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Tuesday Toolbox 2.7: Saturn

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Saturn is about boundaries, contraction, responsibilities, maturity, work, duty, limitations. I’ve suddenly developed a dislike for words ending in “ity.”

The questions associated with Saturn questions:

  • Where should you be accepting responsibility?
  • Where should you be pushing yourself to achieve?
  • Where do you need to look to find meaning in life?
  • Where does the pressure mould you as a person with mastery, wisdom, maturity and authority?
  • How strong are your structures, and where should you look to stabilize them?

Saturn spends about 2 ½ years in each sign, and makes one full trip around the zodiac in around 29 ½ years. Saturn goes retrograde for about 4 ½ months every year.

The Symbol…

The symbol for Saturn is below. Yep, it looks a bit like an upside down Jupiter. These two operate together- it’s the self-discipline and work you do with Saturn that allows you to make the most of the luck and opportunities Jupiter brings your way- you’ve got to climb to the top of the mountain to appreciate the views…that sort of thing.



  • By nature, it is cold, dry, masculine, chronic, restrictive, contracting, slowing and binding.
  • Saturn is involved with aging- both physically and metaphysically.
  • Saturn is the Greater Malefic- a tough guy- and man, don’t we know it!
  • Saturn gives form and structure and creates boundaries and limitations.
  • Saturn in strong signs or good aspect can be stabilising- relatively speaking…
  • Saturn is strongest in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra, and weaker in Cancer, Leo, and Aries- again relatively, not absolutely speaking.
  • Saturn in weaker signs can be destabiising, devitalizing and inhibiting- relatively speaking…

Sign Placement…

The sign that your Saturn is in will tell you how you seek to establish and prove yourself through effort, work, and mastery of…well, whatever it is you need to master. It’s where you feel inadequate, fearful. It’s where you hesitate to take action- and where you must find courage in order to achieve and succeed. It also says much about how you set and achieve goals. It’s how you learn to develop self-respect and self-discipline.

I have Saturn in Aries. My challenge is to find the courage to push myself and compete to achieve. I struggle with the concept of being good enough. My goals must come from within.

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What sign is your Saturn in?
  2. What element is your Saturn in? What do you think this might say about your fears?
  3. What does your sign say about how you limit and restrict yourself? Any strengths or challenges?
  4. Is there something that your Saturn wants that it’s not getting? How can you challenge and push yourself past your fears?

House Placement…

Wherever Saturn is in your chart is that area of life where you need to create stability, boundaries, and structures. It’s where you need to learn to say “no” or “enough”. It’s here where you must work harder, take more responsibility, accept more pressure, and overcome fear. It’s where you learn to develop self-respect and self-discipline. It’s also where you should be setting goals.

My Saturn is in the 1st house. I’m immensely hard on myself. I worry inordinately about what other people think of me- to the extent that it stops me from putting myself out there fully.

Doing it for yourself…

  1. What house is your Saturn in?
  2. What does this say about where you limit and discipline yourself?
  3. What does this say about where you act alone or develop self-sufficiency?

Who does Saturn talk to?

Aspects that Saturn makes to other planets- especially personal planets- can help and hinder you in expressing yourself and achieving to your full potential. Difficult aspects to Saturn can limit, destabilize and devitalize the actions of those planets. Easier aspects could help stabilize, discipline and provide support to those planets.

Happy Saturn

It’s not in Saturn’s nature to be happy, but… a well-placed and motivated Saturn can be self-disciplined, self-respecting, accepting of one’s own company or solitude, responsible, accepting of effort and consequences.

Not happy Saturn

Negative, cold, non-responsive, hard, unemotional, pessimistic, depressive, melancholic, cynical, overly materialistic, as if you’re trudging through the drudge of the day and grudging every minute of it.


If you have Saturn retrograde natally*, you tend to direct your discipline inwards where it grows deep roots. You could appear to be overly self-sufficient- almost a loner. This could make it more difficult for others to get to know you…relatively speaking.

*Don’t know if Saturn is retrograde in your chart? If you’ve cast your chart using, there’ll be a little r beside the symbol. If you’ve cast your chart using astrogold, the degrees will be in red.


We’ll talk more about rulerships as we go along, but for now:

  • Saturn rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, so is influential over that part of life that has these signs on the house cusp.
  • Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra
  • Saturn is in its’ detriment in Cancer and Leo- both Mercury ruled signs.
  • Saturn is in its’ fall in Aries.

For now? Hold this thought too…I promise we’ll get back to it.

Next time….Uranus