Wellbeing Astrology 2018

It’s here! Wellbeing Astrology 2018. And, as always, it’s packed full of great astro writing.

Aside from the usual in-depth horoscopes for your year ahead, and the Moon calendar, it also has the following articles – and yes, I contributed again this year:

  • Astrology and the healing path – examine the lives and charts of Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • Embrace your call to adventure – how the stars can point you towards what makes your heart sing
  • Eastern Influences in 2018
  • Global trends for 2018
  • Balancing heaven and earth – Uranus in Taurus
  • Use the houses to interpret your chart
  • Rock your sparkle – a guide to the planets
  • It’s all about the kids – what your child’s chart reveals about them
  • Lunar Medicine – how to support your Moon so she can nurture you back
  • Mining the depths – Jupiter in Scorpio
  • Faith, fortune, friends and favour – the 11th house
  • The astrology of your 30s and 40s – exploring the major transits that occur in your 30s & 40s…by yours truly
  • Connecting to your universal flow – your chakras and their corresponding signs and planets

And the contributors? I’m glad you asked…In alphabetical order:

  • Rozanna from Astrosparkles
  • Lynn Bell
  • Wade Caves
  • Frank Clifford
  • Hedy Damari
  • Dean French
  • Mari Garcia
  • Andrea L Gehrz
  • Shawn Nygaard
  • Damian Rocks
  • Kelly Surtees
  • Kira Sutherland
  • Ed Tamplin
  • and me…

How to get your hands on a copy?

I don’t have any to sell this year – it all proved to be too problematic last year – but Australian readers can pick one up from newsagents, or anywhere that sells magazines.

Otherwise, you can order it through Universal Magazines – the link is here. It’s $19.95 plus postage. Oh, and ignore the spiel on the web storefront – it clearly hasn’t been changed from last years mag.


2017 Horoscopes- New Year, New You…

I don’t know about you, but at this time of the year I start setting goals for the next year. It’s just a tad more difficult than usual this year as there is so much unknown – and it’s all the big stuff. We’re selling up here in Sydney, but have no idea where we’ll be living. At this point it will be somewhere along the stretch that’s known as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland – about an hour or so north of Brisbane. Hubby and daughter are going up there at the end of February – for him to start looking for work, and her to start University, and to find somewhere for us to live – but I’ll be here until the house sells and settles. Who knows how long that will be. Then there’s my job and income to factor in. It’s all very exciting, but oh so messy and completely unknown.

That’s where the astrology comes in. I have no idea what’s going to happen – nor do I want to, really…that’s a tad like a spoiler alert. What the astro does, though, is help me identify the themes and allow me to make decisions based on those themes and that timing – even though I can’t control the outcome. The astrology isn’t making anything happen, but it is, essentially, the long range weather forecast and helps me dress accordingly, so to speak.

I’ll post later today (or tomorrow – I’m back in the office tomorrow, so it depends on how much writing I get through today) on my annual transit map, but if you want help in understanding your themes and timing, I can’t recommend Sally Kirkman’s annual horoscope guide enough. She’s written a comprehensive guide to 2017. Three thousand words per sign. Yep, that many. Plus a guide to the main planetary aspects of the year.

Anyways, here’s what it’s about:

  • The complete eBook is 177 pages.
  • It includes 12 horoscopes, one for each of the 12 star signs (over 3,000 words per sign), so you can find out what’s coming up for you and the people you love.
  • In addition, find out your best dates for love, work, money & luck so you can use the timing of astrology to good effect in your own life.
  • There’s an extensive section on the year’s astrology (8,000 words), so you have all the key information at your fingertips. This includes chapters on the major planetary aspects, Venus & Mercury retrograde, the eclipses, the New & Full Moons.

