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Sun square Neptune

Okay, I didn’t know whether to post this today or yesterday. That’s the problem with different timezones. Usually, I’ll post my aspects at 6 am my time, but of course the words are designed to cover you off for 24 hours wherever in the world you are.

Anyways, this aspect is exact in about an hour – at 5.30 ish am. It’s a public holiday pretty well everywhere else in Australia today except for where I live – Queensland. The public holiday is for the Queen’s Birthday, which was actually in April, but in Queensland, we celebrate it in October when the rest of the country has a public holiday for Labour day – which we, in Queensland, celebrate in May…which is, of course, closer to the Queen’s actual birthday. In any case, because I do all my work for other states I’ll be taking the day off too. Not that I’m taking the day off as such – I have a book due to my editor in 6 weeks.

Which leads me into Sun square Neptune.

Neptune and Jupiter are both active over the next day or so. The Sun will first square Neptune then go on to oppose Jupiter – there’s something about that scheduled for this afternoon. Both Neptune and Jupiter are about faith. They are also both the co-rulers of Pisces, the sign that Neptune is currently in. Where Jupiter is concerned with growth and expansion through experience, Neptune is more interested in the soul and spirituality and whenever Neptune is concerned look beyond what whatever it is that I’m writing. Neptune is never about literality. It’s about subtlety and nuances and fluidity and sensitivity. 

Sun square Neptune can be a challenging one – especially if you’re not used to Neptunian energy. Coming so close to the opposition involving Jupiter – which is in the early hours of tomorrow morning – it’s almost a warning not to over-idealise, overextend or overdo. 

If possible, it’s a good day to take a step back and take it easy – that’s exactly what your energy levels are telling you. If you can’t do that – after all, most of us have responsibilities and obligations – try not to over commit yourself.

The downside of this transit is that under it might be all too easy for you to convince yourself that the things that are lurking in your subconscious are real. Imaginary issues and discouragements are brought to life and conversely true problems can be pretended away into figments of your imagination. Neither of these scenarios is ideal, but the truths they tell are both real and unreal at the same time – depending on your perspective.

The challenge will be knowing the difference. I’ll leave you with that…

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