Mercury Shadow, the Retrograde and an Alternative View

I regularly follow a blog from an Australian journo and TV presenter, Sarah Wilson. A hard working Capricorn girl, she has a series of great weekly articles where she looks at ways to simplify life. Todays really rang bells for me in this pre Mercury retrograde phase.

“In my case, my computer short-circuited before I did. Yes, it’s only a computer. Computer’s don’t have free will. But there is NO TECHNOLOGICAL REASON for it doing what it did. Apple are stumped. The IT guy is stumped. So I’m taking the metaphorical route.

In the lead-up to all this, I was going too fast, loading up too much, taking on more than I could handle. My circuitry was overloaded. I was about to explode. But my computer blew up instead of me. It’s happened twice before. My computer implodes when I need to slow down. It stops me in my tracks, holds up a mirror to myself and I face what I’m doing.”

Perhaps that is what these retrograde periods do- by making us vulnerable, by instigating meltdowns (of any description) we have no choice but to take a good long hard look at ourselves and our life styles.

Regular readers know that with my natal Mercury in the condition that it is, I rarely notice the retrograde period itself (I know, famous last words), but perhaps that is because this is the way that I am programmed to operate. Having said that, with Mercury ruling my house of relationships, I often find myself re-visiting and examining that part of life in a “no regrets they don’t work…no regrets, they only hurt” sort of way…with all due thanks to Robbie Williams & the Pet Shop Boys. Indeed, this time round, Mercury will station retrograde exactly on natal Pluto, so will be conjunct my Descendant…emphasising* the role of that house during what is forecast to be a Super Retrograde.  

Now, here’s an idea. This shadow period, rather than building the protective walls around us as we madly back up computers, triple check travel plans and appointments and generally shore up our defences, would it hurt this time to allow ourselves to be just a little vulnerable and just let whatever needs to happen to just happen? Meltdowns can be messy, but oh so therapeutic.

If you want to read the rest of the article, it is right here. Mercury is in his shadow period now, and will station retrograde at 19 Virgo on 20/8, stationing direct at 5 Virgo on 11/9.

* If a planet stations on sensitive point in your chart- planet or house cusp- take notice. Yes, the bold print was deliberate.

5 thoughts on “Mercury Shadow, the Retrograde and an Alternative View

  1. Oh Jo from that summation I think you and I have the same Asc/Des? Pisces/Virgo? Very pertinent for me then, so do you suggest its a good time to resign from my job? I love the idea of being vulnerable and letting it be instead of over controlling things …. @carmilla5

  2. I think we probably do Lise. You would be a Sag MC too, so check what is happening with both Jupiter & Saturn in your chart before making too many rash decisions 🙂 I too try to over control things and find it oh so hard to let go (heavy sigh)…but then I have the Sun & Pluto in opposition across the ASC/DC as well.

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