Here’s what you learn:

  • The major themes for your star sign in 2017
  • Which areas of your life are boosted when the planet of opportunity and abundance, Jupiter, moves through sophisticated Libra and passionate Scorpio
  • What Venus retrograde means for you and what to avoid while the planet of love is in retreat
  • Which months include powerful eclipses so you know where change is likely and how you can best deal with any challenges which come your way
  • How to use the knowledge of astrology to your advantage: good luck is good timing

The ebook is for sale now through Sally’s website for £10 for all 12 star signs (or the equivalent in your currency). That’s the same price as last year…

You can download it here.

Oh, and if you want to find out more about Sally, I just happen to have interviewed her for Catching Stars. You can find it here.

(As a disclaimer, this isn’t a sponsored post – so all opinions are my own – although I did receive a copy for review purposes)…

Wellbeing Astrology 2017


Wellbeing Astrology 2017 is available now.

As always, it’s full of great articles that should appeal to anyone interested in astrology- regardless of whether you’ve been studying and reading and practising for years; or whether you’re just starting out.

Also included is the usual comprehensive year ahead forecasts written by Kelly Surtees for each sign; and a Moon calendar that I like to pull out and stick on the door to my study for handy reference. (As an aside, another thing I do with this each year is write on it the aspects the New and Full Moon make to my chart each month…just saying…)

Aside from a feature article by yours truly on Stars of Compassion- where I look at the charts of Bill and Melinda Gates, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness- there are also contributions by:

  • Frank C Clifford
  • Jessica Shepherd
  • Some astropals of mine: Cassandra Tyndall and Melanie Vere
  • Ed Tamplin
  • Molly Talbot
  • Michele Finey
  • Dean French
  • Mari Garcia
  • Damian Rocks
  • Kenneth Miller

As for articles? Where do I start? There’s something about locational astrology; something about eclipses; something about the symbols of astrology; something about Eastern astrology; something about Vedic astrology; something about Ayurveda and astrology; a few articles about Venus, connections, love cycles and partnerships; something about a couple of traditional techniques (that happen to be two of my favourite subjects): progressions and profections.

As I said: something for everyone.

These are for sale now in newsagents in Australia, or online here.

If you want a chance to win one- posted anywhere in the world- keep an eye out for tomorrow’s newsletter and week ahead guide to the skies. The sign-up thingie should pop-up when you go onto the website.

2016- Your Guide to Love and Riches


Did that title grab your attention? I thought that it might. It’s why when Sally Kirkman sent me some spoilers from her new book (available for download here) we left the love and money part to last…otherwise you wouldn’t have read the rest!

Anyways, without further ado, here we go:

Venus is back on track in 2016 after her descent to the Underworld from July-September 2015. This is good news for everyone because Venus rules love and money, thanks to her rulership of Libra (relating) and Taurus (productivity).

When Venus is in your sign, this is your opportunity to make the most of Venus’ sensuality. Treat yourself, be open to love and enjoy the popularity and comfort of Venusian treasures.

Aries – The love dramas of the last few years are over once the month of March has been and gone. When Venus dances in your sign of Aries from April 5 to April 30, you are more than ready to show who you are and what you have to offer. Enjoy your life to the full with one proviso – don’t run up debt.

Taurus – The brakes are off when it comes to love in 2016. Glide swan-like through life when lady Venus graces your sign of Taurus from April 30 to May 24. Show someone special they’re onto a good thing even if they have to get to know you first before sex is on offer.

Gemini – You are taking the love thing seriously this year and you’re more than ready to name your terms if someone close talks commitment. Venus is in Gemini from May 24 to June 17 and when the right person comes along, s/he has to tick more than a few boxes on your relationship wish list.

Cancer – Your big relationship lesson is to learn that you can call the shots in love and Venus in your sign of Cancer from June 17 to July 12 boosts your self esteem. Ditch the person who takes what they can without giving enough in return and hold out for the love and respect you deserve.

Leo – There’s no holding back when attention-seeking Venus lights up your sign of Leo from July 12 to August 5. It’s a full on Leo performance and you’re more than happy to entertain a number of possible suitors. It’s your shout at the end of the day whether you’re a happy-go-lucky singleton or a Leo with lovers.

