The week ahead…

I’ve got a few other posts planned for this week, so given that there’s not a huge amount happening up there – other than a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday – I figured we’d cover it all in one go.

To start the week off with intention we have a Mercury – Saturn trine. Trines are easy flow of energy, Mercury is about communication and thought and all of that, and Saturn is, as we know, serious and hard-working. Put it together and you have a day that’s good for both planning and for swatting away the excuses and getting onto whatever it is that you’ve been putting off getting onto.

On Wednesday there’s a New Moon in Taurus – at 6 Taurus 27’ to be exactish. I’ll pop something up about that, but for now pull out your chart and check out what part of life this falls in for you.

Fast forward to the weekend and Venus moves back into Aries on Friday. She’s fully direct now and ready for action. If you need a reminder about what Venus in Aries means, check out this post.

Finally, we have a repeat of an aspect from a few weeks ago – Mercury conjunct Uranus.

This is what I said last time:

Thoughts could be coming at you faster than you can capture them all today. It’s impossible to capture them all and almost as difficult to avoid jumping to conclusions. Don’t worry too much about this and instead enjoy the stimulation of free thinking. It’s probably also best to resist the urge to act without thinking.

This time around, Mercury is retrograde, but there’ll be another chance to pick up on this one when Mercury is direct again – on May 10.

If you want to know what else I’ve been up to, there’s my usual weekly round-up post over on and anyways. You’ll also find some posts about my recent travels through Vietnam – and, in the spirit of the Sun in Taurus, a recipe for brookies. What’s a brookie, I hear you ask? It’s a combination between a brownie and a cookie. You’re welcome.