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Uranus in Aries – a 2nd house retrospective

I mentioned in my wrap-up of the week last Sunday that I was blaming the restlessness and frustration that’s been in the air on Uranus or, more specifically, on the fact that Uranus was in the last throes of the transit through Aries and wouldn’t get another chance at shaking up that part of the zodiac for around 84 years.

Aries rules the 2nd house in my chart and over the last 7 or 8 years that Uranus has been in Aries I’ve seen a complete transformation in that part of my life.

When Uranus first took some steps into Aries in 2010 his entrance coincided with rumours that the company I was working for was in trouble. Not that I really listened too hard to the rumours – I’d just had 7 years of Uranus hitting every one of my 1sthouse Pisces planets – and pretty much every other planet in my chart (except for Venus and Saturn) – and I figured I could take whatever Uranus threw at me. 

The truth is I’d grown into myself a lot in those 7 years and the experience had been tumultuous but also rejuvenating, awakening and igniting. I’d come through those years with a better understanding of who I am – and who I’m meant to be.

By March 2011 those rumours had become fact – the company was closing down and I’d been given the task to run the project and retrench myself at the end of that process. How hard could it be?

That redundancy came through as Uranus was conjunct (exactly) my natal Saturn. The structures I’d known, the ones that had supported me, had been rattled but when I walked out of that job in December 2011 I felt free. I was going to replace my day job income with freelance writing, astrology readings and the novels that publishers would be falling over themselves to contract me to write.

I worked hard and the money dribbled in – but the rejections poured in.

Far from feeling empowered and independent it was the first time in my adult life that I was relying on someone else to provide for me. I felt keenly the fact that I was no longer contributing to our household. So when my old boss (one of my closest friends) called to ask me to come back and work for him I said yes – and spent the next couple of years wondering why I did.

That role was the hardest job I’d ever done. Almost every day – and every night – for 2 years my heart would be pounding out of my chest with stress. I self-medicated with food and alcohol and put on weight (that I’m still carrying) as I attempted to dull the sensations. My personal energy reserves had been drained. Why did I stay? Partly for the money and partly for my friend – I felt that I owed it to him to stay. Mostly though, I’d never resigned from anyone or anything in my life – the very idea of it scared me. 

Fast forward to March/April 2016 and my boss announced that he’d accepted a new job. In the same week, my husband came home with the news that his job was under threat. I couldn’t leave mine, he said, in case his went. Uranus was conjunct natal Venus and our entire income and way of life were under threat – as were some key relationships.

My stress levels increased to the point where my blood pressure was dangerously high, but I felt that I had no choice but to keep going. Ironically the client that was causing me that amount of stress was also the company attempting to put my husband out of a job. Uranus having a laugh. Not only was our income threatened, but I also felt that I was compromising everything I believed in about ethics and integrity in the workplace.

Hubby and I took 2 weeks out in Bali and talked about it. I’m resigning I said. The money isn’t worth it, I said. He reluctantly agreed but we were both terrified. 

So I resigned – giving 7 weeks notice. During that time my old boss had called again with a new job. Again I said yes. Everything would be okay. 

In the week I had between jobs we went for a quick break to Mooloolaba – a place we’d been travelling to since our daughter was 6 months old. It was also the place that we’d always said we’d want to do our sea-change to when we were ready to retire. 

Let’s sell up and move out of Sydney, said my husband. Let’s do what we always said we’d do. No, we can’t, I’d said. We’re too young and everyone knows you never sell up in Sydney. We’re not ready. We are, he argued. I’m tired of fighting for my job, he said. I told him I’d think about it.

Uranus was square natal Jupiter and although the urge to break free and way was strong, a little bit of optimism was also creeping through.

For the next few months as Uranus back-tracked over the path between squaring Jupiter and being conjunct Venus again we talked about it. We also de-cluttered ruthlessly. Anything we didn’t need in our lives we got rid of. Our possessions were stripped right back.

By the time that retrograde period was over so was my husband’s job – and we’d bought a house, before placing ours on the market. It was the biggest financial risk we’d ever taken.

Thankfully our house in Sydney sold quickly and when Uranus was again square natal Jupiter we left Sydney for a new life in Queensland. 

The last 2 years have been a time of finding our feet and adjusting – both to a new life and an income that is less than half what it was when we were both working in Sydney. We’ve simplified our lives and we’ve discovered what’s really important to us – and it’s not money or titles or who’s who in the zoo.

From my perspective, I miss the dollars but my attitude towards money, how I make it and what I’m prepared to compromise for it has changed – it would be fair to say revolutionised. I have a much better idea about what it is that I really want and what I’m prepared to do to get it. Even though I’m still working a day job and not earning from my writing – yet – I feel, in many ways, more self-sufficient.

As for hubby? While this was 2ndhouse for me, for him Uranus was transiting his 12th and opposing his 6th house Libra planets. For much of the time, he’d stuck his head in the sand at the same time as trying to hang on to what we had – in true Scorpionic fashion. It took a health scare for him to wake up and confront what had been secret enemies (12th house) and also his own undoing.

I’d hoped that Uranus in the 2nd house would bring financial freedom and independence – and in a way, I suppose that it has. When this transit started I was in a full-time corporate role dreaming of being an author. I published my first novel as Uranus was conjunct Venus for the first time in this cycle and Jupiter (the ruler of my MC) was trine the MC. Since 2015 I’ve written another 4 and have dropped my day job back to part-time hours…most of the time.

Are we in a better position now than we were when Uranus left Pisces? I think so. We’re poorer in terms of dollars but my husband is the healthiest in mind, body and spirit than I’ve known him to be in over 20 years.

As chaotic as those years had been while Uranus was in Pisces, there’d also been excitement and reawakening of sorts. In Aries though, this was just hard. I spent some time on the flight home from Sydney the other day wondering why and came up with the following theories:

  • Uranus is an integral part of my chart. It’s sitting on my descendant conjunct Pluto and opposite my Ascendant, my Sun, my Moon, and sextile Jupiter and Neptune. Each of these planets knows how Uranus works. Venus and Saturn don’t. I don’t believe there’s a coincidence that things fell apart when Uranus joined Saturn and Venus and that the pieces began to settle once Uranus was in contact with Jupiter.
  • When Uranus was in Pisces he was in a mutable sign and contacting other planets in mutable signs. Although seriously disruptive somehow I adjusted and adapted. Aries, though, is wilful and while it’s a sign that initiates change and will actively go after what it wants, something needs to be threatened in order for that change to be initiated.

As for what’s in store while Uranus is in Taurus? I’m not sure yet, but I expect it could be earth shattering. Let me ponder on that a little while longer.

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