Virgo – Venus in your sign of Virgo from August 5 to August 30 brings out your perfectionist tendencies. You want a lover who looks good and has excellent social etiquette. Eclipse action in 2016 guarantees that your relationships come jam-packed with big moments. You’re the star of the show.

Libra – Joyous Jupiter awakens your joy for life when love planet Venus enhances your sign of Libra from August 30 to September 23. You won’t be tied down when it comes to love and you understand that a relationship can grow and blossom when you fully accept that freedom and love go hand in hand.

Scorpio – As the seasons shift in the heavens, Venus moves into dark territory when she swoons in Scorpio from September 23 to October 18. Sensuality is a rich playground and you’re willing to dive deep into love. Money is a different matter and extravagance shouldn’t play any part in your indulgent nature.

Sagittarius – Fire your arrows far and wide when love planet Venus strides boldly into your sign of Sagittarius on January 1 to January 23 and again from October 18 to November 12. This is a warrior Venus who won’t take No for an answer but will draw up a list of demands for any potential lover.

Capricorn – Sex before love isn’t your usual strategy when it comes to partnership. Yet when Venus enters your sign of Capricorn twice from January 23 to February 17 and November 12 to December 7, you know who you want and why. A sacred path is also on offer whether this leads to tantric sex or an ascetic lifestyle.

Aquarius – Love planet Venus kicks up a storm in your sign of Aquarius from February 17 to March 12 but it’s Christmas time when you throw yourself into the party spirit and embrace Venus’ loving nature. She’s having fun in Aquarius from December 7 until the end of the year. Keep love light.

Pisces – Spring fever is awakened when Venus enters your sign of Pisces from March 12 to April 5. You’re the great romantic of the zodiac and never more so than now. Go with the flow as you discover how love can transcend to bliss. When you’re in flow, it’s not just love but money that glides in.

Want more? You’ll need to buy the book! It’s available for download here.


The Top 4 Things You Need to Know About 2016



As you would know by now, I’m off on holidays. If I’ve scheduled things correctly, I’ve now finished the British leg of our road trip, and am now recovering slash warming up in Phuket, Thailand. Yep, the four weeks has flown and we’ll be home in Sydney just before Christmas- in time to post some new stuff about how you can set your 2016 goals using your astrology. Anyways, you can follow along on and anyways.

In the meantime, I figured that you guys would be wanting to know what’s in store for you in 2016. Naturally, you get your daily forecast in advance with the Astrodiaries I’ve been telling you about. If you’re still to get yours, the link is here.

But if you want something more in depth, Sally Kirkman- remember I told you some more about her in Catching Stars?- has written a comprehensive guide to 2016. Three thousand words per sign. Yep, that many.

She’s been kind enough to provide me with a few tasters to 2016, that I, of course, am passing through to you over the next few days… Spoiler alert: there’s some good news in there for all of us. I have a copy, and can absolutely recommend it. If you’d like to download your own, the link is here

  1. You Can Manifest Your Long-Term Goals

Commitment planet Saturn is now established in the sign of the archer, Sagittarius, helping you turn your vision (Sagittarius) into practical goals (Saturn). Fire your arrows high into the sky, the first step in manifesting your long-term goals.

In 2016, we say goodbye to the Uranus-Pluto square, a key factor of the years 2012-2015 which brought revolution and chaos on many levels. The world still faces challenges but on an individual level, you can find your feet again as you build on solid ground.

Truth planet Jupiter in Virgo teams up with power planet Pluto in Capricorn twice in 2016, creating an earthy vibe and when you combine faith with intent, you move mountains. 2016 is potentially a year of transformation when Jupiter and Pluto bring hidden riches.

