2018- The Dates

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2018 Retrograde Dates

The dates I’ve given you here are the dates in my ephemeris and that’s based on GMT. Depending on where you live, this could differ by a few hours or so- don’t get too hung up on this. Keep an eye on the blogs around these dates for information specific to each retrograde.

Also, I do the whole rounding thing on the minutes of orb, and I use an Aussie date format ie dd/mm/yy. Just saying. Finally, I’ve used whole degrees so if you want the exact degree and minute, you’ll need to refer to an ephemeris.


If you’re involved in any job involving travel, change implementation, software development, IT support or anything that involves getting something to someone, take a note of these dates…

22/3/18 stations retrograde 17 Aries

14/4/18 stations direct 4 Aries

26/7/18 stations retrograde 23 Leo

18/8/18 stations direct 12 Leo

17/11/18 stations retrograde 13 Sagittarius

5/12/18 stations direct 28 Scorpio


5/10/18 stations retrograde 10 Scorpio

16/11/18 stations direct 25 Libra



26/6/18 stations retrograde at 9 Aquarius

27/8/18 stations direct at 28 Capricorn


9/3/18 stations retrograde 23 Scorpio

10/7/18 stations direct 13 Scorpio


18/4/18 stations retrograde 9 Capricorn

6/9/18 stations direct 2 Capricorn


7/8/18 stations retrograde 2 Taurus

6/1/19 stations direct 28 Aries


18/6/18 stations retrograde 16 Pisces

25/11/18 stations direct 13 Pisces


22/4/18 stations retrograde 21 Capricorn

2/10/18 stations direct 18 Capricorn


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