Don’t Call Me Baby

Venus in Aquarius

(Symbalon Cards)
(Symbalon Cards)

The really bad part of summer school holidays is the shopping centre is crowded and finding somewhere to sit and eat lunch is a nightmare. The good part is squeezing into a table near a group of extremely knowledgeable teenage girls and hearing a conversation like this:

‘He is just so sensitive.  I don’t think I have ever gone out with someone so…. sensitive,’ says Girl 1.

‘What is his star sign? ‘cos like you know I know about that stuff,’ asks Girl 2.

‘His birthday is next week, so he is an Aquarius,’ Girl 1 confides to Girl 2.

‘Aquarius and Cancer is such a good match,’ states Girl 2 in complete seriousness, ‘Youse two are so going to be together like forever.’

Enjoying her audience, she continues: ‘It’s because Aquarius and Cancer are both water signs- you know… Cancer is the Crab and Aquarius is the Water Girl.’

Girl 3 pipes up: ‘That is so true. I am Aquarius and I am just super sensitive to just everything. My boyfriend is a Scorpio and he is a fire sign so he just doesn’t get the whole emotional thing… you know?’

They all nodded in understanding. I spied a free table and gathered my book and my lunch before the temptation to laugh got the better of me.

The overheard conversation really brought home a few known truths:

  • Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac (see my post I Did It My Way).
  • Aquarius is not a water sign
  • Scorpio is not a fire sign
  • And all things being equal*, Cancer and Aquarius are not usually a match made in heaven… nor is Aquarius and Scorpio (although my parents have been married for 46 years)…

Venus is currently flirting her way through unconventional Aquarius (where she will be until 11 February).  If you have Venus in Aquarius you will most likely have a free and independent attitude to relationships. Jealousy, possession and attempts to control you will turn you off very quickly (just some of the reasons that Scorpio and Cancer don’t usually work for you). Exchange of ideas, theories and fantasies (the more experimental the better) certainly do work for you.

The whole idea of being confined within a particular relationship is often enough to send Venus in Aquarius running in the opposite direction. Yes, she will commit, but needs to be able to explore and socialise with people from all different parts of life. She can’t and won’t be made to fit into a neatly labelled box.

Often seeming detached or aloof, Venus in Aquarius is able to function outside of her feelings and does not do emotional intensity well. She also needs the space to rebel or flaunt her unconventionality- just because she can. If you are the type that is overly concerned by appearances, Venus in Aquarius will certainly challenge these expectations.

From a fashion viewpoint, Venus in Aquarius is relatively low maintenance- she isn’t usually into expensive bling, big brand names and obvious designer labels. She is more likely to be found in lively conversation than having a facial. Venus in Aquarius likes to combine fabrics and patterns together that shouldn’t work, but somehow do. She will always prefer a handmade piece of jewellery or handbag from an artisan market over duty-free leather, and will keep her eye out for cutting edge fabrics, technologies or items that are ethnically and ethically sound.

Men with Venus in Aquarius look for a partner with Aquarian characteristics- someone who is independent, a little quirky, a little flighty and not predisposed to too many of those “we need to talk” moments. And that is not always a bad thing…

*Relationship Astrology is about so much more than sun sign compatibility. A couple with other harmonious contacts (eg Moon, Venus, Mars or Mercury) may be able to get over an initial sun sign mismatch.