January 8, 2019

Mercury square Mars

Ok, this one comes with a storm warning. Do you know those days where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and are irritable with everyone? Yeah, I’m looking at you. What about it? Seriously? You want to have a go? Who said you have to be right all the time?

Yep, it could be one of those days.

It could be feeling more the way that it does because for many of us this is the 2nd day back at work for the year and for some reason we either come back full of beans and ready to get stuck into it or…the opposite. I also recall reading something last year about how January 8 was (apparently) one of the busiest days in the legal calendar for people petitioning for divorce – also being back to work after the holiday period.

Anyways, regardless of whatever else is going on out there, Mercury and Mars are also squaring off – and that can be challenging; particularly so when Mars is newly energised in Aries and Mercury hasn’t even had time to get comfortable in Capricorn.

The best way to get through this?

  • Count to 10 before speaking
  • Don’t read everything as a challenge
  • Don’t react to everything as a challenge
  • Count to 10 before posting on Facebook
  • Don’t look for a battle where none exists
  • Count to 10 again

It’s a quick transit and before you know it the sun will be peeking through those clouds and you can think more clearly again.