Week Ahead

The week ahead: December 2- December 9 2018

How on earth did we get to December? And yes, it is a rhetorical question. Okay, this last week has been a tad tough. You might have noticed there was no post last Sunday – that’s because I had to travel to Canberra for the funeral of a close friend taken way too early…although when […]

Daily Planets

Something about feeling the truth…

Monday 11 November Moon in Aquarius Moon into Pisces It’s a miserable, grey old day here in Sydney this Monday morning. But that’s a good thing- you see, we’re in the middle of probably what will be the hottest Spring on record and there hasn’t been any rain of merit for months. This should be […]

Daily Planets mercury Retrograde

Something about flights of fancy

Sunday 10 November Moon in Aquarius Mercury Direct Mercury trine Neptune When Mercury is in water signs, sensitivity is heightened. When Mercury is in easy aspect to Neptune, creative imagination is stimulated. When Mercury is in Scorpio, you speak your truth- from the soul. Put all of this together and we have the mood for […]