Where I’m at…

I’m actually writing this post in real time. Why is that a big deal? Quite simply because for all of this year, I’ve been pre-scheduling posts almost a month out – just to try and keep content happening here when I knew that my world was so crazy that I wouldn’t be in a position to blog regularly otherwise.

So, here’s what’s been happening. On the 22nd of last month I packed up our Sydney house and watched the removal van drive away. Hubby and Miss T had moved out about 5 weeks before. It was seriously weird saying goodbye to 18 years of memories. It was seriously sad saying goodbye to friends and family. The following day we took possession of our new home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and the day after that the truck arrived and we moved in.

I spent the next few days unpacking boxes until there were none left to unpack. The movers were heard to wonder at how many books I had and commented on the number of boxes with “kitchen” written on them. What can I say? I like to cook and I like to read.

Just a few days after that, hubby and I flew out to Vietnam. The trip, organised to celebrate my 50th birthday (yes, forget the number), was planned before the move was. the timing couldn’t have been worse – and it couldn’t have been better.

The same day we flew out, ex-tropical cyclone Debbie flew in and hit our part of the Coast. Miss T, who turned 19 the day we moved in, was left to face the deluge and the extended power outages. I suspect she’ll be reminding us of that for many years, ‘Hey Mum, remember the time you left me in a new house in the middle of a cyclone?’ On the upside, we know the house is sound and secure.

Vietnam exceeded my expectations. I’ve blogged about it quite a bit on and anyways and bored my instagram followers with lots of photos of food and lanterns. Ticks were made on bucket lists. If you’re interested, there’ll be a round-up post going up on and anyways tomorrow.

We flew back to Sydney on Easter Saturday, picked up the dog and the car, said farewell to my parents, shed a couple of tears, and began the 12 hour drive back to Queensland. Adventure Spaniel encountered a horse for the first time (at our overnight stop in Armidale…she was not impressed), has had her first trip to the beach, and has settled in as if she always lived here. As have we.

And that’s it. We’re home now – in our new home. For the first time in 9 weeks all of us (including the dog) are together. We’re settling in and getting used to our new life.

I’m working my old job still, but remotely and on reduced hours – which means more time for writing the things I want to write.

I’m walking in the mornings, and drive down to the beach at least once a day – for sunrise or sunset. It’s hard to believe that I’m now only 10 minutes or so away from one of the most beautiful beaches in a country that has lots of beautiful beaches. Vitamin Sea. I’m exhaling and can already feel Sydney lifting from my shoulders.

It’s been a manic start to the year, was tough leaving friends and family, and financially it was a huge decision – but I think in the long run we’ll be fine.

So what does any of this have to do with astrology? Not a lot. It’s more by way of updating those of you who have been thoughtful enough to ask how it’s all going.

Oh, and has Mercury retrograde impacted any of the move or the travel? No. I had the move all planned and done for before Mercury went retrograde; and while we were travelling I made sure we had back-up plans and spare undies in my carry-on. Just in case.

Back tomorrow with something about the Sun in Taurus…

Introducing…the Astro Marketplace…

I’ve mentioned before that I have a big Jupiter year ahead of me – I also have a big Saturn year, but that’s an entirely different story.

Jupiter represents many things – expansion and exploration being just two. Jupiter is also associated with abundance, generosity, publication, promotion, higher learning, and broadcasting – which is why, in this Jupiter year, I’m introducing an astro marketplace… of sorts.

I’ve said before – and I’ll continue saying it – astrology is one of those subjects that you never stop learning, and, who knows, someone else could be saying what you need to hear in the way that you need to hear it at this particular time. The thing is, if you don’t know about them, you can’t hear it, right? That’s where the astro marketplace comes in.

What’s it about?

Each month I’ll tell you about astro workshops, conferences, webinars, and new book releases.

How will it work?

I’m still sorting out the details, but essentially, if you have an event or a publication that you want other people to know about, email me by the 1st of the month and I’ll include it in the Marketplace.

What’s in the Marketplace?

Each month there’ll be 2 sections:

  • Conferences, workshops or webinars – let’s just call them “events”
  • Books and New Releases

What do I need to promote your product?

