A Horary and a Horse Race

So it’s the first Tuesday in November.

Sure I know that it’s a special day in the US, but for those of us here in Australia, it’s Melbourne Cup Day.

The Melbourne Cup is literally the race that stops a nation. Even parliament stops at 3pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time). Is Australia the only country in the world who could stop everything for a horse race.

But then again, the natal chart of Australia (1 January, 1901 Swearing in of Federation) does have both Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius- us Aussies love a beer and a punt.

This is also the day that every “mug punter” (Australian colloquialism for someone who has no flipping idea about betting, gambling or the rear end of a horse) come out to invest a few or a lot of dollars on a horse that carries their lucky number or their kids name or their favourite colours…or who just looks pretty.

Offices run sweepstakes and everyone who can’t get the time off to go to a “lunch” somewhere gathers in the lunchroom with platters of dips and biscuits to watch the race and yell for the name of the horse on their little slip of paper.

With an exalted 5th house Jupiter I choose my race horses very scientifically- in a similar way to how I select my football teams. And really, what else would you expect from a 5th house Jupiter squaring a 2nd house Venus. Not to mention that trine across to Neptune which adds a wonderful set of rose coloured glasses to how I read my form guide. Yep I bring science to my gambling- horses are picked on the basis of names and football teams on which suburbs have the best coffee or where I would prefer to live.

For non astro peeps, this all means that I have aspects in my chart which could potentially point to over indulgences and excess risks (Jupiter square Venus) being taken- none of which is likely to be done under the influence of a clear and sound mind (Jupiter trine Neptune)! Suffice to say, I love a Casino & I love a horse race, but I resist both out of deference to my bank account and my sanity. Of course there are good things to these aspects, but that is not what this post is about!

So I cast a horary for the time of the race. It’s the one at the start of this post.

I use a method I read in John Frawley’s amazing Sports Astrology.

I take the 5th house cusp and I move it anti-clockwise until it makes an aspect (a ptolemic aspect).

This is one “horary” where you can keep Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the equation.

This is now where science comes into it. You scour the form guide for a horse that fits that planet by name association, or colour or number, or something else that’s completely accidental.

Using this method, the first aspect made is to Saturn in Scorpio. Then almost immediately, the Moon.

The Moon is trine Uranus, so I figured that could make the result unexpected. Then I saw the name of the horse Green Moon. Seriously, what is more unusual in a moon than if it happens to be green? So Green Moon was my choice.

Saturn in Scorpio was lurking around the edges.

Could it be Americain  who was running in the stars and stripes? A Moon/Uranus trine indicated (in my humble opinion) that the winner was unlikely to be a race favourite. So I went to the jockeys colours. Fiorente was racing in black silk with a purple sash- sounded very Saturn in Scorpio to me. So I put money on it too. A whole $5 each way on both horses…which came in 1st & 2nd. At good odds. Nice.

It was seriously that scientific. Using exactly the same technique, you may have come up with other names. Winning at the races has a great deal of luck attached to it. Today I got lucky.

I also always put money on the absolute outsider- for no other reason than that I’m a Pisces and I feel sorry for the horses no one else backs.

Now, before I go further, let me say, this horse race is generally the only race I throw good money on. My average outlay for the day is usually something huge like $25-$50. The usual fine print applies about betting only what you can afford. This is certainly not an encouragement for gambling as ultimately, it’s still all about luck and how you interpret the planets.

The next chart I should’ve cast is one that will give me some sort of applying aspect between the bookies money and mine- an applying aspect between the ruler of the 8th house and the ruler of the 2nd would see the bookies money come to me.

I didn’t cast that chart simply because for me, Cup Day is about having a little fun. Profit is a nice side effect.

Now before I take any bows here, I made 2 glaring errors- errors that are quite typical of both my brain and the impending Mercury retrograde.

Firstly I should have cast the chart using Campanus house system. Most horaries are cast using Regiomontanus.

This makes a slight difference. The cusp of the 5th is at 12 Cancer instead of 18 Cancer as it was under the chart I used.

This means that the 1st aspect made was to the Sun… and then to Saturn and the Moon.

Who knows, given that the Sun rules Leo and the Moon was in Leo, I might have got to the same result anyway, but I can’t hand on heart say that.

Obviously there is so much more to this, so if you are interested, grab yourself a copy of Sports Astrology– it’s a great read.

Oh and the other race, the one in the US? I’m so not going there…