The week ahead…

As this goes to press I’ll still be in Brisbane attending the Romance Writer’s Conference. It’s why you’ve got a photo from last week – because I’m writing this in the past. Anyways, I’ll tell you all about it next week, but for now we’ll get straight into this weeks sky action.

To start our working week we have a trine between the Sun and Saturn. Trines are harmonious flows of energy – so that means that if anything is going to happen it will do so relatively quickly and relatively easily. This aspect involves fire signs, so we know that action isn’t too far away. The thing is, the Sun is about ego, and Saturn is about (amongst other things) duty, discipline, and responsibility – and that doesn’t really go with ego that well. The things is, under this aspect, you can actually apply discipline to whatever it is that needs doing – and it could be one of those rare times where you don’t resent the call of duty quite as much as you usually do. There could even be (gasp, horror) some satisfaction to be found.

Tuesday’s Venus/Pluto opposition brings with it undertones of intensity and compulsion. What to what out for? Aside from intensity and compulsion? Impulsive bursts of truth that seem to come from the very core of you. If you feel the urge to give in to these, find a way to temper the potential destruction that tends to accompany the sort of honesty that normally lives deep in your belly.

What else? On Thursday Venus squares off against Jupiter. Ok, I’m just going to say it – this could be one of the worst days of the year as far as your diet is concerned. There, it’s out there. Venus in Cancer is known for comfort eating, and a Venus – Jupiter square is not known for it’s ability to say, ‘no thank you, I’ve had enough.’ How do I know? I have this aspect natally…and given Venus is today at 19 Cancer, this aspect is exactly on my Venus/Jupiter square.

This isn’t just about a lack of discipline when it comes to food, it can be a lack of discipline in relation to pretty much anything. So, do you write the day off as being a bad idea? Absolutely not – as I said, I live every day with this aspect. For what it lacks in discipline it makes up for in optimism. Just take care not to purchase on impulse – especially if you can’t afford it – or over indulge in anything that you know isn’t great for you…even if it does seem like a good idea at the time.

Have a great week!


Something about delaying no longer…

Monday 17 April, 2017

Venus sextile Mars

Sun trine Saturn

Moon into Capricorn

Venus links up with Mars today. Sextiles generally bring opportunities- and the most common Venus/Mars opportunities are around relating, money and finance, or creativity. That gives you a pretty wide range. Of course, you can always choose to say no, or plead busy-ness – something that you might choose to do without too much regret given that today the Moon is in Capricorn and the Sun is trine Saturn.

What does this have to do with anything?

Just that today’s astro weather is one that accepts the burden of duty and responsibility a tad more easily than it might usually do. While we’re on the subject, todays astro weather is also good for getting on with tasks you’ve been putting off, detailed work you’ve been delaying, and plans that you know need to be made.

Even though the Aries Sun is not known for discipline and delayed gratification, Saturn moderates that today – if you allow it to.

The week ahead and something about a camping trip…

the snow on our last camping trip...
the snow on our last camping trip…

As this goes to press, all being well we’ll be on our annual “camping” trip.

We call it camping, although we don’t sleep in tents (well, my brother does, but that’s his choice) and there is a flushing toilet and running water on the property- although there is also an outside toilet set up in the bush from where you can watch the kangaroos hop about…if your timing is right…


No, we call it camping because we’re on a bush block in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW, there’s no wi-fi, no TV reception, dodgy power, and we cook outside on the fire- both on the fire, around the fire, and in pits dug near the fire.


Last time we were down there was heaps of snow too- given that there was a huge dump just a couple of weeks ago, we’re not holding our breath this time on that. Anyways, no doubt I’ll post photos to instagram (when reception allows) and will blog the recipe successes and failures when we get back- over on and anyways.

Speaking of which, if you want to know what else has been going on in my life away from the astro, you’ll find it there.

Ok, to the skies.

