Astroweather: February 17, 2018

Mars square Neptune Ok, let’s get some things straight with this. Firstly, your energy levels could be lower than usual this morning. Don’t fight that, but instead work with it. Secondly, you’ll probably feel more doubt and inadequacy that you usually do. It’s your call whether you listen to that and the nay-sayers around you […]

Week Ahead

The week ahead…

So anyways, it’s back to work for me tomorrow…the holiday has been great, but also a little surreal, a little unreal- as all great holidays should be. Now it’s back to work to save up for the next one! I’ve posted heaps on picks on instagram and heaps of posts on and anyways– there are […]


Curious and curiouser…

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (1.56am Sydney time) we have a New moon, in Gemini. Gemini Moons are, above all, about human connection- joining the dots between seemingly disparate pieces of data and making a picture from it. It’s about new ideas, it’s about information, it’s about questioning, it’s about social contact. Over […]

Daily Planets

Daily Planets Friday 22/10/10- Double Whammy and a Full Moon

No post yesterday, ooops. The day just got away from me and then I went straight from work into the city and out to the theatre- Jersey Boys, in case you are interested. And it was great- in case you are interested. Unfortunately the drive home turned a 30 minute run at that time of […]