Astroweather: February 17, 2018

Mars square Neptune

Ok, let’s get some things straight with this. Firstly, your energy levels could be lower than usual this morning. Don’t fight that, but instead work with it. Secondly, you’ll probably feel more doubt and inadequacy that you usually do. It’s your call whether you listen to that and the nay-sayers around you or whether you decide that you’ll feel differently tomorrow. Thirdly, accept the consequences of your actions and avoid the temptation to blame others for the decisions that led to those actions. Fourthly, the influence doesn’t last that long, leaving you to get on with the business of the day. Next?

Sun conjunct Mercury

What else? The Sun and Mercury meet up today in a conjunction that is more than your average planetary joining together. Those of you who have been reading along for a while will know that this is known as cazimi.

But for everyone else, what does it mean? What is cazimi? While it sounds as though it’s something that Harry Potter would say as he waved his wand about a bit, it’s that point when the Sun and Mercury are as close together as they can be.

When Mercury is within, say, 8° of the Sun, it’s said to be combust – and combust is not a great place to be. It’s about being so blinded by the light that you can’t see straight or think straight. If you have Mercury within 8° of the Sun natally, you might be the one who says you’re often overlooked – or not listened to – as though your opinions can’t be seen beyond the light of the Sun. Right?

Up to 17° is referred to as being under the sunbeams – but I digress.

The thing is, there’s no need to feel alone in this – given that Mercury is never more than around 28° from the Sun, the chances are relatively high that your Mercury could be less than 8° from your sun.

Cazimi, on the other hand – that point where Mercury and the Sun join in a golden glow of uber understanding and concentration – is a very, very good place for Mercury to be…however briefly. It can bring with it a blinding flash of seriously, just how smart am I?

The aspect is exact at 11.45pm or thereabouts (Sydney time), and about 12:45 pm GMT, but Mercury is said to be cazimi within around 17’ of arc. No, I’m not going to do the calculation for that, and I can see your eyes beginning to glaze over. The one thing I want you to take away from this is that in that golden period, Mercury is elevated to the pure Mercury-ness of it – yep, even when Mercury is retrograde.