From a planetary movement viewpoint (man, that’s a mouthful!) Mars moves into Sagittarius on August 3, and Venus moves into Virgo on August 6. Also on Wednesday is the Leo New Moon (Tuesday for those of you in the northern hemisphere). While I’m at it, just a reminder that the dates and times I use are my time-zones ie Sydney, Australia. At the moment we’re GMT +10. Don’t get too hung up on this- it’s the energy that’s important.

In any case, I’ll have something scheduled for each of these events during the week.

We start the week (and the month) off with a couple of trines. The first of these is a rather stimulating little encounter between Venus and Uranus. If you keep your mind open to new experiences and new arrangements or friendships, aspects such as these can be quite diverting- even when everything does feel a tad too business as usual.

Besides, with the Sun and Saturn shaking hands soon after, you’re really not going to get too many opportunities to go too far off the rails. Even if you are tempted, Sun-Saturn trines tend to bring with them discipline and self-control…or at the very least, a knowledge of what discipline and self-control should look like. It’s a tad like a planetary everything in moderation sort of warning. And, before you write to me, when I say everything in moderation, obviously I don’t mean everything

What else?

Where the week opened with a couple of trines, it will close with some squares: between Mercury and Saturn, and between Venus and Mars.

Mercury and Saturn connections are usually about disciplined and structured thinking. This is absolutely the case with the square, although there can also be a tendency to criticality, negativity, and pessimism. This could be one of those days where things just come out wrong, or the message doesn’t get through, or when it does it’s received by nay-sayers or purveyors of doom and gloom.

If a suggestion is made today, try not to jump to an early “it will never work” conclusion, and bear in mind that the whole plan doesn’t need to be in place (along with implementation dates, risks and outcomes) for it to be worth of consideration.

Pick at the details by all means- but take care to do it from a position of improvement rather than destruction.

Given that the other square is between Venus and Mars, take extra care when discussing relationship issues, or even negotiating what you’ll be having for lunch. Having said that, squares do bring tension and spark. Just saying.

Wishing you all a fabulous week…


Something about bad singing, women who know what they want, and getting stuff done…

cute dog Singing a song

Miss T has most unkindly, and not entirely unfairly, compared my singing to cat wails, or Kali howling. As I said, unkind. I happen to think that I smash some of those Adele high notes out of the park. She says I smash them in other ways. We’ve agreed to disagree. I also think that sometimes Adele doesn’t sing the right words, but that’s another story.

Where am I going with this? To Mercury in Taurus, of course. You see, people with Mercury in Venus ruled signs tend to have nicer sounding voices- all other things being equal, of course. Anyways, Mercury moves into Taurus today. If you want to know more about this, you’ll find a previous post here.

Oh, in case you’re interested, although Adele does have the Sun in Taurus (conjunct Jupiter) she has Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Whatevs.

Also today Venus moves into Aries. Aries isn’t a place that Venus feels terribly comfortable in. Venus, you see, likes to attract and be pleased, and in Aries she goes after what she wants and knows how to please herself. I have Venus in Aries, but if you want to know a bit more about this placement, or there’s and Aries woman in your life you’d like to try and understand better, check out this post.

Todays’ main aspect, though, is a trine between the Sun and Saturn. Whenever we talk about Saturn, we talk about work, discipline, control….well, I do, anyway.

When we talk about the Sun, it’s about ego, the self, vitality, energy…words like that.

Trines are easy energy flows, as in the energy flows easily- not that it’s an easy day, or….oh, never mind, you know what I mean.

Put it all together, and this is a good day to harness your energy and put it to good use to get stuff done.

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

The week ahead…and a book sale…of sorts…

Book, stack, law.

So anyways, as I write this…or rather first start writing it- I suspect there will be plenty of interruptions along the way today, Venus is about to move into Virgo.

Venus doesn’t particularly like being in Virgo…more on that in a little bit.

As for the week that was?

The partition was the usual amount of chaos and busyness. On the home busyness front, I’ve been madly running through my new novel one last time before it goes off to the structural editor. Something still feels as though it’s not working, but I’ve pretty well done all that I can do with it.

