Week Ahead

The week ahead: December 2- December 9 2018

This week in a photo (or 2) a day

How on earth did we get to December? And yes, it is a rhetorical question.

Okay, this last week has been a tad tough. You might have noticed there was no post last Sunday – that’s because I had to travel to Canberra for the funeral of a close friend taken way too early…although when it comes to the passing of someone you love, it’s always too early, I suppose.

It was, however, a beautiful send-off that she would have been honoured by.

In any case, I haven’t written a weekly wrap post yet, but I have “wrapped up” November. So, if you’re interested in what I’m doing, reading, watching, writing, blogging, listening to, eating and cooking away from the day job and the stars, check out this post. Oh, and the red-flowered tree in the featured picture? It’s a poinciana and they’re looking beautiful at the moment.

As for the week ahead? It’s a busy one in the skies this week, so grab a cuppa and settle back for a bit.

As I write this on Sunday morning before the rest of my house has risen Mercury has moved back into Scorpio. He won’t be there for too long – just until 13/12 – but long enough to revisit anything that needs to be revisited. And given this is Scorpio, that doesn’t mean having a look and moving on, it means gritting your teeth, taking a deep breath and raising the covers to look underneath.

Mercury isn’t the only one re-tracing his steps – Venus is also still covering old ground as she also moves back into Scorpio on Monday. The difference is that while Venus is retracing her steps, she’s doing it while moving forward.

Because she has been retrograde this is the third time that she’s visited this part of the zodiac since September, so if you have planets or chart points between 0 and 10 Scorpio, this will be the third and final pass this cycle for you guys. Don’t ignore whatever it is (if anything) that’s brought up – even if your instinct is to turn your head away.

Venus will be out of her “shadow” by 18 December. As for what Venus in Scorpio means for everyone else? I’ll rehash an older post and pop it up later today, but if you want a sneak peek you can check it out here.

There’s a square between the Sun and Mars to kick our working week off. While there could be some irritations about, they’ll be mostly slights (or perceived slights) on your ego, so before reacting think about what your motivations to do so truly are – some skirmishes really aren’t worth the effort.

Normally this transit, brief as it is, would come with a warning not to act too rashly and ignore risks, however, Mars is in Pisces and tends to drift rather than burst out of the starting gates. Instead, consider whether your inaction is actually passive-aggressive behaviour which is, as we know, a Pisces special. And yes, with as much Pisces as I have I’m allowed to say that.

One last thing on this, all too often – especially on a Monday, I’ve found (although naturally, I have no real facts behind this) – the behaviour that seems to be directed towards us is actually being projected from us. Are you the one who’s picking for a fight? Think about that.

Thursday brings another square involving the Sun. This one, though, is with Neptune – and very different indeed.

Neptune tends to diffuse energy and if the Sun represents your vitality, then you might not be feeling terribly vital during this brief but potentially frustrating transit.

If it’s at all possible, it’s a good day to take a step back and take it a little easier – that’s exactly what your energy levels are telling you. At this time of the year though, that’s very unlikely. You are, however, receiving an advance warning so at the very least don’t put things off until Thursday that could be done earlier when you do feel more like it. In other words, if your deadline is Thursday, don’t wait until Thursday to start.

The downside of this transit is that under it it’s easy for you to convince yourself of things that are lurking in your subconscious. Imaginary problems and discouragements become real, and real problems can be pretended away into figments of your imagination. Neither of these scenarios is ideal, but the truths they tell are both real and unreal at the same time – depending on your perspective.

Sometimes the time for asking questions has gone and it’s now time to trust. Sometimes the truth becomes visible when you stop attempting to see it. That’s the Sun-Neptune conundrum.

Friday morning sees Mercury turning about to start moving in a forward direction again. That’s no reason to take your eye off the Mercury ball just yet though…give him time to get back up to normal speed before you begin implementing all those wonderful big ideas you’ve been percolating.

There’s also a New Moon on Thursday in Sagittarius. I’ve scheduled something for Tuesday morning for this, so keep an eye on the website. For reasons I have neither the time or inclination to think about, posts aren’t automatically linking to Facebook and when I’m in the middle of a work week I tend not to remember to take the extra step to do it.

We end the week with a conjunction between Mars and Neptune – making this possibly the most Piscean that Mars will be this year. This transit is exact late on Saturday night for those of us here in Australia – which could be quite fitting given that I’ll be in Sydney at a 60th birthday party for a friend at that time.

Okay, what to expect? The textbooks say that you could be feeling tetchy and irritable but unable to do anything about that. Yep, that’s a pretty good assessment. I have the occasional dream where I’m swimming laps and not going anywhere. That’s also a pretty good assessment.

In a way, it’s a little like Mars is retrograde, so take the hint and take it easy. It’s not a day for pushing yourself, starting anything new or acting on your fantasies and daydreams. If you’re tempted to do so look for the facts first.

It is, however, a great day for doing something for someone else – as long as the action is truly selfless and not a way to show the world how much of a saviour you are.

Phew! We got there.

It’s already 30C and not even 9.30am so I’m off to sit in the pool for a bit before the day really gets underway. I have to get our Christmas cake baked, our Christmas tree put up, and our Christmas presents wrapped – the latter all ready to take to Sydney next week.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.