Moon Uranus

Wake Me Up Inside…

For better or for worse, most of us are attached to the way things are. It’s why we stay in jobs and relationships that are so long past their use by date that if they were a vegetable they would have festered into a manky science experiment mess at the bottom of the crisper. Think […]

saturn transits Uranus Venus

Great Expectations

The other day Venus crossed my Ascendant. Nothing happened. Facebook & Twitter friends having a similar transit reported similar momentous events- although one did comment that her hair was good. The textbook blurb said that I should be looking & feeling good- attractive, loving, sexy & in a good mood. If I go shopping I […]

saturn transits Uranus

Voice of the Beehive

Have you ever had that really weird funny feeling in your chest like your veins are full of champagne and the bubbles are all pumping through your heart? That really weird feeling that feels like when you are first in love but know that you can’t be, but that there doesn’t seem to be any […]