Astro Weather: January 25, 2018

Moon in Taurus

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury sextile Jupiter

Ok, so if Mercury is about thought and communications, and Pluto is about depth and intensity, then together this aspect is about deep thought, penetrative thought, lifting the covers on the underlying issues, getting to the buried treasure, perhaps… It’s also a fleeting transit that could, if you need that – and are so inclined – provide you with an opportunity to influence others to your way of thinking.

Given that this is happening in Capricorn, it’s bound to be practical, and given Mercury will go on to sextile Jupiter don’t stop at the small stuff – push your thoughts past what you know and look beyond the horizon to the future.

Of course, you probably won’t do anything about it just yet, but take note for when Mercury is in Aquarius and tomorrow is here already.

Astro Weather: January 20, 2018

Moon in Aquarius, Moon into Pisces

Mercury sextile Neptune

Once upon a time in a land far far away from here…oh, I’m not telling that sort of story? Are you sure? Really? It’s just that fantasy and imagination and daydreaming is so much more interesting than any boring, detailed work today.

People talk about daydreaming as if it’s a bad thing, as if you’re wasting time when you do it.

The thing is, escaping from the practicalities and reality of everyday life- even if it’s just for a few minutes- can help stimulate your imagination. And when your imagination is stimulated, practical solutions to problems can also magically become clear.

Astro Weather: January 13, 2018

Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Venus square Uranus

Ok, normally when the Moon is in Sagittarius, the general forecast would be mostly fine. The thing is, Mercury and Saturn together have the propensity to add a few clouds to the daily forecast.

Sure, this is great energy for planning and strategising (hint: there’s a New Moon just a few days away), and it’s also good for adding some caution to a run for the hills how hard can it be Sagittarius Moon. But, and it’s a sizeable but, when Mercury and Saturn get together in Capricorn if left unattended they can get into the whole just how half empty is your glass competition. ‘Mine’s emptier than yours.’ ‘No, I’m sure mine is way half emptier.’

Try to be mindful of the negativity creeping in. It’s one thing to not want to give anything away, and it’s one thing to want to point out the potential flaws in a suggestion, but here’s a thought, how about considering the ways in which it can work. Hmmm?

As for Venus square Uranus…I call this the leave me alone I’m lonely aspect. With Mercury and Saturn doing the grey is grey thing, you’re bound to blame someone else for your restlessness. Today is not the day to capsize any otherwise sea-worthy vessels.

If you can be logical and reasonable and discuss things like a grown-up, by all means, get things out into the open. If not, why not distract yourself by trying something new? Just for today. If the underlying issues are real, they’ll need to be addressed – constructively – but perhaps not while there’s a lot of negativity in the air clouding the root cause…which could be coming from you. Just thinking out loud.

Astro Weather: January 10, 2018

Moon in Scorpio

Venus sextile Mars

Sun sextile Mars

Well, it seems that the number 19 is the new black – or at least the place to be…planetarily speaking…with Pluto, the Sun, Venus and Mars all at this degree it’s getting a tad on the crowded side. But what does it all mean?

For a start, aside from the fact that Pluto is still in play from yesterday, whenever you have a sextile you have an opportunity – but when the sextiles involve personal planets, the opportunities are fleeting and gone in the blink of an eye.

Mars is in common, so we have activity – social activity, physical activity. But, and here’s the rub, under a Scorpio Moon the intensity level is ramped up a tad.   So from an astro weather viewpoint? Bring a brolly…just in case.


Astro Weather: January 9, 2018


Moon in Libra

Sun conjunct Venus

Venus conjunct Pluto

Sun conjunct Pluto

Here we go again…same same as yesterday but different. You see, today Pluto is involved – so that will ramp up the intensity a tad. There could be insecurities, there could be infatuation (with someone or something), there could be fascination, but remember kiddies, we’re playing in the Capricorn sandpit, so let’s keep it real and play nicely together.