For Conferences/ workshops:

  • Event title
  • Date
  • City/Country
  • A link for more information

For books:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Image (please keep it to no larger than 500kb)
  • A link for more information

Nothing else – no blurbs, words etc. Just the info and the link. If people are interested, they have what they need to find out more.

Are there any rules?

Yes. This is an astrology site, so the events, books etc you want promoted must also be about astrology. Anything that falls outside of these guidelines (which will probably be firmed up further as we progress) or anything that could be considered offensive or insensitive to others will not be included – nor will any discussion be entered into. Yes, I know that’s a tough attitude, but hey, this is also a Saturn year for me too and my priority is production not administration.

You can publicise the same event twice only (eg in the 2 months prior to the event), but books can only be included for mention once in a six month period.

Please do not send through links to sites that repackage or republish other people’s work.

How long will I run this for?

I don’t know. Hopefully indefinitely, but if it starts interfering with my ability to produce content, (ie if it becomes troublesome) I’ll cut back.

What’s in it for me?

One of my aims this year is to create (and sell) more product, and grow my list of subscribers. In offering this service to you, I’m hoping that it will also increase my own email subscriber list – and, therefore, widen the audience for my products and services too. Besides, over the years I’ve received so much support from others, it’s high time that I gave some back. It’s a karmic thing.

What if I don’t have products or events that I want to market, but I do consutations and teach…what about me?

Once a quarter I’ll open it up to consultations and teacher promotions. You’ll get advance notice via the newsletter to get your links in.

When will it start?

I have a big birthday coming up in March (think of a number and then forget it), so I’d like to get the first Marketplace out by the 15th of March. That means you’ll need to email me details of your event or book by 1st March.

Where can I email links etc:

Please email me at jotracey@bigpond.net.au ensuring that ‘Astro Marketplace’ is in the subject line of the email.

2017: The Toolkit

Welcome to 2017 – may it bring all sorts of fabulousness with it.

In case you’re interested, I’ve posted my writing goals here, my resolutions here, and what’s in store for this website here.

To kick the year off, I’ve got something scheduled for each of the next few days on the major astro aspects for this year. First up will be Jupiter opposite Uranus, the Jupiter square Pluto, Venus retrograde…and we’ll see where we go after that.

As for how this will all affect you? This is, after all, a DIY site, so I’ve put together a reasonable set of tools for you to play and work with:

  • If you want to know what dates the New and Full Moons fall on, I’ve popped those here for you.
  • If you’re after retrograde dates for 2017, you’ll find them here.
  • And I’ve even summarized the degrees each of the larger planets will cover in this post.
  • How to cast your own chart is here
  • How to interpret a New Moon is here
  • How to interpret a Full Moon is here
  • How to set intentions at the New Moon is here
  • Plus, there’s a wealth of info in the Toolbox posts.

Tomorrow: Jupiter opposite Uranus.

Don’t forget, if you want to stay on top of your daily forecasts, you can pick up a copy of the astro diary that I collaborated on, or you can bag yourself a copy of Sally Kirkman’s 2017 Horoscope

Happy New Year…

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s already 2017 here in Australia…for some of you on the other side of the world, you might not yet have started the countdown.

For many of us, 2016 was tough.

Aside from being the year the music died (OMG George Michael – I still can’t comprehend that), it was also the year that things that shouldn’t have ever happened somehow did – both on a global and a local scale. I’m thinking Brexit, Trump, and the fiasco that was the census (here in Australia). At least. (At the time of writing, there are still a few days left in the old year.)

It’s almost as if what was playing out in the global scene – including the number of celebrity deaths – was mirroring what was happening for so many at a personal level.

Like it or loathe it, 2016 happened for a reason. I’m more than a little bit different – and not just older and wiser – because of this year. It’s changed me – it’s probably also changed you.

Who knows whether it was the Year of the Monkey playing tricks, or the fact that it was a number 9 year – and therefore a year of endings and culmination or completion – or something else at work, but quite frankly, it’s done and dusted, last drinks have been called, and it’s time to move on already.

But to what? For me the first half of the year promises to be as busy (if not more so) as 2016 has been. Our house will be listed for sale towards the end of January, and hubby and daughter will be moving to Queensland for the start of the University semester mid- late February. At this point I don’t know when I’ll be moving – it will depend on when the house sells, when we find a new one, the logistics of my job, and when hubby finds work. I apologise in advance for any long silences if and when things get particularly chaotic. You’ll be able to keep up with the progress of the move etc over on and anyways.

