Curious and curiouser…

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (1.56am Sydney time) we have a New moon, in Gemini. Gemini Moons are, above all, about human connection- joining the dots between seemingly disparate pieces of data and making a picture from it. It’s about new ideas, it’s about information, it’s about questioning, it’s about social contact. Over […]

Daily Planets Gemini

how very Gemini…

I’ve been silent here this week- unusually so. What’s more unusual about this silence is that with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, silence is a little hard to come by. Here in Sydney, the Writers Festival is on…and I’ve been to a few events. Yesterday I spent the whole of a miserable, […]

Gemini mercury


I’ll keep this short as I’m catching up on last weeks television when I should be catching up on the sleep I didn’t get last night on the overnight flight from Bali. Unfortunately, I have never seemed to learn how to sleep on an overnight flight. I admire those who do- a mate of mine […]