Astro Weather: January 8, 2018

Moon in Libra


Sun sextile Jupiter

Venus sextile Jupiter

Mars sextile Pluto

Ok, it looks like there’s lot’s happening in the skies, but I’m not issuing a storm warning just yet. Besides, here in South East Queensland at this time of the year, we don’t have ordinary storms, we get “super cells” or “rain bombs”… yes, I’m being flippant.

Why not? Simply because you’ve generally got to try pretty hard not to see the positive when Sun and Venus are sextile Jupiter. Sure, shit can still go down – as it can and does do – but don’t go blaming these aspects on it. And don’t go blaming the Libra Moon either – you’ll need to be a tad more creative than that.

In fact, if you’ve been on leave for the Christmas break and this is your first day back at work, today’s astro weather could help you ease back into it and catch up socially with what’s been happening.

But what about Mars sextile Pluto, I hear you ask? Nah, these two together are really only interested in getting the new working year off to a powerful start. Ready, set…oh, they’re already gone.

Astro Weather: January 7, 2018

Moon in Virgo

You know that thing you’ve been putting off? That needs you to focus & concentrate on the details. Do it now. No more excuses. Just remember – there’s no such thing as absolute perfection, so try not to be overly critical or judgmental – especially towards yourself.

If you want to know the forecast for your sign, I contributed – with some other fabulous writers – to the daily horoscopes on Yasmin Boland’s Yastrology site…it’s still a bit of a work in progress, but scroll down and click on the star for your sign.

Astro Weather: Saturday 6 January, 2018

Moon in Virgo

Mercury trine Uranus

Mars conjunct Jupiter

There’s a standing joke in our house that when I come up with one of my brilliant ideas – such as, for example, the electronic drum kit in the steering wheel for when you’re stationary in traffic – my hubby will say something like ‘How long did it take you to think of that one, darling? While you were brushing your teeth?’ Generally, that’s how my ideas come to me, and in most cases, his response is spot on. Also, in most cases, by the time I’ve left for work – which these days amounts to walking up 6 stairs into the home office – I’ve already forgotten about whatever flash of brilliance so dazzled me just a few short minutes ago.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing for our finances that very few of my brilliant ideas make it to the planning stage- and even fewer move past it.

Today’s star aspect is a little like the life-cycle of my big ideas: a bursting flash of brilliance (Mercury trine Uranus) skipping the planning phase and moving straight to a conjunction between Mars and Jupiter – where you could be tempted to go straight into action without considering the consequences. Putting your money where your mouth, so to speak, isn’t necessarily a bad thing – unless those plans you want to put into action haven’t been well thought through.

How do I know they haven’t been well thought through, I hear you ask? Simple – when Mercury links up with Uranus the ideas come thick and fast from new and unexpected directions. This is great from a stimulus viewpoint, and can absolutely get your mind ticking along but – and it’s a big but – Uranus is not long direct and still sitting at 24 Aries. He’s stamping his foot a tad – like a petulant toddler. What’s worse, he’s bored – and he’s telling you so…over and flipping over. And what tends to happen when you’ve got a bored toddler telling you over and flipping over that he’s bored already? Eventually, he’s going to have a tantrum or you’ll make a rash decision – neither of which have the potential to be pretty.

If you have planets (or your MC or Ascendant) at 24 degrees of any of the cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries) you’d probably know about this without me having to tell you. I have Jupiter at 24 Cancer 34’- and yes, I’m very well aware of it!

There is, however, an exception to this possibility – and that is the fact that this is the third time that Mercury has aligned with Uranus in recent weeks. The first was 25/11/17 and then 10/12/17 when both planets were retrograde. If you took the opportunity to review the thoughts and ideas you had at this time, you might just be ready to put them into action. If so, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio will provide the focus, intensity, and energy to do so.

If you want to know the forecast for your sign, I contributed – with some other fabulous writers – to the daily horoscopes on Yasmin Boland’s Yastrology site…it’s still a bit of a work in progress, but scroll down and click on the star for your sign.