2017 marks 10 years since I started doing astrology. The first proper class I took was with Kelly Surtees back in February 2007 – and I haven’t stopped learning since that day. June 2017 marks 8 years of this blog in this format. It’s when I took the leap and invested in a hosted site – as opposed to the free blogger site I’d been using before that.

For the last 8 years my day job and freelance commissions (when I didn’t have a day job) have been completely subsidising the cost of running this site – and, of course, my fiction writing. Given that our income has been substantially impacted by the fall-out from 2016, that will need to change. That’s why my main goal for 2017 will be to create product and find a way to sell it. I’ll do that via ebooks – ensuring that the main content on here continues to be free – something that’s important to me. Uranus is still transiting my 2nd house and one of the messages of that transit happens to finding different ways of generating income. Plus, Saturn is forcing me to get real about an awful lot of things at the moment.

Thanks to those of you who responded to my survey re what you want to see more of. I ended up giving away 12 copies of the Wellbeing Astrology magazine – sending them to readers from 5 different countries.

As for the results? They were both predictable and surprising.

What wasn’t surprising was how many of you don’t see the posts on Facebook- just 17% of respondents use Facebook to check in on what’s new on the blog, while 65% of you duck in directly to the website. Why wasn’t it surprising? My reach on Facebook – despite the number of followers – is quite limited. According to my Facebook numbers, most posts reach less than 25% of my followers – something that is making me question the amount of energy I invest there… not that I actually spend much time on Facebook… The other thing it showed me is that readers coming over from Facebook tend not to click on the links embedded within the posts. Given that most of my posts have a DIY theme they tend to have links that tend not to be clicked.

As for what you want to see more of? Over 33% of you wanted to see more Tuesday Toolbox, 30% want monthly horoscopes, and 12% would like to see reader Q&As.

What did surprise me was how all but a handful of responses came from those who had already signed up to receive the newsletter. Speaking of the newsletter, I found that when it was sent weekly, fewer of you opened it than when sent monthly. I’m assuming that means that, like me, you don’t want too many mails clogging your inbox.

Mercury is currently retrograde, so I’m hesitant about committing to too many actions, but at this point, I’m thinking of doing monthly horoscopes, but will make them available (for free) to newsletter subscribers only. Also for subscribers will be pre-sales access at discounted rates to the ebooks – as and when I get them onto Amazon.

What else? I happen to think there’s room for more of us in this industry – the message in many ways might be the same, but it’s the way in which it’s delivered, the voice, that can sometimes be what you need to hear in the way that you need to hear it at that point in time. For this reason another thing I’m contemplating is opening the newsletter up to let readers know of new releases, talks or events from other astrologers – not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world. I’m not yet sure about how that would work (as I said, Mercury is retrograde) but it could be a way of increasing accessibility and cross-promoting what others are doing. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Other goals? My aim is to double the number of newsletter subscribers over the next 12 months; and exceed 500,000 annual views on this site. In previous years the annual views of this site have increased around 25-30% year on year. (2013 numbers are due to change in the way the stats were gathered during the year). Last year’s increase was just 17% – due largely, I suspect, to the reduction in posting frequency.

So, that’s how 2017 looks from my desk. All that remains is to get this year started. Again, thanks for your support during 2016, and all the very best of life, health, happiness, and opportunity in 2017.

2016: The Closing Ceremony

So this is the last post of the year. Can you see me enthusiastically waving 2016 on its way?

As I do every year, I take the time (and the words) to send the old year on it’s way before setting new goals – and as next year is another Saturn year for me, goals are absolutely necessary. I covered most of this over on and anyways, but if you’re not inclined to click over to there, buckle in…I give you the closing ceremony:

The Word…

My word of the year was “epic” and it was “awesome.” It was this meme.

It absolutely was an epic year – epic shit was faced and epic shit was achieved. I was, if not a force of the awesome, certainly on the side of awesome.


I had serious issues balancing blogging against my writing goals, my full-time job, my family, and all the other dramas that 2016 threw up. Despite posting a lot less this year (around 130 posts vs 182 last year), the number of you that viewed those posts increased by almost 70,000 to almost 400,000. For that, I’m humbled. Somehow Jo Tracey Astrology has ended up at no. 31 on the top 100 astrology blogs

As for my other sites? As at yesterday the numbers were:

Still on the blog, where did you all come from? Overwhelmingly, it would seem, from the US.

