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Many Happy Returns…

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and although I’ll be spending much of the day in transit from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, I fully expect it will be a substantially better day than last year with the salmonella incident. Anyways, a birthday means that it’s time to look back at last years Solar Return, and look […]

Traditional Astrology

Have a little dignity…

warning: this is a technical post… In a link I posted the other day, I made the comment that I have the worst Mercury in history. Naturally I exaggerate…just a little. Nevertheless, it prompted a few comments, emails and questions. Sure the comment was, as most of my comments are, tongue in cheek, and it […]

Astro Basics Elements

Essential Nature…

The nature of each sign is can be determined by looking at the essential characteristics of the sign and the characteristics of it’s ruling planet. Elemental Nature Ruling Planet Nature Aries Hot, dry Mars Hot, dry, inflammatory, excessive, acute Taurus Cold, dry Venus Warm, moist, nourishing, relaxing, soft Gemini Hot. moist Mercury Dry, changeable, excitable, […]

Astro Basics Traditional Astrology

The Kingmaker…

A random conversation on Twitter today reminded me of the concept of dispositorship and, more relevantly, final dispositorship. Thanks AF for the inspiration. Most of us know about Chart Rulers. If you don’t, the Chart Ruler, the planet said to be the big boss of your chart, is the planet that rules the sign on […]

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Ask AstroJo: Traditionally Yours

I’ve been on a family holiday/roadtrip to the Sunshine Coast. Along the way I had some connectivity issues which, whilst convenient for me, meant that I haven’t posted on here for simply ages. Here’s one I prepared earlier…I’ll post more astro later today (& maybe some travel stuff as well) after I finish emptying suitcases […]

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Where is the Server? A Horary Chart

  Regular readers will know that I have been doing some facility relocations recently- it is part of my partition job, and actually one of the parts I like the best. During the most recent move a server went missing somewhere between Adelaide and Brisbane. So, where is it? Horary astrology is, to quote the […]