Daily Planets Mars Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio…again…

Mars is moving back into Scorpio in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning…something in itself that seems quite fitting. Of course, that timing is from where I am in Sydney, Australia. In your part of the world it could be in broad daylight. Whatever the time, it’s happening. Mars, still retrograde, and back in […]

Mars Retrograde

10 ways to survive (and thrive) when Mars is retrograde…

Mars is our inner warrior. His placement in our chart tells us how we strap on our armour and go into battle for whatever it is that we think is worth strapping on armour and going into battle for. He also represents our energy levels, so while he is retrograde- from 17th April through until the […]

Daily Planets Mars Retrograde

Something about phases, Mars and Wellington headwinds…

  I got to thinking about being stuck yesterday, and the frustration that comes from that. You know, that whole I want to move forward and get on with things but it just isn’t flipping happening and when will it flipping happen sort of thing. That sort of stuck. There’s a lot of it around […]