  1. When In Doubt, Choose Love & Compassion

The Jupiter-Neptune opposition broke like a wave on our shores in September 2015 triggering the refugee crisis and continues to reverberate in all our lives. Jupiter and Neptune in opposition are emotionally overwhelming and in November 2015 Saturn stepped in to create order out of chaos.

Yet Saturn lays down the law with a heavy hand and many people want and need a safe base to underpin their hopes and beliefs. Saturn and Neptune clash twice more in 2016 and if left ungrounded they arouse fear and a crisis of faith.

Even when you feel you’ve lost your way or you question what’s happening in your own life or the world, remember there isn’t enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. Help in real ways, build strong foundations for yourself, your family and your community and you quieten any anxiety.

The challenge to awaken love and compassion is a key aspect of the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune story and once Jupiter enters the sign of relating, Libra, in September 2016, you get the message loud and clear that people count.

  1. Mars Retrograde = Frustrated Desire

Action planet Mars is retrograde from April 17 until June 29 2016. This suggests frustrated desire, an inability to be assertive and to express yourself fully.

Traditionally this is not a good time to initiate brand new projects, to enter into a conflict situation or to take on any task that demands a lot of strength or stamina. Your vital energies can feel depleted when Mars is on go slow.

Mars is the passion planet which rules your libido so this might play out as a lack of desire or a period of celibacy, especially when Mars is retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of sexuality.

Work on your inner strength and confidence whilst Mars is on go slow but in a gradual way. Embrace activities which boost your self esteem and help tap you into those all important masculine qualities.


  1. Slow & Steady Wins The Race

 2015 had a strong focus on the fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs known as the ‘extrovert’ signs when expansive Jupiter in fiery Leo teamed up with change planet Uranus in Aries.

This year’s astrology is more in tune with the ‘introvert’ signs as the earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) elements dominate. This arouses themes of slow living, being rather than doing, tangible results, savouring the journey rather than racing to the destination.

This is down to Jupiter in Virgo until September 2016 and communication planet Mercury lounging around in the earth signs. The ‘extrovert’ signs might find this frustrating and if 2016 is the planetary equivalent of the fable of the hare and the tortoise, it’s the slow and steady tortoise who will win most races.

Want your own copy?

Just click here



2016 Astro Diaries



Happy New Year 2016 replace 2015 concept on the sea beach

I was involved in a project earlier this year with some other amazing astrologers to contribute to a set of 2016 diaries. At the time, I was juggling 5 stressy days in the partition and had Baby, It’s You due to my editor for copy edit- so personally it was a humungous effort to meet the deadlines.

What was an even more humungous (is humungouser a word?) effort was how our editor- Yasmin Boland– somehow managed to wrangle copy from all of us and get it into these great little astro diaries. Take a well-deserved bow, Yasmin!

There’s a beautifully illustrated diary for each sign.


Each sign begins with a year ahead summary, includes a summary for each month,


and a forecast for each day.


(Apologies that the pics aren’t great- I haven’t received my copy yet, so downloaded these images…)

Who else contributed? So many of us- including Yasmin Boland (of course), Sally Kirkman, Kelly Surtees, Gary P Caton, Christina Rodenbeck, Joanne Madeline Moore…and heaps of others.


I won’t tell you which signs or which months I wrote for, but if you’re interested, here’s the link.



Astrological Transits: A Book Review


Here at Jo Tracey Astrology, we’re very much about DIY- Doing It Yourself. It’s abut equipping you with the tools that you need to renovate your life using astrology- whether it’s a lick of paint or a few new cushions that you’re planning; or a whole knock down rebuild job.

Knowing your chart doesn’t mean that you are able to control your future, but it does give you a head-start in knowing how you react to different planetary influences. You can use this knowledge to plan your days, weeks, months, years and goals. If you’re a regular reader, you’d know that I go as far as to map my major transits out each year to help with setting my goals for the year.

This is where April Elliott Kent’s Astrological Transits is different to every other cookbook style transit book you might have come across. It’s about identifying, understanding and intentionally using the transits that are being made to your chart to ‘help you recognise the major patterns of your life, overcome difficulties, and make the most of the gifts that are yours.’

