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Hello Hello…

Ruler: Mercury Exalted:  Detriment: Jupiter Fall:  Polarity: Masculine/ Positive Modality: Mutable Element: Air Body Parts: hands, fingers, lungs, nerves. In the body Gemini represents connection and dispersal of energy. Nature: hot, moist, quick and nervous Motivation: To communicate, to learn, to connect. The Gemini end point is perception. So anyways, you know I’ve been in Bali for the last 2 […]

Daily Planets

and the long range forecast is for…extended sunny periods…

The other day we talked about emotional weather forecasting using the transits of the Moon. You can, however, plan a little further ahead by looking at the transits of the Sun. As the Sun moves through the zodiac, it also moves through the houses, highlighting different parts of your life as it goes. Think back […]