And what did you come here to read?

Yeah, I’m seeing some themes in that too…It appears that you’re fascinated with Scorpio, Jupiter, Pisces and Uranus. Luckily, so am I!


Enough to satisfy even my wanderlust:

  • A couple of weekends in Canberra to see hubby’s mother
  • Easter weekend in Lake Crackenback in the Snowy Mountains
  • A long weekend in Wellington to catch up with a friend and go to a game of rugby
  • Two weeks in Bali with hubby in May
  • A long weekend in Melbourne with Miss T and another mother-daughter combo
  • A week in Mooloolaba in July to breathe briefly between jobs and to celebrate avoiding having the heart attack my doctor was afraid I’d have.
  • Our annual “camping” long weekend in Eucumbene in August
  • Mollymook on the NSW South Coast for hubby’s birthday in October
  • A quick run back up to Mooloolaba property scouting in October
  • The Milford Track and Queenstown in November
  • Victorian High Country in November

Ticks on the Bucket List

Somehow, despite the chaos of the last 12 months – or maybe because of the chaos of the last 12 months – I’ve managed to cross quite a bit off my bucket list:

  • Tramp the Milford Track – you can find the post series here. Tick.
  • Resign from a job – yep, something I’d never done before. Even in my (admittedly short) dating career I’d never been the dumper, but always the dumpee. It was traumatic and messy. Tick.
  • Checked out the Victorian High Country. Tick.
  • Walk to Mt Kosciusko. Ok, didn’t quite get there, but I saw it and I took the photo. I’m calling that one as close enough. Tick.
  • If you count Mackinnon Pass (day 3 on Milford Track) I’ve also walked up something very high – possibly not quite a mountain, but as close as I’ve decided I’ll now get. Half tick.
  • I’ve self-published my 3rd book – Wish You Were Here…I happen to think it’s the best thing I’ve written (so far)… Tick. You should read it.
  • I finally saw a whale breach – at Mollymook in October. Tick.

If you’re interested, the bucket list as it stands is here.


I finished one partition job in July, took a week off and started another. Rather than driving to work, I’m now commuting into the city. The days are longer, and the commute is a total of 3 hours (giving me plenty of time to read), but although I miss my old crew, my blood pressure is almost back to normal – and I have Fridays off.


I worked hard, I played hard. That should tell you everything! Let’s just say, until work is found in Queensland and the writing starts to pay for itself, 2017 promises to be the Year of Living Frugally!


I was going to do all of this:

  • Publish another two chick lit novels.
  • Publish the first two astro workbooks in the Tuesday Toolbox series
  • Release Baby, It’s You on ibooks
  • Release Baby, It’s You and Big Girls Don’t Cry to print on demand.
  • Revamp the cover of Baby, It’s You

What I did was:

  • Published Wish You Were Here (in October)
  • Released Wish You Were Here to print on demand – and got so busy with selling the house I didn’t tell anyone about it
  • Revamped the cover of Baby, It’s You so it aligns with the other two
  • Wrote a 3000 word feature article for Wellbeing Astrology in April
  • Spent much of February and March writing 2017 horoscopes for these diaries.


The sad truth is I’ll be finishing 2016 just 2 kilos lighter than where I started it. Does that actually count as a tick beside the losing weight goal? No, I didn’t think so either.

I spent my birthday with an extreme purge aka salmonella, and my blood pressure peaked crazy high in the middle of all the madness in March – crazy crazy high. Since changing jobs, and since hubby went on long service leave (and has since retired), that’s all settled down.

My back is still seriously dodgy – due mostly to carrying so much extra weight around my tummy – although all other indicators show that despite the weight, I’m actually rudely healthy on the inside. Given that this is a Saturn year, I doubt, though, that I’ll be able to get away with that for much longer. I suspect it’s time to get real in that regard.


There’s been some extreme de-cluttering taken place, and hubby has turned a chaotic garden into a landscape.

The painting has been finished and the house is ready to go on the market immediately following Australia Day.

We have no idea where we’ll be living in 2017, so watch this space.