You can use these transits to plan your days, weeks, months and year. When you think about it like this, it’s like using the planets to improve your good day ratio.

Transits of the luminaries and personal planets are best for short term planning.

Following the patterns of the Moon is one of the simplest tools you can use to plan your day or your week. Certain activities work best during certain signs and phases of the Moon. You can actively use this to plan those daily activities you have control or influence over planning. You can also use it to adjust your temperament or attitude on days when the planning of your daily activities is out of your control.

Planning your year by the seasons of the sun is a simple thing to do- and something we all should be using now. I certainly focus on it when writing my monthly scopes. Eg, the Sun is in Libra right now- that’s the 8th house for me. This is my annual reminder to make the best of 8th house types of stuff. I’ll be doing my taxes, our budgets, checking out debts, insurances and making sure that the mortgage is doing what it should be at the rate it should be doing it.

Knowing where Mars is can tell you what part of life is receiving an energy boost, while transiting Venus can help you find pleasure when things seem a tad dark.

For more long range planning, you’ll be needing to look at the story being told by the big guys- the heavy hitters of the planetary world- the outers.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a nerd like this, and map my transits out on a colour-coded spread-sheet each year. It helps me see at a glance what the big themes are for me- and when. It takes me about an hour or so once a year, and I use it to set and adjust goals. Mine, for the next 12 months, looks like this.

Screenshot 2015-09-26 06.49.23

There are a couple of stand-outs on this.

First up, Pluto changes house early next year. When these super slow movers change houses, it heralds big things. In my case, Pluto will have been I my 10th house for about 15 years.

April says the following about this:

The profession you once had is fundamentally changing… you no longer feel happy about taking orders from anybody else. You must feel in control of your destiny, and of your career path…Pluto must be expressed- if not as empowerment, it will be expressed as powerlessness…

What else?

I currently have Uranus conjunct Venus in the 2nd house.

What does this mean?

Uranus is about freedom and independence. It “urges change and liberation from the constraints that make life dull”. Venus is about relationships, money, pleasure and want. Put these together and you get the idea of what could happen under this transit- motivation to search for financial freedom, more freedom or new freedom or disruption in relationships…”that breakthrough you’ve been wishing for if you have been trying to get attention for your style of artistic talents.”

Now, let’s look at Uranus transits of the 2nd house. With this comes a “strong urge to liberate yourself financially…by the time the transit [of this house] finishes, you will be free on some level from financial constraints…”

Get it?

Uranus has another 6 years in the 2nd house- so many of the choices I make during this time will be pushing me towards whatever version of financial independence is right for me. Along the way, aspects made to other planets will influence and prompt many of these actions.

I could, of course, go on…but that would be spoiling the experience of doing it for yourself.

I purchased a copy of this for my kindle, but was also gifted a real book copy by the publisher for review purposes. The opinions are, of course, my own.

If you want a copy, here’s how to get one.

Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates: A Book Review


I wonder, has it happened to you? That moment where you meet someone and you just know that they’ll be important?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a forever together relationship with that person, or even a complete can’t keep my eyes (or my hands) off you thing- just that they’ll be important.

It’s happened to me twice.

The first one, I married.

I remember distinctly that first introduction. It was May 1988. It wasn’t a bolt from the blue or love at first sight or anything like that- far from it. But as I shook his hand I knew he would be important. Eventually we became friends, and much later started dating. We’ve been together now for 26 years…forever, really.

The second one was a relationship of a completely different kind. I remember that handshake too. Yet that person helped wake me up and direct me in this direction- to what I’m doing today…the writing, the astro. I knew from the start it would be an Important friendship, and it has been.

Both occasions felt karmic- yet for different reasons.

It’s this concept that Jessica Shepherd explores in Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates:
The Astrology of the Fifth House.

Ok, it’s at this point that I have a confession to make.

