginning and end of the week.

Just before sunrise here in Australia the first of three Jupiter-Neptune squares for 2019 will be exact. The actual time of this probably doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it’s happening, so I’ll pop up something stand-alone for it later this afternoon.

In any case, this is very much about the reality of your dreams – and testing that. 

Also active tomorrow is a sextile between Mercury and Neptune.  Mercury in Capricorn is pretty much concerned about the practical, but this alignment, as brief as it is, adds a touch of Neptunian haze to that, allowing you – if you choose to do so – to see solutions other than the purely logical. 

Fast forward to Friday evening and Saturday and we have an interesting combo:

  • Venus trine Mars
  • Sun square Uranus
  • Mercury conjunct Pluto

Each of these are interesting in their own right.

I’ll write a bit more about these later in the week – so keep an eye out for them on Friday and Saturday, but the excerpt is below:

Venus trine Mars

Often we don’t go after the things that we want – or the things that make us feel good – for fear of clashing with the needs of another. When Venus and Mars are trine it could make be easier to get what you want without stepping on the toes of others.

Sun square Uranus

Uranus has one motivation- for you to live your life exactly who you are, with no excuses, no apologies, no questions. Simple really…

The Sun, on the other hand is all about ego. And with ego comes fear. What if I get hurt? What if I don’t fit in? What if they don’t like me? What if it means?… you get the idea.

When Uranus comes into contact with the Sun, he’s going to ask the difficult questions. Why are you doing it that way? Is it just habit? Why are you still in that job? That’s not who you are! Get the idea?

Mercury conjunct Pluto

this aspect is about deep thought, penetrative thought, lifting the covers on the underlying issues, getting to the buried treasure, perhaps… It’s also a fleeting transit that could, if you need that, provide you with an opportunity to influence others to your way of thinking.

Finally, to round the week of beautifully, we have the Sun moving into Aquarius on Sunday – very quickly followed by a Full Moon… More on that next week!