Uranus Direct

Uranus has been retrograde for pretty well the last six months. While Uranus was retrograde all of that bubbling, electrical energy that Uranus brings was happening within you instead of to you. Eventually it has to explode.  Suddenly you see exactly what you need to see.

There’s nothing subtle about Uranus. He has neither the time nor the energy to faff around with subtlety and lessons and opportunity. Instead he relies on giving totally unexpected and utterly unavoidable shocks to get you moving out of your rut and into something that’s more authentically you.

He pokes and prods at you until you’ve no choice but to make the changes that are necessary to become yourself. Uranus transits are uncomfortable and indiscriminate. If work is not right, expect stuff like failed projects, difficult clients, problems with money. Likewise if relationships need changing, problems will arise in this area. Get the idea?

If Uranus passes back across a natal planet or chart point for you during this transit your time is …now! Think about the bid for freedom you may have made when Uranus 1st touched that planet. The retrograde period has given the opportunity for those feelings to be directed inward and observed objectively. What went wrong then? What could you have handled differently?

If a break out is still required or a change absolutely needs to be made, when Uranus goes direct over that planet you could have the opportunity to make the change real… or risk regretting it forever. 

The thing with Uranus is that if Uranus thinks that changes need to be made he will not be content with a minor renovation.  If your life needs an overhaul, repainting the metaphorical equivalent of a room will simply not cut the mustard – although it may calm your restless urges for a time. If you think that you can control your environment, think again – the area of life that Uranus is transiting becomes totally unpredictable until you get the message. And, let’s face it, most of us need to feel some discomfort in order to change our circumstances. 

Who will this be affecting the most?

While we all might experience the change in energy as Uranus begins to move forward, if you have planets or chart points at 28 Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Uranus will be conjunct, Square or opposite these planets now-ish. I would hazard a guess that you’ll be feeling it.

If you have planets or chart points at 28 Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Gemini, Uranus will be sextile or trine these planets.

If this is you, don’t be surprised if suddenly you see who you want to be, where you want to be, who you want to be with and what you want to be doing – and why the hell it means so much to you… to (badly) paraphrase KT Tunstall. Of course, whether you do anything about it is an entirely different story…

And finally…

If you are in the midst of a Uranus transit one thing that you shouldn’t lose sight of is that Uranus doesn’t necessarily want to cause havoc in whatever part of your life is under his unpredictable influence – that is unless there is something in your life that is holding you back from becoming the person that you forgot to be. Whatever it is that version of you looks like.

While there’s no denying that at times this can be tough period, it can also be exciting.