mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde…here we go again

I don’t know what made me look again at the instructions for the piece of work I was about to start this morning, but something did. And I saw a piece of information I’d missed the first time through. An extremely vital piece of information. The sort of information that would have led to not only embarrassment but hours of rework when I absolutely don’t have time for hours of rework.

Then there was the decision yesterday that I almost made that could have almost cost us money – and a reasonable amount of it. Ummmm ooops.

I have no idea how I missed it, but Mercury is pretty much stationary and will turn retrograde tomorrow. Actually, I do know how I missed it – that tends to be what happens when I’ve got my head stuck in book writing mode, I don’t really know what’s going on in the sky.

Anyways, Mercury will be retrograde from tomorrow. By now most of us know what this means, and can prepare and act accordingly – if you’re the preparing ahead type, that is. If you’re not sure about what it means and how to deal with it, your survival guide, or How to Survive and Thrive During Mercury Retrograde is here.

Now, I’m off to back up my manuscript.