Venus Returns…Part 2


Warning for non astro peeps- the next 1000 or so words contain terms of a technical nature…if you’re easily bored, turn away now!

First, the important stuff:

  • As with all return charts, the Venus Return can be read on its own and with reference to the natal chart.
  • The Venus Return doesn’t occur predictably. In 2010, my Venus Return occurred in March, in 2011it was in April, in 2012 it occurred in February. The frequency will depend on the Venus cycle and any retrograde periods. Speaking of which…

If Venus is retrograde around the time of your return, you may have 3 returns in that year. Each return will only last until the next. How cheated would you feel if you get a great Venus Return, only for it to expire when Venus goes retrograde? Just saying…

Check out what’s happening with Venus

What house is it in?

What aspects are being made by Venus?

In my example, Venus is a busy lady. Sitting right on the Ascendant, this year it’s all about me…but we already knew that- right? Besides, Venus on the Ascendant or the Midheaven or tightly conjunct the Sun or Mars always indicates a busy Venus year. Check, check and check.

Conjunct the Sun and Mars, this should be a year when my desires are easier to achieve- in theory.

What sign is on the Return Ascendant?

This year it’s Aries.

What part of the natal chart is brought to the Return Ascendant?

The 2nd house. Money, possessions, values, self-esteem. This is the home of natal Venus for me, so my natal Venus themes are being reinforced.

What is the ruling planet of the Return chart?

I use the traditional rulerships.

For my chart, this is Mars. Mars in Aries is in excellent shape.

Are there any planets on the angles?

Anything on the angles is important- it’s that simple. The nature of the planet will give you clues. Venus will be operating through these planets.

In my chart? The Ascendant is busy. Enough said.

Check out what’s happening with Mars

Venus is the natural partner to Mars. If they are in harmony, that’s great- so are your desires and what you are prepared to do to satisfy them. The male and female energies are balanced. There will be periods of relaxation and appreciation in the energy of achievement. Venus brings an awareness of the impact of our actions on others- gives us reason to pause and reflect every now and again…even if, like me, your Venus is in Aries and is, shall we say, a little more self centred than most.

Look for any aspect- even a square will be dynamic potential.

What about the Moon?

This will tell you about where your heart is in relation to, well, matters of the heart.

The Moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the 11th– the house of hopes and dreams. This house has figured prominently in all of my return charts this year…which brings me to my next point…

***Keep an eye open for any repeating themes across your various return charts***

The asterisks mean this is important!

Are any natal planets being brought to the angles of the return chart?

Yes. Venus. To the Ascendant.

Check out also:

Any planets at a critical degree ie 0 or 29.

Any planets being brought to the degree of the natal nodes.

Any obvious patterns in the chart- ie are the planets splashed all around or focused in a couple of houses?

Any obvious patterns in element or mode? Are the planets across all elements or modalities or focused on just one or two?

Is the Vertex being activated? Any year that the vertex is active is likely to be a fated or karmic year, Venusian wise. In my case the VR vertex at 25 Scorpio is exactly at the degree of my natal Neptune.

How do I cast a Venus Return chart?

I’m fortunate- I use Solarfire- an astrology software program that allows me to simply select the return option.

If you don’t have access to this, you can still get a pretty good result using It’s a bit of a palaver, but it can be done.

  • You’ll need to know the exact degree and minute of Venus in your chart. As an example, mine falls at 19 Aries 31’. Cast your birth chart on (using these instructions) first.
  • You’ll need access to an ephemeris. This tells you the planetary position of all planets as at midnight UT. There’s one on
  • Find the approximate position of your Venus. In the screenshot below you can see that Venus is at 18 Aries 28’ at midnight on April 6 and 19 Aries 42’ at midnight on April 7. Naturally you’ll need to adjust the time for where you are.


  • Venus is currently moving, therefore, at a speed of around 1 degree and 14 minutes, ie 74 minutes of arc each 24 hours. This equates to just over 3 minutes of arc each hour.
  • Using this estimation, I can estimate that Venus will be at 19 Aries 31’ somewhere between 8 and 9pm (UT) on April 6. This equates to some time between 6 and 7am on April 7 here in Aus (daylight saving has finished).
  • Play around with the chart times in until you get Venus at the right degree and minute.
  • Again using the calculation above, if Venus moves 3 minutes of arc each hour, she will be at 19 Aries 31’ for around 20 minutes. In that same time the Ascendant will move by approx 4 degrees. Sure you won’t be completely accurate, but this is pretty darned close…and better than nothing.