What’s next?

You’ll need to tune in tomorrow for that…

Thank you to each and every one of you who reads my rambles and has supported me this year. I wish you all the very best of whatever it is you want the very best of in 2017.


Something about a sea-change…

Heart on sand

Here’s the thing: I’ve written and deleted this post at least four, maybe five times over the last few weeks. By the time you read it, it might have been deleted some more. Oh, and it also is a post that has very little to do with astrology.

Anyways, here’s what’s been happening.

Last time we spoke, I’d just completed the Milford Track in New Zealand. It was challenging; day 3 was brutal; and it was also (especially in hindsight) rewarding. I walked up a mountain, had a bit of a look around, and walked back down. Then walked some more. It took me a while to fully process it all, but the full day-by-day breakdown of the hike – as transcribed from my daily journal – can be found here.

I’ve also been in the middle of a succession of Saturn transits. While I was climbing Mackinnon Pass, Saturn was conjunct my Midheaven and square my Ascendant. I’m now feeling the approaching square to my Sun. Suffice to say there’s a lot happening – none of it easy – and my energy reserves are such that I’m trying to concentrate them where they’ll be doing the most good. I’ve also not written a word on my fiction since the Saturn transits began. It’s like I’m being forced to live in the real world for a while – rather than the world of my imaginary friends characters.

And that leads me to my next piece of news. About an hour or so before the New Moon last week, we signed an agreement with a real estate agent to sell our house. This New Moon fell, for me, in the 9th house, square Mercury. Mercury is, of course, about contracts. In my chart it rules the 4th and 7th houses: home, family, relationship.

This, however, isn’t a simple move – square aspects never are – it’s a huge step away from pretty well everything. It’s why the timing – at the New Moon – was quite synchronistic: New Moons are about steps out into the darkness, the unknown, and that’s what this one is.

Hubby has finally officially retired from his employer of nearly 37 years. The last couple of years have been messy and pride-sapping and shown clearly just how much little big business values loyalty, and how personal integrity and ethics can be dismissed in two simple words: ‘it’s business.’ In any case, it’s all over now and we can move forward with the plans we haven’t been able to talk freely about until it was all over. I suspect in hindsight it will be one of those things you say ‘was the best thing that could have happened’…although we’re not there quite yet.

We’re leaving Sydney behind and moving over 1000km north to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Miss 18 has chosen to come with us – even though Sydney is all that she’s ever known. In typical Aries style, the whole move has now become her idea.

It’s a real sea-change and, if you want to take the symbolism of the New Moon into it, a real 9th house move. My birth family is here in Sydney, as is my work. We have a fabulous circle of friends and are just a few hours drive away from hubby’s mother. It’s been a huge decision, and feels like a fresh beginning – for us as a couple as well as us as a family.

We were supposed to have our first open home today, but I had a minor panic attack meltdown about the whole thing. It wasn’t so much that I’d changed my mind about what we were doing, just that I was still so tired – in body and spirit – and the whole thing was overwhelming and too real (hello Saturn!).

The trigger point was when our (very lovely) agent suggested we didn’t put our Christmas tree or decorations up – as they would make the space look smaller. The idea of having to keep the house pristine for strangers to come through at a time when I wanted the chaos that comes with Christmas – our mismatched tree, the unexpected visitors, the Christmas baking and entertaining, the wrapping paper and cards – was too much for me.

We’ve compromised and spent last weekend getting the house and yard ready for the real estate photos that were taken during the week. (I’ll share some of them on and anyways in my weekly wrap-up tomorrow.) The contracts have all been drawn up – the astrologer in me had to have all of that done well before Mercury turned retrograde – and the house will now hit the market at the end of January. I feel like I can breathe again.

So, there you have it. This year has been chaotic: everything has changed around us, and it’s those changes that have pushed us into making this change that we otherwise probably wouldn’t have made…yet. But, I guess, that’s the thing about change and comfort zones – you tend not to do it until things become uncomfortable. As difficult as things have been, the losses this year have created possibilities like this one. We have an opportunity to do this now as a family, so we’re taking it – and we’re all excited about it. That’s the other thing about years like this one – we all still have each other…and that’s way more important than anything else.

