Message in a Bottle

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Put a message in a bottle. Seal the lid and send it out to sea. Or set free a helium balloon with a note tied to the tail. Or just sit still, in a quiet room, and transmit your thoughts into the ether. You need, if you will forgive this lapse into hippie-speak, to ‘ask the universe’ for something. You need to invite the cosmos to assist you with your quest. Will you be heard? Will you be helped? It may seem unlikely – but I hereby, confidently predict positive progress. This will come sooner than you think.

Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 26/7/11, by Jonathon Cainer

The coffee shop at work always cuts the daily horoscope by Jonathon Cainer out of the newspaper and posts it on a clip board for people to read while they are waiting for their daily heart starter. This was mine today, and I happen to think it is sort of cool.

But, while I was pondering what I would actually ask the Universe for (possibly the focus to sit still so that I can think about what I want to ask the Universe for), I was also pondering the Mercury in Virgo post that I will pop up in the next couple of days. Then I got to wondering just how Mercury in Virgo would deal with this concept.

To my Mercury in Pisces, the idea of sending a message in a bottle or a message on a balloon or a message on a thought makes as much sense as anything else. Who is to say that it won’t work? Like that kid in some remote area who sent a message in a bottle with his address and a request for a pen pal. The message was found by another kid on the other side of the world who sent the 1st kid a postcard. Years later they meet on a blind date. What’s the likelihood?

Today the Moon is in Gemini, so questions without answers may seem very attractive to you, as may snippets of information about nothing that seems to relate to anything I have just mentioned or, indeed, who was caught with who and when and who else knows? Stuff like that…or stuff with a bigger picture, like a message on a cloud…and with the Moon making a challenging square to Neptune, maybe the unbelievable should be questioned?

With the Moon in Gemini, the next couple of days are perfect to get your message across, whatever that message happens to be, and in whatever mechanism you usually use to say it. Mercury, the ruler of this Moon, is still in Leo, but, as my Change Manager reminded me this morning, is slowing down ready to turn retrograde in the next few days. If you have something to say, and you need to be heard, do it now- the climate will be very very different by the end of the week.

As for me, I’m off to find a quiet pyramid in the corner of the office where I can sit cross legged and send my requests off to whoever may be listening up there…either that, or I will just ask the Magic 8 ball…