Wellbeing Astrology 2018

It’s here! Wellbeing Astrology 2018. And, as always, it’s packed full of great astro writing.

Aside from the usual in-depth horoscopes for your year ahead, and the Moon calendar, it also has the following articles – and yes, I contributed again this year:

  • Astrology and the healing path – examine the lives and charts of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • Embrace your call to adventure – how the stars can point you towards what makes your heart sing
  • Eastern Influences in 2018
  • Global trends for 2018
  • Balancing heaven and earth – Uranus in Taurus
  • Use the houses to interpret your chart
  • Rock your sparkle – a guide to the planets
  • It’s all about the kids – what your child’s chart reveals about them
  • Lunar Medicine – how to support your Moon so she can nurture you back
  • Mining the depths – Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Faith, fortune, friends and favour – the 11th house
  • The astrology of your 30s and 40s – exploring the major transits that occur in your 30s & 40s…by yours truly
  • Connecting to your universal flow – your chakras and their corresponding signs and planets

And the contributors? I’m glad you asked…In alphabetical order:

  • Rozanna from Astrosparkles
  • Lynn Bell
  • Wade Caves
  • Frank Clifford
  • Hedy Damari
  • Dean French
  • Mari Garcia
  • Andrea L Gehrz
  • Shawn Nygaard
  • Damian Rocks
  • Kelly Surtees
  • Kira Sutherland
  • Ed Tamplin
  • and me…

How to get your hands on a copy?

I don’t have any to sell this year – it all proved to be too problematic last year – but Australian readers can pick one up from newsagents, or anywhere that sells magazines.

Otherwise, you can order it through Universal Magazines – the link is here. It’s $19.95 plus postage. Oh, and ignore the spiel on the web storefront – it clearly hasn’t been changed from last years mag.



  1. Thanks for the information, Jo! Wellbeing Astrology 2018 seems to be a very interesting and readable magazine. I was going to order a copy from Universal Magazines but I changed my mind when I saw the cost for postage to Sweden… $298!! All you need is an envelope and a stamp – for $298!?!?

    So, I’m sorry Jo, I will not be able to read what you have written and contributed to in the magazine!

    Greetings from Sweden!
    / Anna Karin

    1. OMG…Really!!!! That is just ludicrous! I could send it via AusPost for about $30, but even that is expensive.

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