Week Ahead

Solar Eclipse in Pisces

So anyways, I’ve been absent from this page for a couple of weeks…again. I suspect that this is simply the status quo right now. Rather than committing to a post schedule I can’t adhere to, I’ll be posting when I can- usually in great bursts of creative energy… My diary, is, I’m sure, just like yours. […]

Catching Stars

Catching Stars- April Elliott Kent…

Welcome to the first episode of Catching Stars- an occasional series of interviews with other astrologers. And what better way to start a series like this than with one of my personal favourites- April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology. April is the author of three books, the upcoming Astrological Transits (which I’m so looking […]


Followed by a Moonshadow…

I’ve gone through stages with eclipses. During a solar eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the Sun for just a few short, dramatic moments. During a solar eclipse, you may feel like something is about to happen…and it very often does. At a solar eclipse things happen around you or […]

Daily Planets

Something about eclipses…

Moon in Capricorn Take yesterday and repeat…except for the part about it being Miss T’s birthday…that was obviously just for yesterday. Anyways, in lieu of anything seriously interesting happening up there, I figured I’d do a little shameless promotion of a product I truly believe in- April Elliott Kent’s Moonshadow report. Now, this is where […]