Daily Planets

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Moon into Gemini, Jupiter trine Neptune, Sun square Neptune, Mercury Retrograde

Ok, first things first, Mercury is stationary and will be officially retrograde later today. I posted the link to the survival guide yesterday, but if you missed that post, you’ll find it here.

Secondly, there’s a Full Moon in Gemini in the early hours of tomorrow, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time…man, that’s a mouthful! Anyways, today’s aspects will be really important for tomorrow’s Full Moon, so when you’re looking at meditating on what this Full Moon could mean for you, take what I’m saying here into consideration too.

As for the Full Moon itself? The post went up yesterday afternoon. If you happened to miss it, you’ll find it here.

Ok, I’ll break these two aspects down separately, but they need to be considered together. Neptune is the key to that – and whenever Neptune is concerned look beyond what I’m writing. Neptune is never about literality. It’s about subtlety and nuances and fluidity and sensitivity.

Both Neptune and Jupiter are about faith. They are both also the co-rulers of Pisces, the sign that Neptune is currently in.Where Jupiter is concerned with growth and expansion through experience, Neptune is more interested in the soul and spirituality. 

When these two meet up your idealism and spirituality is stimulated. Especially where Scorpio is involved, the deeper, more mystical secrets of life might be interesting to you. It’s though an exploration of these subjects, or selfless (and they should be truly selfless) acts towards another that you can gain some insight into your own life.

Sun square Neptune is a very different transit – for a start, the aspect is a challenging one. Coming so close to the trine involving Jupiter, it’s almost a warning not to over-idealise, overextend or overdo.

If possible, it’s a good day to take a step back and take it easy – that’s exactly what your energy levels are telling you.

The downside of this transit is that under it it’s easy for you to convince yourself of things that are lurking in your subconscious. Imaginary problems and discouragements become real, and real problems can be pretended away into figments of your imagination. Neither of these scenarios is ideal, but the truths they tell are both real and unreal at the same time – depending on your perspective.

Notice how I used the term truth again? Like in yesterday’s Full Moon post? That’s because these transits are occurring at the same degree as the Full Moon tomorrow so are part of this Full Moon story. Sometimes the time for asking questions has gone and it’s now time to trust. Sometimes the truth becomes visible when you stop attempting to see it. Sometimes you simply need to step back and do some of that reflecting that I mentioned in yesterday’s Full Moon post that you should be doing. Just saying.