Are Your Planets Keeping You Fat? Capricorn

Why I’m Getting Rid of Goals

The other day I wrote about cutting the crap, getting rid of the things that weight you down. It was all part of the Pluto direct thing. Today, as the Moon is in Capricorn and moving towards her monthly exchange of business cards with Pluto, I’ve decided that one of the things that’s weighing me […]

Capricorn Daily Planets Moon

Lunas Saturnas…and a dead fish

Today was sort of weird. Half party atmosphere, half hard work. And that makes sense given that the Moon moved from Sagittarius into Capricorn during the day. We had allocated today as the day that those of us who are left in the office would do the whole all hands on deck to clean up […]

Daily Planets Neptune Venus

Daily Planets Sunday 27/3/11 Fantasy

As I write the Venus/Neptune conjunction is almost exact. And I am dreaming of travel…hardly surprising given that natally Neptune is in the 9th for me & trine Jupiter…I dream of travel a lot. Fantasy and day dreams are wonderful in that no one else can own them or destroy them. You can do anything, […]