Baby, You Were Drawn This Way

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Ever wonder about the Astro profiles of the characters in the books you read?

I’m a shocker for it. I am a voracious reader of new stuff, but I also find myself going back to old favourites as well- especially if something new is due out in a series I love. It is generally on the 2nd reading that the characters Astro profile might grab me.

Some are easy. JK Rowling gave us a birth date for Harry Potter. Google it. Most resources have his birth details at 31/7/80, 3.25pm- this gives him a Scorpio Ascendant with Uranus on the Ascendant. And he has that lightning bolt on it forehead. Clever. As you read the books, Harry is very definitely his birth chart- and grows accordingly.

Stephenie Meyer isn’t quite as clever with the character of Bella in the Twilight series. And before you write to me, I should clarify…I love the books and absolutely applaud the way they are planned and written. It is just that Bella is supposed to be a Virgo, yet is, in many ways, so not a Virgo. I blogged this one a couple of years ago- the link is here (if you are at all interested).

Aside from the rather obvious lay down your life thing for a “vegetarian” vampire, the reason I have never found Bella believable, has been that I haven’t been able to envision her as the Virgo Stephenie Meyer tells us she is. The disconnect between her character traits and her Astro “label” is just too gaping for me to get my head around.

I recently re-read Claudia’s Big Break by one of my favourite Aussie authors, Lisa Heidke. Her lead character, Claudia, is in Greece with her friends celebrating a birthday. The month isn’t detailed, but I would put decent money on her having a March date. Why?

  • She has this thing about impractical shoes
  • Things happen around her that she simply doesn’t notice
  • She has a habit of deluding herself when it comes to men
  • She has a history of sexually transmitted debt
  • Consequences simply don’t occur to her
  • She has a very fluid attitude towards money
  • She is not at all suspicious about the catches that may be involved with large gifts of money or holidays
  • I’m not even going to talk about the escapism and partying

Sure, the whole point of characters in chick lit novels is to exaggerate a particular characteristic- that is part of what we find entertaining. Even romantic leads have a hero’s (or heroines) journey to follow, but as I’m reading this I’m thinking Venus in Pisces at the very least.

Kerry Greenwood in her fabulous Phryne Fisher series gives us a hand-drawn horoscope– as it would have been done in 1928. Pluto is conspicuous by its absence- given that it hadn’t yet been discovered.

With an Aries Ascendant (just) trining a Sag Jupiter, Phryne is fearless and wilful. Her Capricorn Sun/Mars conjunction has her absolutely aware of her status (which was substantially altered when the Great War killed off a number of young men and raised her father from poverty in Melbourne to a great estate in England) and incredibly resourceful.

For me, though, it is the Aquarius Venus and Gemini Moon that is most obvious.

Phryne loves a puzzle, she enjoys her lovers immensely, but is rarely distracted emotionally:

“She did not want to get involved in an emotional relationship. She had no patience for dependence and no understanding of jealousy.”

“Lindsay was ardent…but Phryne’s mind, which was seldom involved with her body at all, was ticking over nicely, and she was extracting much interesting information from Lindsay in between embraces.”

“Phryne told herself that she should have known better than to say things like that. Jane began to weep…’Never mind…All this emotion is wearying, isn’t it?’”

…that is, until she allows herself to become attached to Lin Chung. Again, though, she is not only prepared to share him, but happy to do so. Phryne never loses ownership of herself.

At the time of the first book, Phryne is 28 and approaching her first Saturn return. This is, as we know, a time where we look at what has been achieved & what is yet to be achieved. It is often when we make career changes or settle down. For Phryne it is also a time of deliberation- should she stay at home in England and do Good Works and Flower Arranging or will she go to Australia and become a Lady Detective?

When I was drafting my characters for the manuscript that time once forgot (but that is now looking for a home), I seriously considered giving my leads birth charts. As it is, they have sort of grown into different signs.

My heroine seems very much like an Aries Sun to me. Venus or the Ascendant (or both) is in Pisces, and I think she has a Scorpio Moon. My male lead is definitely a Sagittarius, and whilst he has a Scorpio Ascendant, I’m not really sure about the Moon. It would be an interesting exercise as part of the revision process to give them a birth chart- would help to verify I have them filled out properly as characters, and to make sure that the relationship I am giving them could actually work outside of my imagination.

In my female leads’ immediate past is definitely a Uranian transit of some description and an awakening- like you have at the end of a Neptune transit. My hero’s back story isn’t as well defined.  Maybe it needs to be? At least in my head, or on my ideas board- if I don’t know exactly who he is, how does she? And if she doesn’t know who he is, how can the relationship be believable?

Venus in Virgo- by Phryne Fisher

phryne“Miss Jones was the sort of person who is concealed, like the nun in the foundation, in every organisation which does Good Works. Patient, dogged, meticulous, vastly overworked, unpaid and completely unappreciated, she finds, files, calls, arranges, soothes and ameliorates papers, contracts, tradesmen, repairs, hurt feelings and Very Important People. No one notices her until God finally calls her home or she quits to look after her aged parents, when the whole edifice instantly falls astonished to the ground. Repeated harassment usually greys her hair and causes her to lose her glasses, and pressure of work requires her to clothe herself in serviceable garments which are never decorated with anything more daring than a scarf and possibly a bluebird brooch. But Miss Jones’ strength was the strength of ten because her heart was pure and Phryne liked her very much.”

From Queen of the Flowers, a Phryne Fisher Mystery, by Kerry Greenwood

This passage screams Venus in Virgo. Sure, it is set in the 1920’s, (1928 Melbourne to be precise), sure it is clichéd, but the general gist is there. Just a few pages later, we see reference to a Venus in Virgo man:

“Mr Xavier brightened and went so far as to lean forward, preserving the immaculate creases in his trousers without apparent effort. This was a young man who would be able to slide down a mud bank in his long johns and arise without a stain. Phryne suppressed a giggle”

Read this last night & thought I would share it with you. More on Venus in Virgo next week.

