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Eclipses – the DIY Guide

Eclipse season is almost with us again: 31/1/18 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 11 Leo 37’ (This will be in the early hours of the morning 1/2/18 AEDT and NZ) 16/2/18 New Moon/Solar Eclipse 27 Aquarius 07’ (AEDT, it will be 15/2/18 if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) Solar eclipses occur at a New Moon. During a solar […]

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Tuesday Toolbox: Eclipses…

Eclipse season is almost with us again- we have one next week and two in September: 18/8/16 Full Moon 25 Aquarius 51′ 1/9/16 New Moon 9 Virgo 21′ 16/9/16 Full Moon 24 Pisces 20′ There’s debate over whether the first of these is actually an eclipse, but it’s probably in the ephemeris you’re referring to, so […]


Eclipses, Magic 8 Balls and Domestic Divadom

My Scorpio hubby has Venus at 10 Libra (yes, I know he his Venus is currently being paid an extended visit from Saturn…but I haven’t told him that, so this is our little secret…) and his Moon at 9 Gemini. At 6.54pm on Friday evening (Sydney time) the Sun and the Moon will be joined […]