As a result, there was no blogging… not even the Tuesday Toolbox. I did, however, manage to regurgitate a previous piece for the Cancer New Moon, get a newsletter out to subscribers, and knock out a quick vanity piece for and anyways on the type of restaurant that you save up for.

I shared that experience with a girlfriend who has been visiting from Wellington, New Zealand, for the weekend. A lot has happened this year, so we’ve had a lot to catch up on. The chatting has been helped on it’s way with a little too much food and drink.

Ok, to the skies. Venus is now in Virgo, and I’ll be having me a little clean-up over the next few weeks. I’m in the process of re-painting our house, and before I get to the study or the formal areas, there are book-shelves, CD cabinets, and a sideboard full of china that needs a good clean-out. And that’s before I start on the craft room with art supplies.

The books will be tough. I love my books. I have bookcases full of fiction, plus additional piles through the house. Despite selling some last year, I still have two full shelves full of astro and tarot books. Anything I haven’t opened in the last 12 months will be liberated…and that means most of them. I’m even (gulp) attacking the cookbooks.

What am I going to do with them all? I’ll be donating the art books to Miss 17’s art teacher. The fiction? I’m thinking a hospital or aged home…or charity bookfair, maybe. The thing is, it’s a hassle selling on ebay. The packing up and following up for just a few dollars does my head in. I really want people other than myself to benefit from this, but giving them away, usually comes accompanied with judgement and also becomes harder than it should be. Everyone has an opinion on what is an appropriate charity.

So, here’s the deal- over the next week, I’ll be popping up a list on the website of everything on offer- in regards to astro and tarot, that is. If you’re in Sydney and can pick up, that’s great, if not, I’ll charge postage and handling for within Australia only. It’s way too expensive to post elsewhere.

As for the cost? Nothing. All I ask is that you pay it forward in some way- whether that’s through a donation to your favourite charity, or a casserole to someone who needs it. Your choice, your karma.

What else?

The Sun and Mercury both move into Leo during the week. I’ll have some links up closer to the time about these two ingresses. In the meantime, get ready to get your bling on…although with Venus in Virgo, it could be a little tasteful and understated.

Tuesday and Wednesday are all about Saturn. But he’s in a relatively good mood- if you’ve been doing what you’re supposed to, of course. Trines to the Sun and Mercury are encouraging- and supporting- you to get real. Sure, it’s also about work, disciple, practicality and self control, but a little of those things never hurt anyone. Just leave the passive aggression where it belongs.

I’m a tad concerned because I have an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday afternoon to get the results from some long overdue blood tests. Given that this is in my 5th house, and Jupiter is transiting my 6th, let’s just say that I’m expecting that my propensity for living large could be curtailed a bit in the future. Oh well, it’s been fun.

The big news of the week is Venus going retrograde on Saturday. Now, the thing about Venus is her retrograde cycles tend to be repeated about every 8 years. Venus was last retrograde in early Virgo in July 2007. To get an idea what this one means for you, cast your mind back to what the major themes were in your life back then. Of course, things won’t be exactly the same (and I’m telling myself that with relief) as your transits and you are different now. It’s the themes I want you to have a think about.

In any case, I’ll pop a link up later in the week about dealing with this.

Also on Saturday, Mars squares off against Uranus. Given that I’m planning on painting again, I’m taking this as being a message to be careful up that ladder. The warnings for this one are around impulsive energy…and the urge to throw the baby out with the bathwater…so to speak. Harnessing this energy for creative good can have impressive outcomes.

Ok, had better get busy scheduling posts…until next time.


Oh, before I forget…I’m experimenting a little with the Facebook Gods at present, and not automatically linking posts to my Jo Tracey Astrology page. Aside from the fact that I’m rarely on Facebook, my stats are telling me that more of you see posts if I simply ask you to jump over onto the website without linking to the post. Confused? So am I.