Jessica sent me this book, plus her wonderful work on Venus in December last year. I posted a review on Karmic Dates a few weeks later, in my wisdom didn’t save the draft, and promptly lost the post when I had a technical glitch of the sql kind on my website just a few days later.

It’s taken me all these months to sit down and re-write it. For that, I can only apologise to Jessica. On the upside, it gave me reason to re-read the book- and I got even more from it this time around. I loved it last time, I loved it more on the second read.

Karmic Dates is about endings as much as it is about beginnings. It’s about understanding why the one that got away, got away; why the meant to be wasn’t- meant to be, that is; and why the Universe could be so cruel to send someone who was so impossibly unavailable yet so perfect your way.

The thing is, every one of these people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes that reason is seasonal, sometimes it’s for life. As Jessica says “Some connections in your life exist for the pure joy of helping you to grow and reach your potential through pleasure, creativity, and love!” Even through heartbreak. Sometimes, especially through heartbreak.

Jessica begins Karmic Dates with a discussion about karma and it’s influences. The karma that comes from action, and the karma that arises from a failure or inability to act. The karma that attracts, the karma that repels, the karma that just is.

From here she moves into the fifth house. This is where it all gets very interesting. The fifth house, you see, is where we play, fall in love and generally take risks or give birth to things. Or risk our personal identity security in falling in love and giving birth to things.

It’s about romance, hook-ups, short term love affairs and our personal Mr (or Ms) Big ie the one that got away. Sure, some of these will turn into 7th house relationships, but that’s not what this book is about.

Those of us with 5th house planets have plenty to learn in this regard. While a 5th house planet doesn’t mean that we’ll be doomed to hook-ups for our entire romantic history, it does indicate that we may have a potential immaturity when it comes to love matters and, to quote Jessica, more short-term shared relationship karma than others and “having fifth house planets—with their hunger for heart-opening connections—alerts us to this possibility.”

A relationship that lasts for a period of time can be just as exciting or fulfilling as a “forever” partner. Our momentary mate may be a romantic interest, a weekend fling, a short-term love affair, or a person with whom we schlep to Ikea and set up house for a time. Karmic mates wear other guises, too, besides sexual partners. You can recognize them by the joy, buzz, attraction, and excitement they stimulate in you—the initial, heady yeast of relationships.

The thing is- some relationships aren’t meant to last beyond bin night. In some relationships we are meant to learn what we need to learn, grow in the way we need to grow…and move on. I guess the tough part is in knowing the difference. Part 4 helps with this…and the questions that come with knowing the difference.

The second part of Karmic Dates is about the 5th house. What it means to fall into your 5th house- and even the concept of play-mates or play-dates even within the boundaries of an otherwise committed relationship.

Part 3 is all planets and signs in the 5th house. Of course, with a 5th house Jupiter, I read this section first. And man, did I wish that I’d read this years ago! This section deals with what it means to have a sign on the cusp of the 5th house, and what each planet means when in the 5th house. Even if you don’t have any planets in the 5th, the sign on the cusp will tell you a lot about your creative and romantic energy- and your attitude to short term relationships.

Even if, like me, you’re in a long-term relationship, this section will help you rekindle the spark and keep the romance bubbling. I read both the section on Cancer on the cusp, and Jupiter in the 5th house.

My Verdict?

As I said at the outset- I loved this book. Not just for the writing- although I do love Jessica’s “voice” and style- but for the concept. All too often we miss out on what a fifth house relationship has to offer because society tells us that we should be looking for something more long term, more forever in nature- and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that…it’s what most of us want- a committed, mutually respectful and loving relationship. Sometimes, though, it’s the things that we learn and enjoy in our karmic dates along the way that help us find our soul mate. Sometimes one even becomes the other…but then again, sometimes it doesn’t- and that’s ok too.

The fine-print: I received an electronic copy of this from the author for review purposes. The opinions are my very humble own ones…