The Week Ahead…

Some Aussie wattle on my bushwalking the other day

This week I attended something called No Lights No Lycra. The easiest way to describe it is as dancing in the dark.

The thing is, I’ve always enjoyed having a bit of a bop around the dance floor at weddings and parties, but know that I’m pretty uncoordinated in that regard and have the grace of a fairy bus-horse (no, I don’t know what one is either…) so alcohol usually needs to be involved.

These days though, those opportunities are few and far between. And, at 50, I’m way too old for clubbing – and don’t like much of the music. So where’s a girl to go and dance like no one is watching? No Lights No Lycra. The lights are off – completely – and the music is turned up and you just go for it.

I still don’t know many people up here, so I took a deep breath and went on my own – and loved it.

With the lights off, all you can see are the shadowy outlines of the person dancing closest to you, but you have the space to do whatever you want with no judgement. No boundaries – it really appealed to my Pisces side.

I’ve also taken belly dancing back up. It’s been 10 years and 15kgs since I last did it, but it seemed appropriate that I start again during Venus in Cancer time – Cancer ruling the belly and all that.

Again, it was confronting, but so much fun. I wrote about it here.

What else?

I’ve been getting out into nature a bit. It’s been part of an intentional attempt to ground myself. I spend so much time living in my head, that I truly feel unconnected to the rest of me. It mightn’t make a lot of sense, but it sort of does. You see, the only planets I have in Earth signs are Pluto and Uranus – no personal planets are there. To bring earth and solidity or structure into my life requires either an earthy person or something that connects me back to body and nature. Given that I have no earthy people in my circle since moving, I’m making the effort to get outside and walk in nature. Last week I discovered a waterfall not far from our home, and on Friday I found a bushland botanic garden.

I suppose I’m doing the dancing for a similar reason – to intentionally bring in the element air. I have no planets in air signs and just 2 in air houses – again, Pluto and Uranus in the 7th.

If you want to know the spread of elements in your chart, you can refer back to the Toolbox lessons on this.

Anyways, if you want to catch up on what else I’ve been up to, the weekly wrap is up at and anyways; and if you want to explore the Sunshine Coast of Australia, you’ll find some bits and pieces at Navigator. As always, all things authorly are on my author page.

As for the skies? The biggie for the week is a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius. It’s in the early hours of Tuesday morning for me, so sometime on Monday for most of you – what with the time differences etc. There’s a post scheduled for tomorrow morning, but for now check out where 15 Aquarius 25’ is in your chart. And, for a refresher on how to interpret Full Moons, check out this post.

What else?

Aside from Mercury turning retrograde next Sunday (check out this post for your survival guide), we have a week of sextiles and trines. Sextiles and trines are harmonious or easy energy flows – and as such, can often be overlooked or taken for granted. This week it’s mostly personal planets that are involved so the transits themselves won’t be around for long. It’s about opportunity and possibility – the rest is up to you.

Mercury sextile Venus on Thursday is one of those light-hearted blink and you’ll miss it aspects that’s more of an interlude than a transit. It could be the opportunity you need to talk about your feelings – or it could be a respite to something a tad heavier.

Moving forward to Friday we have another sextile – this one between the Sun and Jupiter. Whenever these two come together there’s bound to be the potential for some fun and even, dare I say it, some luck. The thing is, aside from having done the hard work beforehand (thanks Saturn), a lot of what we attribute to luck is believing that there could be luck. It’s like when I talk to the car park fairies when I’m looking for that elusive spot at the beach. ‘Come on guys,’ I say. ‘I need you now.’ It’s the believing that helps with the success.

Finally in this weeks series of aspects is Venus trine Neptune on Saturday. I’m doing my RWA (Romance Writers Australia) presentation on Saturday so this one is for me. What better time to talk about happy endings – and how we create them on the page? This isn’t a great transit for real world activities – it is, however, a good one for fantasy, daydreaming, and anything involving compassion or empathy.

Have a great week!