Let Love Be Your Energy… Mars in Libra


Mars is the planet of desire, the planet of action. Mars is energy and drive, the urge to push to achieve what it is that you want. Exciting and inspirational, Mars is all about physical action and forward motion.

Yet in Libra, Mars is in the sign of his detriment. Traditionally speaking, this is Not A Good Thing. Unless you are looking at Mars in a horary chart, this really just means that Mars is unable to work in his normal physical just flipping do it way. It’s a little like finding yourself somewhere completely unfamiliar with completely the wrong wardrobe, no local phrasebook and rupiah when you need euros. You need to find another way to get what you need.

Where Mars pursues the achievement of a desired outcome, Libra is more interested in the process of relating. Where Mars inspires through (sometimes) excessive energy, Libra detaches in order to logically and objectively observe situations, weighing up all possibilities carefully. Where Mars represents male energy, Venus rules Libra and represents feminine grace, social skills and refined beauty.

In Libra, Mars’ normally sure action is indecisive and directed towards the process of relating. In Libra he gets what he wants by being charming, using diplomacy and finding the compromise points in all situations. He achieves his goals by using his head and his connections, not his brawn. He searches for peace, harmony, beauty and balance. Feel the serenity.

In doing so, he can be frustrated by indecisiveness as he weighs up all viewpoints, options and perspectives. Or should I say that others are frustrated by his indecisiveness?

In Libra, he asserts himself with grace and through his relationships. In Libra he pursues balance, fairness and beauty. This is Mars in touch with his feminine side, so to speak. This is Mars dressed to have a party, this is Mars with his fashionably stylish flirty pants on.

Mars in Libra takes on a refinement that he doesn’t have in other signs. In Libra, sex is given a romantic, almost old fashioned and polite flavour. It isn’t so much about the earthy sensuality of Virgo or the intense merging of Scorpio, just something different. Not better, not worse, just different. It’s about the partnership, the relationship.

Mars in a woman’s chart gives an indication as to what she finds attractive and desirable in a partner. Mars in Libra is drawn to Libran tendencies- someone smooth, urbane, charming, well-balanced, well dressed and equable. He may have personal planets in Libra, he may have personal planets in the 7th house, he may have Mars conjunct Venus and he may be reluctant to run headfirst into conflict. He will be fun to be around, be interested in equality and justice and will want to stand beside you.

So, have a look at your chart- wherever Libra is will be the area of life being stimulated by Mars at the moment. For me it’s 8th house stuff- life, death, taxes, other peoples money and uncontrollables. Ugh.