Week Ahead: January 21 – January 27, 2019

Before I get side-tracked with this weeks astro bits and pieces, I’d like to digress for a few minutes.

Back in 2011 and into 2012 this little web-site came under attack – repeatedly and randomly – by hackers unknown. It was regularly brought down for a day at a time as the security walls closed in – and then down – on attempts to access the site and take it over.

Each time this occurred I’d be off the air for 24 hours, sometimes more, while my web host attempted to clean it up and block whoever it was out. This went on for around 8 months.

Finally I had enough and put a notice up on my personal Facebook page “Does anyone know a good webhost? Preferably someone who’s great with security issues.”

A reply came back from someone I’d got to know online through a freelance writing group and the blogging community. “Yes, my husband is great at that.”

We chatted and in April 2012 I handed it all over to him. 

I continued to have attempted security breaches, but my site wasn’t brought down, and eventually whoever it was playing games with my site gave up. Anthony and his small team on the other side of the country in Perth have managed everything ever since. 

I was ready to throw the whole blogging thing away in the weeks before Anthony took over. I was so worn down by the efforts of the hackers – it had felt like a personal attack and given the area that the offending ISP had been isolated to, very probably was. The next one, I’d decided, would be the last. I was closing down the website and giving the whole thing away.

Therefore, in very many ways Anthony is the reason I’m still doing this today.

On Friday 11 January 2019, Anthony and his wife and children were driving back from an afternoon at the beach when they were involved in a freakish accident. The canopy of a boat being towed by a vehicle ahead of them apparently came loose and flew through the windscreen of their car. While (thankfully, luckily, amazingly) his wife and the kids were unharmed, Anthony, just 41, suffered a critical brain injury and passed away in the early hours of Monday morning.

My heart hurts for his wife, his children, his family and his friends, but I’m eternally grateful that I had the privilege to work with him. Rest in peace Ant.

Ok, we have a massively busy astro week ahead.

The Sun is moving into Aquarius later today and on Thursday, Mercury will be there too. I’ll pop something up about the Sun and Aquarius later this afternoon and something about Mercury and Aquarius later in the week.

We start the week with a boundary-blurring square between Venus and Neptune. While squares between Venus and anyone don’t tend to be inherently “bad” per se – Venus is, after all, a benefic – this one does tend to make the line between fantasy and reality more than a tad unclear. It’s certainly not an aspect to be making important relationship decisions under. It can, though, spark some creativity and inspire a previously dormant artistic temperament.

More importantly, this aspect is exact almost as the Leo Full Moon and lunar eclipse is occurring. It is, therefore, part of the story of this Full Moon.

Also in this arrangement is Mars square Saturn. Did someone say rock and a hard place?

Mars and Saturn aspects are generally about caution, and often about fear. The advice is that instead of charging off you proceed slowly, and if you’re making excuses, ask yourself whether it’s because you’re scared. Be honest.

Another thing that can get thrown up under this aspect is problems with superiors – or, rather, people who might be in a position of authority over you. Again, though, this mightn’t be unreasonable – it could just appear so. Again, be honest.

In any case, I’ll pop something about about the Full Moon. I’ll even try and remember to post it to the Facebook page.

The mood is very different just a day later when Venus and Jupiter meet up in Sagittarius. Sure it’s a brief transit, but when the two benefics meet up each year that’s got to be something worth smiling about, right? More on that Tuesday morning.

The aspects keep coming with Mercury square Uranus on Wednesday – which is, incidentally, my mother’s 77thbirthday. And very Aquarian she is! Again, a daily planets post is scheduled, but keep a notebook handy to try and keep track of the thoughts. Also, this is Mercury’s last hurrah in Capricorn this time around, so try not to get too bogged down in tradition and ideas that are past their use-by…that is unless they’re not past their use-by in which case try not to jump onto to the latest and greatest thought just because it’s new. Yep, squares can be like that.

Finally, Saturday brings us a trine between Mars and Jupiter

For those of you in the northern hemisphere this will be Friday afternoon/evening. With both planets in the signs that they rule this is a burst of pure energy. Use it wisely.

Phew! I think that’s enough to be getting on with. I have posts scheduled most mornings over the coming week, so if you don’t see anything come through on the Facebook page, don’t forget to jump over for a look. Once I’m in the day job office I tend to forget about everything else – including posting to the Facebook page.

My usual personal weekly round-up will be available on the personal blog and anyways later this afternoon, but for now I have a truckload of posts to write and schedule and, because I spent yesterday in Brisbane for a show, a house to clean.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend and have a great week.