New Moon New You

As the Sun moves through each sign of the zodiac in the space of a year, there will be a New Moon in that sign. Just as the Sun touches all of the “houses” for one month each year, bringing attention to that part of life, so too there is the opportunity of a new start in that part of life.

Each month at the New Moon I look at the part of life being highlighted and ask:

  • How I currently feel about this part of my life
  • How I’d like to feel about this part of my life
  • What steps I can take in the next four weeks to narrow that gap

By tackling small parts of your life each month, over a period of a year you’ll have mindfully and intentionally made small achievable changes to each part of life.

House Meanings
1 Health, vitality, self-esteem, appearance, style. This is your personal New Moon and a reboot that’s all about you. If your style no longer suits, what steps can you take now to change that? It could be something as simple as a wardrobe cleanout and audit, a change in hair colour, a revamped healthy living program, a medical check-up.
2 What you have, what you want, what you value. Money – what you earn how you earn it, your attitude to it, how you spend it, how you save it. Check in on budgets.
3 Communication, early learning, siblings, routine, short trips, neighbourhood. What you say, how you say it and who you say it to.
4 Home, family, history. Where you live, how you live, who you live with. Home improvements – both to the house, to relationships within the house – and your attitude to these. What can you do now to improve family relationships, your home environment? If your aim is to move, what steps can you take now to make that happen?
5 Creativity, children, pleasure, love affairs. The things we take risks on, have fun with or give birth to – whether physical or metaphorical. Hobbies, crafts, parties. Are you expressing yourself freely or afraid to show who you are. This is also about emotional security.
6 The stuff we outsource – this includes personal maintenance. Daily business, how we approach the work we do for others. Check in on habits – especially regarding health and exercise.
7 Relationships – of all sorts, personal and professional. How you relate, patterns of relating. Can you improve yours? Do you need to give more or are you giving too much of yourself? Are you repeating mistakes of the past?
8 Inheritance, taxes, other people’s money eg debts, investments, household or joint money. A great time to check in on financial planning. Are you on the right track? Are your affairs in order?
9 Travel, spirituality, higher education. The things we do to broaden our horizons and our knowledge – and the way we do it. What steps can you take now to book that trip, start that degree, learn something new?
10 Career, work, your public persona. What can you do to improve your prospects at work? Change your career? Be seen differently?
11 Groups, community, friendships. Hopes, dreams and goals. This is your annual wishing Moon.
12 House of self-undoing, rest, escape, hidden enemies – and personal hidden enemies ie those habits that are about self-sabotage. What needs to be finished off or left in the last cycle before we start over again?

If the New Moon falls in your 1st house. Make sure the goals and intentions you set are about you – your appearance, your image, your will, your courage, your readiness to step out of your comfort zone. What action or steps do you need to take?

If the New Moon falls in your 2nd house. The intentions you set this month are about the things you value, the money you earn, how you spend your resources – including your energy reserves, i.e. look at your stress levels. Set intentions that will contribute to your sense of security – including your self-confidence. What are you prepared to do to achieve this?

If the New Moon falls in your 3rd house. How effectively do you communicate? Are there tweaks and changes that you can make to your daily routine? Can you follow your curiosity? What do you need to learn? This month, think about these things.

If the New Moon falls in your 4th house. What nourishes you? What changes can you make to your domestic arrangements? Your intentions this month should include steps to achieve this. Like William Morris, the English designer, once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

If the New Moon falls in your 5th house. This month’s intentions should be around the things you put your heart and emotional security on the line for. If you’re not playing or creating as much as you’d like, if you haven’t been expressing yourself, make plans to do something about it. We’re all creative in our way – it’s a matter of playing until you find what makes your heart sing.

If the New Moon falls in your 6th house. This month your goals should be concentrating on healthy habits and healthy work routines. Check-in (honestly) on yours and set intentions if they need changing. Remember to break them down into bite-sized pieces.

If the New Moon falls in your 7th house. When setting your intentions think of the relationships you have, and the ones you want. How does your attitude to relating impact the gap between what you have and what you want? Are there any steps you can take to close that? Remember – don’t just limit yourself to romantic relationships. The 7th house is about all sorts of relationships – business and personal.

If the New Moon falls in your 8th house. Now is the time to get deeply into, well, fundamental stuff. Set your intentions on things like tax, debts, inheritance planning, investment and superannuation planning. Review these areas in your life and, if things are not as they should be, make plans that will do something about it.

If the New Moon falls in your 9th house. Look ahead and keep your perspective wide when setting intentions this month. What do you have to learn? What boundaries do you have to leap over? If you’re planning to study or travel, this is a good month to set some intentions around that.

If the New Moon falls in your 10th house. What do you want to achieve in the workplace this year? How do you feel about the work you’re doing and the attitude of your employer to you? If there are gaps, your intentions this month should include some steps to address these.

If the New Moon falls in your 11th house. This new Moon is your annual wishing Moon, so write them down – all of them – and send them off to the Universe. Do a little ritual, if you like. It’s also about friends and networks – and the people who can help you achieve your dreams.

If the New Moon falls in your 12th house. Think about your escape plans. Do they involve a sanctuary of some sort (real or metaphysical) where you can retreat and ponder? This month set intentions that will help you to say no to things you need to say no to, and give you space to go within when the world is too much. Schedule, if you can, regular retreats or days away from the everyday. Think also about your personal hidden enemies – the way that you manage to sabotage your own efforts.

How do I know where the New Moon is?

Each month before the New Moon I pop up a guide for those readers who don’t know what part of life the New Moon is highlighting for them.

If you want to do it for yourself, check out this grid below:

Sun Sign/House 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 2
Aries Aries Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis
Taurus Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari
Gemini Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau
Cancer Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem
Leo Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can
Virgo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo
Libra Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir
Scorpio Sco Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib
Sagittarius Sag Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco
Capricorn Cap Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag
Aquarius Aqu Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap
Pisces Pis Ari Tau Gem Can Leo Vir Lib Sco Sag Cap Aqu

How to use the grid:

Look down the left-hand column and find your sun sign.

If your sun sign is Aries, Aries will be on the 1st house, Taurus, the second, and so on. Using this example, if the New Moon is in Scorpio, it will be in your 8th house.

If your Sun sign is Leo, Leo will be on the 1st house, Virgo the 2nd and so on. Using this example, if the New Moon is in Cancer, it will be in your 12th house.

Note: This is solar astrology and simplified and assumes a whole house astrology system, ie one sign per house. If you know your Ascendant and your chart, please use that.