Now that the immediate pressure of getting everything ready is off, hopefully I’ll have some time to catch-up with posting, emails, newsletters and everything else that’s fallen behind over the last couple of hectic months.

I suspect at least the first half of next year will be as chaotic (if not more) so I’ll also be taking advantage of this space to put in place some structures for creating and scheduling content here and on the author blog. My personal blog – at and anyways – will continue to be the place where I can ramble freely about anything and everything. Speaking of which, you’ll find posts over there wrapping up November, a lot of stuff about Queenstown, my Milford Track diary, and a glimpse at the Victorian High Country.

Ok, must run – I have content to write, posts to schedule and parmesan shortbread to bake.

I’m back…sort of…

15068993_10154167003790735_6263611905384395201_oSo I’m back in Queenstown after finishing the Milford Track.

It’s probably fair to say I’m still feeling broken- emotionally as well as physically.

For those who have messaged me on Facebook to ask if I’m ok, and to enquire about my silence, the deal is I’ve had an enforced radio and email silence as a result of no cell phone or internet reception for the whole 5 days we were on track. I deliberately turned email off on my phone (to save on download costs when I did get reception back), and won’t turn it back on until I’m back in Australia. If you’ve sent me something that I haven’t responded to, I’ll get to it when I’m home. I’ll also get some astro related content happening once I’m settled back into the swing of normal life and work etc.

How was it? To be honest, I haven’t fully processed it. It was the single hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was possibly fitting that Saturn crossed my MC and squared my Ascendant on day 3- the single hardest day of my life. I truly didn’t think I’d make it up that pass- and had begun to wonder whether I’d make it down. I was on track for 10 hours that day- to cover just 9 miles in driving, persistent rain. Obviously my preparation was (more than) a tad off. When I stumbled into lodge that evening, I had literally nothing left, yet had to back up the next morning with the 21km tramp back out.


As I write this, my hands are still swollen from sandfly bites, and the toenails on both big toes are about to fall off (too much information?). In other news, I can now walk normally without having to grip something for support- man, my muscles were stiff! Would I do it again? No. Am I proud of myself for achieving something I didn’t think I could at my age and condition? Absaflippinglutely. Does Milford deserve the hype of the greatest walk? Yeah, it probably does.

an aerial shot of the Pass. Pic by a friend of mine.

I haven’t yet uploaded my photos from my SLR camera, but have posted some pics from my phone (mostly from out and about in Queenstown) on instagram. It’s been an epic 10 days. I’ll write much much more about it when I get home, so keep an eye out on and anyways for that.

In the meantime, I’ll be back in a few days with some astro content, the results from the survey, and the last 2 winners of the Wellbeing magazine.

Oh, and for those who’d asked about whether we were impacted by last Monday morning’s quake? No, we weren’t – although my best wishes go out to those in the north of the South Island, and Wellington who are still cleaning up, assessing the damage and dealing with the impact of it.

an aerial shot of the track. Pic by a friend of mine.

Survey Says…

Man Hand writing We Want Your Feedback with black marker on visu

Over the past almost a month I’ve been running a survey regarding the type of content you want to see on this site going forward. The issue, you see, is that I have a very teeny tiny window each month to produce content for this page, so I want to make sure that it’s content you’re interested in seeing.

The survey has, until now, been running each week through the newsletter – and so far I’ve given away 7 copies of the Wellbeing Astrology mag to say thank you.

I’m now opening the survey up to all of you- with another 2 copies of the Wellbeing Astrology 2017 available to be won. All you have to do is answer a few simple (and quick) questions. The survey is open until 11.59pm (Sydney time) November 13 and I can post anywhere in the world to the lucky winner. So far the mag has been won by readers in the US, UK, Thailand, and New Zealand.

And the link? It’s right here. Good luck! Oh, I nearly forgot to say, if you’ve already responded to the survey, no need to do so again- you’re still in the draw to win.

And the results to date? As far as respondents go, Aquarians lead the field. You guys are responsible for almost 15% of all responses, followed closely by Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini, Cancer and Leo all at 9% each. The first respondent was an Aries (no surprises there…lol), and so far we’ve heard from just a handful of Taureans and Sagittarians  and only 1 Virgo. Yep, just 1.

So, if you want your opinion heard – and an opportunity to win the mag – duck on over to the survey. It seriously will just take a couple of minutes.