Incidentally, Phryne herself is a Capricorn (see her horoscope here). If you haven’t checked out the series by Melbourne author Kerry Greenwood, do so- Phryne is a fabulous romp and the books are perfect escapist read in the bath with a glass of vino style.

Is Bella Really a Virgo?????

I am guilty of many things. One is that of procrastinating when I have other tasks which need to be completed. Such as now. I am putting off tackling a self imposed daily writing target (another story entirely) by writing this piece which is probably meaningless to all but diehard twi-hards- who will probably be insulted that I am daring to contradict Stephanie Meyer anyway.

Another bad habit of mine is reading a book and as the character develops trying to second guess the sun sign. Sad I know. One such character that has really grated at me is that of Bella from the Twilight series. (Harry Potter was another & even though I know what his chart is, I still have problems with that one… but that is for another post).  One of my favourite authors Kerry Greenwood has actually posted the chart for the heroine of her Phryne Fisher series, saving me the speculation.

Growing up I loved Wuthering Heights and that whole undying love, grand passion, endless frustration thing- but again, never really liked the character of Catherine. I did think that Heathcliff was really brooding and mysterious & I probably would have fallen for him if he had decent biceps. I still think he was misunderstood and badly treated and may have actually been a nicer man if he hadn’t had such a bad childhood- and wasn’t so sexually frustrated by the endless teasing of Catherine, who then betrayed him for money and a chinless wonder. Sometimes a decent shag can mend many bad moods- but that is just my theory.

What I love about the Twilight series is that whole romantic premise that love can conquer all. But, hey, I am a triple Pisces and the fantasy element really does it for me. I also like to live in a world where nobody is truly evil and everybody has at least one redeeming feature- which is why I like the  vegetarian fangers of Twilight equally to the synthetic blood version in the sexier and gutsier True Blood.

I recall the first time I read Bella’s birth date and realised she was a Virgo that my initial response was WTF? No way! To me she always seemed more emotional and watery than an Earth sign and definitely did not show any of the practicality and security that Earth needs to feel safe. I have read the books a number of times and my opinion has not changed. In my opinion, there are only a few pointers towards Virgo:

–          The organised way in which she addresses the analysis of who and what Edward really is

–          The way in which she looks after her father and takes responsibility for the scattiness of her mother

–          She doesn’t think very highly of herself- Virgo can have a blind spot in this regard

–          Her propensity to suffer pain for someone else- but then again, martyrdom for love is a very Pisces thing as well

–          She does show some commitment to a goal when the bikes are being repaired- OK, I am grabbing at straws now.

Now is probably the right time for me to go on record as saying I love the books, but I have never really liked the character of Bella and have a huge problem with the whole Renesmee thing (again… WTF????)… but please don’t hate me for that.

So if not Virgo, then what?

She isn’t social enough to be any of the Air signs, and is way too melancholic for Fire. Earth can definitely do melancholy in need- Taurus in particular finds it difficult to let go- but Earth has too much practicality and security to risk loss of soul and other injuries for love. Water is motivated by feeling and emotion, so if I was a betting girl, I would have my money on Water.

I thought about Cancer- that would definitely explain the moods. Scorpio perhaps? Makes sense regarding the fascination with the underworld and the extreme lows. But neither Cancer nor Scorpio would expose their soft underbelly to a vampire without a certain amount of paranoia, distrust and some proving of intentions. And, my fellow watery beings, I do mean that in the nicest possible of ways. Pisces seems closer to the mark, but, to be as completely Bella-ish as Bella is, requires a double whammy- a water moon as well as a water sun.

(Birth time not known)
(Birth time not known)

According to Wikipedia her birth date is 13/9/87 in Forks. Attached is her chart. I couldn’t find a birth time so cast it at 12pm. I don’t intend on doing a full chart reading (quite frankly can’t be faffed) on this but, some salient points to support my, admittedly loose, theory:

The Moon moved out of Cancer into Gemini at 11pm on the previous day. Someone with a Gemini Moon would not be able to resist talking through stuff more- yet we know Bella is a private & very emotional  person- more in keeping with a water sun or moon or both.

We know Bella likes to be rescued- hello Pisces! In fact, she unthinkingly and selfishly puts herself in the line of danger, just so she can hear Edward’s voice in her head.

We know Bella wants to give her entire soul to Edward- nobody other than the most Pisces of Pisceans would ever do that… surely. Only Pisces can have a complete lack of boundaries to the extent that she ceases to exist without him. Although such complete immersion into the soul of another is very Scorpio as well.

 Jupiter in Aries does come out when she charges off to Italy to rescue her love, but I would have expected more of a fight in the first place. In fact, that is one of the things that really irritates me- she didn’t fight for him. We just see a fall into a deep depression, but where are the tears of heartbreak… ooops that is just me again?

The Venus/Uranus connection does indicate unusual love, I guess. Likewise I could go out on a limb and suggest that the Virgo Mars maybe indicates she likes men who are picky eaters (he is definitely that).

Probably the thing that irritates me the most is that I have just spent a period of time justifying a theory which no one in the world really cares about simply to put off a task that I know needs to be done. Come to think of it, maybe her lack of procrastination is proof that no matter what the other evidence is to the contrary, she isn’t a Pisces….mmmm  maybe if I review the books again along those lines I can put off doing the ironing as well?

 The opinions expressed in this post are those of the writer only, so anyone who doesn’t agree with me and wants to keep Bella as a Virgo, go right ahead & leave your stakes at home- I am well fortified with garlic and silver. Having said that, astro twerps- would love your opinions!